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Fedora Arrives On The Raspberry Pi

Fedora might not be one of the most popular Linux distros, but it’s certainly one of the most beloved. We’ve seen a remix of it on the Raspberry Pi before, but now it’s available in an official form.

I'm William Gurstelle, Author Of Backyard Ballistics, And This Is How I Work

William Gurstelle has a knack for building highly kinetic things. He often explores subjects that seem dangerous from a distance — like cannons and catapults — but are safe so long as you understand the science.

Pi Power Simplifies Managing Power On Mobile Raspberry Pi Projects

If you’re building any type of mobile Raspberry Pi project, you know that power management can be a bit of a chore. Pi Power is a GitHub project that simplifies the whole process by adding a set of instructions to control battery power with a variety of button presses.

Build Your Own Wall Mounted Small Parts Organiser

Keeping track of a bunch of tiny little parts for DIY projects is always a bit of a chore. Over on YouTube, DIYer Darbin Orvar shows off one solution with a wall-mounted cabinet built out of cheap MDF.

Build A Lamp That Changes Colour Based On The Weather Forecast

Weather forecasts certainly aren’t hard to come by, but if you’re looking for something super easy to glance at, DJAkbar’s GitHub page has a guide for making a lamp that changes colour based on the forecast for the day.

Make A Quick And Cheap Meat Smoker With A Cardboard Box

Want to try smoking some barbecue but don’t want to shell out for a meat smoker? You can make a relatively decent smoker with little more than cardboard box. Of course it won’t be quite as effective as the real deal, but it’s a fun experiment.

You Can Use A Lighter To Start A Campfire Even If It's Broken

Packing a cheap lighter with your outdoor gear is always a good idea. Even if it runs out of fuel or the plastic casing breaks, it’s still a great fire-starting tool.

DIY Retro Game System Showdown: RetroPie Vs. Recalbox

The Raspberry Pi is the cheapest and smallest way to emulate the old video games you still love to play. You have a few different ways of going about making your own retro game console, but RetroPie and Recalbox are two of the easiest to use. Let’s take a look at their differences, and pick the best one for you.

Build A Retro Looking All-In-One Console With A Raspberry Pi And An Old CRT 

There are countless ways to use a Raspberry Pi as a retro game console, but if you’re connecting that Pi to a HDTV, you’re losing a bit of the magic. Over on Hackaday, DIYer Jon crams a Raspberry Pi into an old tube TV to help capture that old-school look.

This DIY Machine Can Make Ice Cream Almost Instantly

Video: The worst part about making your own ice cream is waiting for it to freeze. This clever DIY machine makes your homemade ice cream ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

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