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Transform An Old Window Screen Into A Hanging Herb Garden

We’ve discussed several ways to bring a garden into a small space, but this method is particularly interesting. Just grab some old window screens, scrap wood, a couple of hinges and a screwdriver, and of course your herbs and pots.

Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered, Alexa-Infused Alarm Clock

Your phone is probably the smartest alarm clock you’ve ever owned, but if you’re looking for a project that’s a little more playful, Nick Triantafillou shares a smart alarm clock on that integrates Alexa, If This Then That, and more.

Make A Low-Angle Camera Mount Out Of An Old Frying Pan

Getting really good low-angle shots can be difficult since you can’t use most tripods and handheld shots can get shaky and blurry. What you can do, though, is make a nearly ground-level camera mount using an old, cheap frying pan.

Revive An Old PSP With A Raspberry Pi Zero

Have an old broken PSP sitting around collecting dust? Over on OtherMod, they show you how to tear that PSP apart, jam a Raspberry Pi Zero inside of it, and turn it into a multi-console portable device.

Keep Your Toilet Sparkling With These Three-Ingredient Cleaning Pods

Nobody wants to spend time scrubbing toilets, but you also don’t want to subject guests (or yourself) to a grimy bowl. These DIY pods are an easy way to keep your toilet clean without a lot of work.

This DIY Floating Workbench Folds Into Place When It's Time To Work, Away When You're Done

Reader lookitsash saw this floating, wall-mounted workbench from a few years ago and decided to improve on its design in his own home. He did, and then shared it with us, and it looks like a huge improvement.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

The unassuming story of the greatest — and ongoing — war in animal history; your next desktop wallpaper, courtesy of NASA; and an airline that wants you to join the mile-high club in this week’s Lifehacker Thinking Cap.

Here Are 10 PVC Pipe Hacks To Try This Weekend

PVC pipe is useful for lots of things and YouTuber Specific Love has a series of PVC hacking videos. This is just one of them. All of the PVC you’ll see here is super cheap at the hardware store.

Paint A Piece Of Poster Board Instead Of Your Wall To Test Out Colours And Finishes

Painting a little square of colour on your wall is a good way to test out potential wall colourings, but you only get to see how it looks on that particular patch of wall in that particular lighting situation. To see how it would look in any part of the room, paint a piece of poster board and move it around.

These DIY Coffee 'Pods' Make Brewing On The Go Easy

Spring is almost upon us and it’s a good time to start planning some camping trips. You have to get creative when you cook while camping, or anywhere else you may not have a ton of gear. Whip up these DIY coffee packs before you head out to make brewing your morning cup as easy as it gets.

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