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Build Your Own Smartphone-Powered Alarm Clock And Speaker

If you use a smartphone as an alarm clock, you probably just have it sitting awkwardly on a bedside table, the power cable dangling off, ready to wake you up not by the tone, but by the awful vibration sounds. If you’d prefer the look of an actual clock, Instructables user vincent.verheggen shows you how to build one.

Make A Plunge Cut With Your Jigsaw, No Drill Necessary

Video: It helps to have a drill nearby for making clean plunge cuts with your jigsaw. But when that’s not an option, you can still make a plunge cut using just your saw. Here’s how.

Clean And Reseal Your Wood Deck Just In Time For Summer

Wood decks need help surviving multiple seasons outdoors. Prepare your deck for summer by giving it a thorough checkup, cleaning and stain if needed.

The Raspberry Pi Zero Is A $19 Computer The Size Of A Stick Of Gum

The Raspberry Pi has long been one of the best credit card sized computers, but today a new version is available that comes in at about the size of a stick of gum. Plus, it’s only $19.38.

Build A Classic Adirondack Chair And Enjoy Lounging The Rest Of Summer

When the Adirondack chairs hit the lawn, you know summer has officially started. These classic beauties can be expensive to buy, but are actually easier to build than you think.

The Best Way To Clean A Paint Brush With The Least Amount Of Thinner

Video: They say painting is all about the prep, and maintaining a clean paint brush will ensure your next paint job starts out right. The meticulous approach shown here uses the least amount of paint thinner and maximizes it’s effectiveness.

What Is Your Best Affordable Gift Idea?

Buying gifts can wreak havoc on your holiday budget, but having a list of inexpensive present ideas stops you from overspending. What are your best affordable gift ideas?

The Difference Between A Woodworking Jointer And Thicknesser

As your woodworking skills expand, you’ll want to consider adding a jointer and a thicknesser to your repertoire of tools. They both treat rough lumber in similar ways, but they aren’t the same tool.

Create Miniature Interactive Art With A Raspberry Pi And A Touch Screen

Video: Processing is a programming language that allows people to make visual art (amongst other things) using programming and recently it released a version that works on the Raspberry Pi. Adafruit put together a guide for getting it on the Pi and working with their touch screen.

This DIY Wireless Keylogger Fits Anywhere, Looks Like A Wall Charger

The “KeySweeper” is a tiny, Arduino-powered wireless sniffer that captures data sent by your wireless keyboard to its receiver. That’s right — it’s a keylogger, and it doesn’t have to be plugged into your computer to work.

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