Restore Vintage Razors Yourself For A Cheap, Awesome Shave

Safety razors are a great way to get a cheaper, better shave, but a new razor can be expensive. The Art of Manliness has a great guide to restoring old vintage razors to like-new conditions.

Quickly Chill Your Drinks With An Upside-Down Compressed Air Can

If your drink is at room temperature, ice will dilute it. To chill your coke quickly, spray it with an upside down can of compressed air.

How To Rip a Phonebook in Half [Video]

The White Pages arguably has no purpose in today’s digitally connected world — so why not sacrifice it to the demi-god Heracles in a display of bicep-flexing masculinity? Lifehacker favourite Sam Tucker explains how it’s done.

Plan Your Kid's Outfits Ahead Of Time With Printable Daily Dividers

Getting all of your kids out the door in the morning can be hectic. Save some time in the morning by having your kid’s outfits planned ahead of time and organised with these dividers.

Build Your Own All-In-One Internet Radio Player With A Raspberry Pi

If you’re a big fan of internet radio, UK Tech Reviews has a guide for building your own little internet radio device using a Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen. The end result here is a nice, self-contained system that includes a simple interface for playing different stations with the touchscreen.

Make A Simple Garden Sprinkler From A Plastic Bottle

If you’re trying to keep your outdoor plants happy, and you don’t have a sprinkler that will water them all at once, there’s a DIY solution that could solve your gardening woes. All you need is a plastic water bottle, tape and your garden hose.

This DIY Headphone Holder Is Easy To Make, Built From Reclaimed Wood

It’s definitely more complicated than a couple of hooks in the wall or under your desk, but this DIY headphone holder has a lot of personality. It’s made from a block of reclaimed wood, and, according to Instructables user mikeasaurus, it was pretty easy to make.

Build Some Fans Into Your Entertainment Centre For Better Cooling

Entertainment cabinets are great for housing your media hardware, but those cupboards can get pretty hot. In this video, LinusTechTips shows us how to install custom cooling in your entertainment centre.

Build In Progress Shares DIY Projects Before They're Finished

Sites like Instructables and Make are great for sharing your DIY projects, but sometimes you need a little help along the way. Build in Progress is a site that lets you share your projects as you make them.

Add Custom Shelving To The Empty Space Above Your Closet

If you have limited space inside your closet, it’s time to look to some of the unused space above it. The Family Handyman has a quick plan for custom shelving that you can put above everything else.