Make A DIY Coffee Plunger From Hotel Room Materials

Stuck at a hotel and don’t want to use the kettle for a basic cup of instant? Instructables user Josh Campbell shows you how to make a French Press using stuff you’ll (mostly) find right in your room.

Fix An Uneven Chair With A Wine Cork

Wobbly chairs are annoying. While a sugar packet might be a temporary solution, try using a wine cork for a more permanent fix. Wine corks, even those made of plastic, are the perfect shape for a chair leg.

Build Your Own Voice Controlled TV Unit With An Android Phone

Taking a little time to be a couch potato is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. If you want to maximise your laziness, this DIY setup from Jayvis Vineet Gonsalves lets you control your TV with your beautiful voice.

Turn A Pringles Can Into A Sound-Boosting Phone Speaker

Your phone’s speakers are pretty small and probably can’t fill a room with sound. There are a few ways you can boost the audio, but one of the best might be using the trusty old Pringles can.

The Simple Renovations You Can Do In A Rental Bathroom

If you live in a rental, your landlord may be reluctant to spend money on expensive upgrades, even if they’re necessary. But a few simple and cheap steps are all it takes to make a huge improvement.

Failhacker: The To-Do List Tattoo

Failhacker is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we highlight DIY projects that either didn’t quite go according to plan or were horrendous abominations from the get-go. Today: a permanent “To Do” list tattoo for your arm. Oh dear.

When To Use Each Different Type Of Soldering Tip

Soldering irons have lots of different tips, and each of them is better suited for different tasks. However, which tips are best suited for what isn’t always obvious, so Instructables user JColvin91 breaks down the best uses for each.

Make Your Own Tool Roll For Easy Storage And Transportation

Not everyone needs to carry around a big toolbox. If you need something a bit simpler, Instructables user nomuse shows off how to make your own roll that’s easy to carry everywhere.

Remind People To Wash Their Hands With This DIY Alarm

Let’s be real here: everyone should be washing their hands after they use the bathroom. To help remind the forgetful types, this setup lights a sign if the sink wasn’t used after the toilet was flushed.

Transform An Old Refrigerator Into A Food Dehydrator

Food dehydrators are a great way to prepare tasty snacks, but they can be expensive. When the time comes to replace your old fridge, don’t immediately send it off to the dump — you can give it a new lease of life.