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How To Dodge Foreign Transaction Charges For Online Media

Games and media purchased online can seem like a bargain, but there’s often a nasty sting in the form of credit card charges. Here’s some strategies to avoid the worst cases of sticker shock.

Ultraviolet Movie Locker Aims To Solve The Movie Industry's Digital Mess

Ultraviolet is a new initiative backed by several big players in the entertainment industry intended to make sense of the digital mess involved in competing media and devices that don’t (and can’t) agree on one standard format for all movies.

The Hassle-Free Guide To Ripping Your Blu-ray Collection

Blu-ray discs may be more protected and harder to play in certain programs, like XBMC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your HD video on your media centre. Here’s how to rip and compress Blu-Ray discs for high quality, space-saving results.

SubtitleSync Indexes, Synchronises And Merges Subtitles

SubtitleSplit is a web-based tool for not only searching out subtitles but also “fixing” subtitles through various actions like synchronisation, splitting and merging.

Oxelon Batch Converts Your Music, Movies With Explorer Integration

Windows only: Free audio/video conversion utility Oxelon Media Converter handles the task of batch converting music and video files to and from almost any format — and it adds a handy Explorer menu integration to make it easy. Catalogues Subtitles For Movies And TV Shows

The proliferation of online media has made is really easy to track down new and interesting things to watch that aren’t always in your native language. makes it easy to find subtitles.

SlipCover Adds Shiny Case Icons To Your Mac's Media

Mac only: Having a 2TB drive filled with movies and games is beautiful, but OS X’s default .iso icons sure aren’t. Free app SlipCover solves this problem by quickly creating custom case icons to jazz up your media collection.

VLC Gets Dressed Up For Christmas

If you’re a fan of VLC — the open-source and awesome media player that had made appearances in our Hive Fives for best portable applications and best desktop media players — you may have noticed a little change in your VLC icon this week.

What Digital Copy On Blu-ray Really Means

If you’ve got a few Blu-rays on your Christmas shopping list, then a sticker promising a “digital copy” feature for your iPod or PC seems like a nice added bonus. But the reality is that just what kind of copies you can make depends entirely on the studio.

Shock Horror! TV Network Using Digital Technology

A perennial theme around Lifehacker in recent weeks has been the fact that TV networks are a bit clueless about the modern world. Turns out the cluelessness runs pretty deep.

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