Use Your Hand As A Guide To Portion Control

If portion control is part of your diet struggle, the best tool you have to judge whether there’s too much food on your plate is one you already have with you: Your hand. This graphic shows you how to judge servings of meat, pasta, even butter with your hand and fingers.

DIY Soylent: Should You Make Your Own Food Substitute?

Soylent, the yet-to-be-released food substitute, promises to replace meals you’re too busy to cook. It attempts to provide all essential nutrients so you only get what your body needs. With an indefinite release, some clever individuals decided to make their own and let others do the same. So, can you make a decent food substitute yourself? We decided to find out.

Ask LH: Is Frozen Produce Less Nutritious Than Fresh?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been tempted to use frozen veggies and fruits in my meals. Are these less nutritious than fresh produce?

Pact Puts Real Money On The Line To Get You To Eat Well And Exercise

iOS/Android: Pact, formerly GymPact, pays you money for exercising (and charges you when you don’t). Now, it can help you eat better as well. Pact now tracks food and nutrition, syncs with MyFitnessPal, and has photo verification to prove that you’re actually doing what you promised.

Porridge Life Lessons: What I Learned In A Year Of Eating Oats

Porridge. In January 2013 I ate porridge every morning for breakfast. It started as a holiday thing. I loved it so much that I decided to eat it for breakfast forever. In 2013 I estimate that, out of 365 days of the year, I didn’t eat porridge roughly 20 days. That’s a fairly good innings.

I learned some things along the way.

Workout Tracker Bodbot Adds Nutrition Suggestions And Food Tracking

Android/iOS/Windows Phone: Previously mentioned workout app BodBot offers personalised workout plans based on your fitness goals. A new update today now also brings the ability to track your diet, your calories and nutrition, as well as your exercise habits.

Eat Tomatoes To Guard Against Sun Damage

You should always wear sunscreen when you head outside this summer, but you can give yourself some extra, built-in protection by introducing tomatoes into your diet.

Some White Bread Can Be Nearly As Healthy As Whole Grain

When comparing breads, whole grain (also known as whole wheat) deservedly gets the gold star of health. But now that we have fortified breads, the health experts at argue that you can get the whiter variety along with near-equal health benefits. Here’s why.

Ask LH: What Is Cholesterol And Why Should I Care About It?

Dear Lifehacker, I don’t know much about cholesterol other than it’s in foods and I don’t want high levels of it in my body. But what is it exactly? What does it do and why do I need to care about it?

What Takeaway Food Would You Like To See Served On Planes?

For the second year in a row, Japan Airlines is offering KFC as an in-flight meal as a Christmas special. Would the Colonel cheer up your seasonal flight, or would you prefer another option?