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'Treat Email Like Milk, Not Precious Heirlooms'

With the unlimited storage that Gmail and Outlook offer now, you might be tempted never to delete your emails. But that’s not how you get to Inbox Zero. For that, you need a change in mindset.

Dear Small Business Owners: Don't Forget To Declutter Your Digital Workspace

When you’re busy running your own business, it’s easy to let basic administrative tasks slide, including keeping your digital files in order. Before you know it, your computer desktop and random USB drives are riddled with odd files and folders that will take a long time to sort out. It’s worth taking just a little bit of time per day to organise your digital assets. Here’s how.

Go On A Regular Purge To Downsize Your Life And Save Money

You don’t need most of your crap. I’d usually say “probably” there, but for most people, this is a safe bet. Give yourself a lifestyle purge every once in a while to save yourself money and declutter.

Declutter By Packing Up All Your Stuff, Only Unpack What You Need

How much of the stuff in your house do you really need? How much could you afford to get rid of if you really wanted to? If you want to find out, pack up everything you own. Treat it like you’re moving. Then, only unpack what you need. See what’s still in those boxes in a month.

Check If Your Local Library Will Take Book Donations

Clearing out bookshelves of tomes you no longer want or need? Don’t forget to check if your local library could use them.

Repurpose An Ikea Recycling Bin To Make A Shoe Organizer

Suffering from shoe clutter but don’t want to use a shoe shelf or over-the-door shoe rack? Remodeling blog Young House Love found that Ikea Retur recycling bins are easily repurposed as cabinets that keep shoes out of sight and easily accessible.

Organise More Efficiently By Staying Put

Apartment Therapy blogger and professional organiser Kyle Freeman has done his share of decluttering, and in all his experience, he’s learned one thing is vital to an efficient organisation session.

DIY Wall-Mounted Charging Station And Laptop Desk

A user on website Tilted Forum Project made a few DIY adjustments to a wall-mounted entertainment centre kit to build a cordless desk and charging station. The result: a lot of charging capacity, a nice, clean desk, and only one visible cord in the entire setup. You may not have access to the same materials just laying a round the house, but we think this setup offers some nice inspiration. My “Semi-DIY, Wall-Mounted, Recharging Station/Laptop Desk/EDC Organizer” [Tilted Forum via Make]

Dock Dodger Hides Running App Icons from Your Dock

Mac OS X only: Free application Dock Dodger removes any running application from your Dock, decluttering your Dock for apps that you want to keep there and ditching the rest. When might something like Dock Dodger come in handy? Let’s say, for example, you downloaded the very cool system monitoring application XRG when we mentioned it recently. The app’s great, but it has a useless Dock icon. To get rid of its icon, just drag XRG to the Dock Dodger window; next time you restart the app, its icon is nowhere to be found. If you decide you want an icon back in the Dock later, just rinse and repeat the same process. Dock Dodger is donationware, Mac OS X only. Dock Dodger [via MakeUseOf]

DIY Card Cable Organiser

The plastic card cable organiser manages cords under or behind your desk and keeps cords—like your iPod charging cord—from falling off your desk when unplugged. The idea behind the card cable organizer is exactly the same as previously mentioned Keep-a-Cable, but this DIY version transforms your unused club cards into cable holders with a hole punch and some scissors. Clever. Card Cable Organizer [Creatrope via Unclutterer]

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