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So you forgot to partake in the Black Friday/Cyber Man deals again. Whoops. The good news is that it's still Cyber Monday in America - and plenty of Aussie retailers have extended their existing deals. Here are all the bargains you can still snap up, even though it's Tuesday.


Amazon. Green Man Gaming. Steam. Good Old Games. Humble Bundle. Wherever you looked today, chances are you saw a video game sale and a fat discount. But not everyone has had the time or wherewithal to consider how hard they would like to throw their wallet at their monitor. So to help out, here's a cross-section of cracking deals on games that haven't featured in our previous Cyber Monday roundups.


Cyber Mondays are generally associated with hordes of consumers snapping up electronics, fashion, homeware and other everyday items at heavily discounted prices. But IT professionals can score a bargain too, with a number of online learning portals slashing prices for courses ranging from coding to business skills. Whether you're an IT worker looking to upskill or just someone trying to get into the IT industry, here are a few Cyber Monday deals from learning portals you can sink your teeth into.


US retailers are a weird mob. Over the Thanksgiving weekend they run not one, but two huge shopping sales for ravenous bargain hunters - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you forgot to hit the online stores on the 25th, have no fear: many of the deals are still available and there's a stack more for Cyber Monday. Here are the best deals so far...


November 25 is the biggest shopping day on the US calendar. For 24 hours, American shoppers are treated to an annual bargains extravaganza known as Black Friday. Retailers routinely slash their prices to kick start the Christmas shopping season resulting in hundreds of incredible deals.

The good news is that many of these bargains are available in Australia, alongside noteworthy deals from local retailers looking to capitalise on the hype. To save you the trouble of fruitlessly hunting through US sites that may or may not ship to Australia, we've assembled the very best deals you can get Down Under - complete with links.


If you're interested in a career in IT, programming skills will definitely come in handy. While there are many online resources out there that can teach you those skills, having extra reading material will help you better understand the concepts involved. Humble Bundle has just released an e-book deal for those interested in programming in the UNIX environment. There are e-books for beginners and advanced programmers. Here are the details.


When Click Frenzy launched in 2012, it was supposed to be Australia's answer to the Cyber Monday mega sales in the US. Instead, the deals were mostly a load of arse and the website keeled over and died. Dusting itself off, the company promised things would be better the following year. Instead, the deals were mostly a load of arse and the website keeled over and died.

Fast-forward a few years and the deals are actually starting to look pretty decent! As the adage goes, good things come to those who wait - including bargain hunters. Here are the best deals so far, including iPhones, video game consoles, computers and fashion...


Need some new computer games to get you through the summer? EB Games is getting rid of its old stock just in time for Christmas with a brace of PC titles selling for a single dollar! The deal also extends to official strategy guides and PC accessories - including headsets, controllers and mice. Here are the links to all the best deals.