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Google Maps Gives You A Wi-Fi Only Option, Warns You About Mass Transit Delays

In the near future (or now, if you’re lucky) Google Maps will be able to let you know when there’s a major slowdown on your local public transit. You can also force Google Maps to only use data when you have Wi-Fi.

Google Maps Makes It Easier To Suggest Edits, Share Details About Places

Today, Google officially announced a few new tools rolling out to Google Maps. Now, it’s easier to suggest edits to locations on Maps, add places that don’t exist and suggest or confirm details about a place you’re visiting.

Watch Kurt Vonnegut Explain The Emotional Shape Of Creative Stories

It’s impossible to quantify what, exactly, makes a good story. However, underneath most popular stories, there are only a handful of familiar story arcs that we tell over and over again. In this video, author Kurt Vonnegut demonstrates these arcs by drawing them.

Moment, The iPhone App That Tracks Your Usage, Now Displays How Much Time You're In Apps

iOS: We were fans of Moment when it launched a couple of years ago, but one problem with the app was how it could only track general iPhone usage. Now, you can really zoom in on your usage with a new app tracker.

Backblaze B2 Leaves Beta, Offers Crazy Cheap, NAS-Connected Cloud Storage

If you’re not in the habit of regularly backing up your data, do it now. Cloud storage company Backblaze has made it even easier with insanely cheap storage space that you can connect directly to your NAS.

There's Another Telstra Outage In Victoria Right Now

For the fourth time in as many months, part of Telstra’s network is down. This time it’s enterprise and business customers in Victoria who are affected. Oh dear.

Google's New My Activity Page Lets You See And Delete All Of Your Google Activity

Google may track a lot of your data, but it also creates a lot of tools to let you see that data for yourself. Its newest tool, My Activity, shows you nearly everything you ever do that’s tied to your Google account.

Why You Shouldn't Trust Sensational Stories Based On Google Trends

Google Trends is a neat little tool that can show how often people search for things. It’s handy for seeing when people first became aware of popular topics. However, sensational news stories about search trends use it improperly more often than not.

Sherbit Visualises And Interprets All The Data Your Online Services Collect

iOS: You use a lot of online services that track a lot of data, but how much do you really know about it all? Sherbit puts all that data into one place so you can quickly understand how it all relates through attractive visualisations.

Ready Your Routers: Telstra Is Giving Away More Free Data

On Friday, Telstra was hit with another massive network outage that affected hundreds of thousands of customers. It was the fourth service failure from the telco in as many months. As has become par for the course, Telstra will once again offer customers free data as an apology.

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