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Deals: Save Your Data For Life With SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup

Why take chances with your valuable and irreplaceable data? Preserve it for life with SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup. Right now Lifehacker Australia readers can get a lifetime subscription to this powerful service for just over $52 AUD ($39.99 USD), saving 92% off the RRP.

How To Master Microsoft Office Excel

Spreadsheets are a nerd’s data-driven dream. For most regular people, though, they’re a complicated mess. Fortunately, they don’t need to be. Here’s how to bend data to your will with Microsoft Excel 2016.

How To Set Automatic Backups With Windows 10's Built-in Tools

If you don’t have a backup system in place already, today’s the day you build one. In about 15 minutes, we’ll finally get your computer and all of its precious data backed up on a regular schedule. It’s mostly painless in Windows 10, and it’s easier than ever. There’s really no excuse not to.

How Much Data A FaceTime Call Uses

FaceTime’s a great way for iPhone users to make video calls. But have you ever wondered how much data gets eaten up by these electronic tête-à-têtes? The guys from Calling All Geeks ran some numbers and the results may surprise you.

You Can Break Into A Linux System By Pressing Backspace 28 Times. Here's How To Fix It

Hitting a key over and over again actually works for once. Two security researchers in Spain recently uncovered a strange bug that will let you into most Linux machines just by hitting the backspace key 28 times. Here’s how to fix it and keep your data protected.

Revealed: The Power-Hogging Apps On Santa's Naughty List [Infographic]

AVG has released the latest data from its Android App Performance And Trends report. This infographic names and shames the worst apps for storage, battery life and data usage from July through to September. The graph also looks at the most popular app categories during this period, with dating apps like Ashley Maddison making significant usage gains.

Ask LH: What's The Best Data Plan For A Backpacker?

I’m going on a trip to Europe for two months. I’ll be backpacking through a number of countries and I’ll need to do a lot of research on the road to resolve everyday travel hiccups (even with months worth of advanced travel planning). As a Gen-Y I have a serious internet substance dependency and feel I’ll need to be connected beyond the hostel hotspot, which is sketchy at best.

Ask LH: How Do I Make Wired Backups With My AirPort Time Capsule?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to set up my Mac’s AirPort Time Capsule strictly for backup and storage. The Apple rep I spoke to told me to get a Cat5 cable, but these are old and difficult to get hold of. So my question is: will a Cat6 cable work with this setup? Also, how complicated is it to get working?

Reduce Data Consumption In Mobile Chrome With These Settings

iOS/Android: With mobile data caps becoming ubiquitous, anything you can do to reduce data consumption helps. Depending on your OS, Chrome has a couple of options you can use to cut that number down while browsing.

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