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The Light Cards Home Screen

A nice, organised home screen layout can make your phone feel that much nicer to use. This design employs a few animated flourishes to accent its subdued and simplified interface.

The Mars Approach Desktop

This Arch Linux desktop features a beautiful photo of Mars floating in the dark, but that’s not all that’s interesting about it — transparent terminal windows and resource indicators round out what’s actually a very productive setup. Here’s how to make it your own.

The Eloquent Home Screen

Most home screen designs barrage you with information and colours. This home screen design instead opts for a clean, visually interesting, minimal design.

The Minimal Orange Home Screen

If you dislike clutter and miss Halloween a little bit, this home screen design should cheer you up and help keep your phone organised. Using simple widgets and just a few icons, it’s slick and clean.

The Partly Cloudy Desktop

Pushkar‘s desktops never fail to delight, and this one is no exception. We’ve been making a point to highlight a few simpler, less widget-packed desktops, and this one is a perfect example. A wallpaper that takes us back to summertime, just a couple of widgets, and it’s ready for work.

The Goocards Home Screen

If you’re a fan of Google’s card-based interface and would like your whole home screen to share the look, today’s design is just for you. It even comes with a dark theme!

The Inspirate Desktop

Reader willemvdm has a simple, sharp-looking desktop that, makes use of the space available, and has just a few useful widgets in place that provide actually useful information. Here’s how he set it all up.

The Side Bar Home Screen

Most home screens are simple pages of icons, but rarely venture out to gestures. This design has bright, vivid widgets with a slide-in sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Custom Quick Settings Creates Your Own Settings Tiles In Android Marshmallow

Android: The Quick Settings shade is a handy tool for toggling your hardware settings. Now, Custom Quick Settings lets you add your own tiles to quickly do all kinds of things.

The Green Home Screen

If you like bold, high contrast designs, today’s home screen is for you. This design uses a primarily black base (which makes it great for AMOLED displays), accented with stark greens for an attractive display.

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