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How Not To Deal With A Rude Customer [Video]

One of the golden rules of retail is that the customer is always right — especially when they’re upset about an aspect of your service. Alternatively, you could threaten to leak their personal contact information to everyone else in the store, as this GameStop lady did. Click on the video to watch the train-wreck unfold…

Do You Get Good Or Bad Customer Service By Throwing A Tantrum?

I like to believe that you get better customer service when you play nice and aim for a pleasant interaction, but I’ve also gotten what I wanted by sounding like a complete lunatic. Does it matter how you act so long as you persistently request what you want? How do you get good customer service?

How Watson Counters Customer Stupidity

IBM’s Watson platform is being touted as the biggest paradigm shift to hit computing since we stopped using punched cards in the 1950s. Eschewing traditional programming, Watson is a cognitive computing platform that uses artificial intelligence to essentially think for itself. The system is capable of answering questions posed in natural language and is being embraced by various industries and businesses, including Australia’s ANZ Bank. By all indications, the system is incredibly proficient at answering complex questions — but what about customers who don’t know what they’re talking about?

Rich Customers Are The Hardest To Please

According to new data from business software manufacturer Zendesk, high-income households are the most likely to be permanently soured after a bad customer experience — with 79 per cent blacklisting offending vendors for at least two years. Women, Gen X shoppers and B2B clients also refuse to accept shoddy service lying down, with many turning to social media to vent their grievances.

How To Tolerate A Ranting, Swearing Telephone Caller (NSFW)

The video below features an audio recording of a ranting lunatic swearing repeatedly at VicRoads a call centre worker until the harassed staffer is forced to hang up. The takeaway here is not that you get more results with politeness than screaming, though that is a point we have made before; it’s that people working in call centres can be forced to put up with ridiculous levels of abuse.

Use Humour To Make A Complaint More Effective

When you’re complaining about bad service, it’s easy to get frustrated with what usually ends up being less-than-helpful responses. Psychology Today points out that humour is a great defence that can help you with your argument, provided you do it right.

Is It Racist To Prefer Australian Call Centres?

The Ad Standards Board (ASB) has ruled that it’s not racist to criticise foreign call centres in advertisements that promote onshore services: the white actor can even throw in an exaggerated eye roll.

Dictate Your Customer Complaints To Your Phone To Say What You Mean

You’ve already told your spouse, your friends and anyone who will listen about your bad experience with Company X, but putting it into an actual complaint letter seems much tougher. Use voice dictation tools to extract the call to action from your story.

How To Solve Customer Service Disasters When All Else Fails

Dealing with the any of the big telcos, banks or energy companies is usually a total nightmare. You’ll be bounced from person to person over the phone before being “disconnected” and left to start the grind all over again. You have all done it before. So what do you do to solve your dramas when you’re at the end of your tether? Find the answers online, you will.

Know When To Be A Squeaky Wheel

We’ve talked about customer service a lot here at Lifehacker. Unfortunately, poor customer service is something we all have to deal with at some point — and often it takes a lot more than politeness and persistence to get your way. Get Rich Slowly’s Holly Johnson offers her best tips for tackling these difficult situations.

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