How Lots Of Small Projects Can Be More Satisfying Than A Big One

It’s easy to get caught up in the romantic idea of making one massive project and then pouring all of your creative energy into it. But developer Darius Kazemi found that small projects were a little more useful.

How To Discover Your 'Authentic' Self And Live The Life You Really Want

Being yourself seems self-explanatory: just wake up and do what you want to do, without following the crowds, without fear of judgment. But that’s not how the world works. We tend to stifle our authentic selves to fit in without even realising it. And doing so suppresses our creativity, ingenuity and self-awareness.

Watch Kermit The Frog Explain How To Tap Into Everyday Creativity

We often assume that creativity is something only artists need. However, as notable artist, producer and amphibian Kermit the Frog explains, keeping your mind open to accept and play with different ideas can improve anyone’s work.

What To Do When You Hit A Brainstorming Brick Wall

The moment a great idea or solution hits you can feel like magic — like it’s been delivered whole to you by some divine being. But what usually ends up happening is quite the opposite — we’re floundering and stuck on a problem, desperate for one of those magic breakthroughs to pull through.

How You're Sabotaging Your Creativity Every Day

We often talk about the simple things you can do to boost creativity and create more of those magical eureka moments, but many of us tend to sabotage creativity more than we cultivate it. Here are some of the self-sabotaging things you’re probably doing every day.

Streak Club Motivates You To Complete And Stick To Creative Projects

Making a game, writing a novel, recording music — anything you want to create takes commitment. Streak Club tracks your activity on your “creative streaks” so you keep on creating.

Re-Read Old Notes To Spark New Ideas

If you write down a lot of your ideas, it’s easy to forget about them as time moves on. University professor Bodong Chen points out that it’s worth going back to old notes to spark new ideas.

Keep A 'Single-Sentence Journal' If You Don't Have Time To Write

Journalling boosts creativity and helps you reflect, but it can be time-consuming to write a page or two every single day. If you don’t feel like you have time to journal regularly, start a “single-sentence journal”.

Don't Be Afraid To Get Weird To Improve Your Creativity

Getting a job in a creative field can feel stifling. You have your own unique style, but employers have their own ideas. However, you need your personal weirdness to keep those creative juices flowing.

Six Things I Learnt While Writing My First Book

Writing a book will almost kill you. By the end, you’ll be exhausted, brain dead and filled with a bubbling sense of anxiety. I recently finished up my first book, and here are a few takeaways from the ordeal that can be applied to pretty much any large-scale project.