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Form Your Best Ideas With A Monthly Idea Rundown

Sometimes ideas seem useless until they’re connected with other ideas. Revisiting all of the idea notes every month gives you a chance to connect the dots and turn average ideas into great ones.

Practice Frugality To Boost Creativity, Not Just To Save Money

“Why go to all that trouble when you can just buy [X]?” It’s such a common refrain when it comes to money-saving tricks, most of us assume it’s common sense. If you’re looking for a better reason to stay frugal, make it an exercise in creativity.

Hunter S. Thompson's Best Life Tips

Hunter S. Thompson isn’t exactly known as a saint, nor do people tend to look to the drug-loving, slightly crazed journalist for life advice. However, through his fringe lifestyle and off-the-beaten-path outlook he’s provided plenty of advice on living that apply to all of us.

If You Can't Come Up With A Good Idea, Brainstorm A Bad One

Few things are harder than coming up with a good idea when all you have is a blank page. If you can’t come up with a good idea, try brainstorming a bad one to get your creative juices flowing.

Don't Brainstorm With A Blank Slate

When you’re brainstorming, you often want to just let ideas come out however they decide to do so. That usually doesn’t get you very far though. 99U points out it’s often best to come up with some type of constraint or random goal.

You Don't Have A Creative Block, You're Just Procrastinating

When you get writer’s block (or any other creative block) it can be tough to get past it. There are strategies you can use to get the juices flowing. They all have one thing in common: they involve actually doing the work. Why is that? According to author Jodi Picoult, it’s because writer’s block is just another name for procrastination.

How Only An Hour A Day To Work On Your Passion Can Be A Good Thing

It’d be nice if we all had the freedom to work on whatever our hearts desired throughout the day, but in reality, most creatives work a day job and then tackle their own projects in their spare time. As screenwriter Brian Koppelman points out, having only an hour or two to work on your project each day isn’t necessarily a limitation. It can promote focus.

Don't Use Goals To Force Creativity

We like to think that creativity is a spigot you can turn on and off, but it just doesn’t work that way for most of us. Over on FiveThirtyEight, they take a look at some of the research behind creativity and suggest shying away from using goals in an attempt to focus your ambition.

Jon Stewart's Best Career Lessons

Last week Jon Stewart flicked off the lights for the last time at The Daily Show, where he and his staff created a machine that delivered incisive political and media commentary through comedy for 16 years. Let’s take a look at how they did it and what we can learn.

Get A Boost Of Creativity By Doing Something Mindless, Like Cleaning

Need to get over a creative block or trigger more “eureka!” moments? Try stepping away to do something as mindless as cleaning.

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