Indulge In A Child-Like Work Ethic To Discover Your Dream Job

“Kids” and “work” don’t tend to be words we associate with each other. However, kids do work on things. There’s just one criteria that separates them from adults: kids work on what they want to work on.

Isaac Asimov On Finding New Ideas: Embrace Your Alone Time

Isaac Asimov, the science-fiction author and essayist, had a pretty good grasp on creativity. Here’s one of his best tips on finding new ideas and nurturing creativity from one of his previously unreleased essays.

Break One Rule At A Time To Come Up With Better Ideas

When it comes to new ideas, breaking the rules is a great way to come up with something you might not have thought of otherwise. However, breaking too many at once can leave people dumbfounded. Pick a rule to break, and focus on how you can break it to improve the system.

Engage Your Audience With Your Idea By Leaving Room For Imagination

If you want your idea to spark engagement and grow, Harvard Business Review recommends leaving something out. This gives others the chance to develop unique interpretations and add to the idea.

Ask LH: How Can I Learn To Plot Before NaNoWriMo?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m a budding (not yet blossoming) fiction writer. By that, I mean I have really cool ideas whizzing around my noggin but am yet to put pen to paper or text to screen. To motivate myself I have registered for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble formulating a plot structure and having it accessible and presented clearly.

Give Credit For An Idea To The Whole Group To Encourage Collaboration

Your ideas are special to you. You want to get credit for them. However, in many cases, trying to vie for credit on a big breakthrough only discourages collaboration down the road. Give the whole group credit and encourage them to work together more.

Balance Creative Work With Must-Do Tasks By Splitting An Hour 45-15

Unless you’re very lucky, chances are you have some work you want to do and some work you have to do. Break each hour into 45-minute and 15-minute slots to do your creative assignments and get through your must-do work items.

Remember The 'Curse Of Knowledge' To Improve Your Writing

The internet is a wonderful thing: it allows anyone with a thought and a keyboard to become a writer. Unfortunately, it also means there’s a lot of bad writing out there — most of which, says Steven Pinker, stems from the “curse of knowledge”.

The 'Equal' Odds Rule Reminds Us That Creativity Is A Numbers Game

You have as much a chance of producing a great work as you do creating something useless. That’s what the “Equal Odds Rule” says, and it’s a reminder that the best strategy for creating something important is to produce as much as possible.

Don't Wait Until Your Idea Is Finished To Share It With Others

When you’re working on a project that you want to present, it’s tempting to want to keep it to yourself to “protect it until it’s ready”. But it’s a better idea more often than not to get outside input sooner rather than later.