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Use Distractions To Your Advantage During Brainstorming Sessions

Distractions aren’t ideal for most tasks, but they serve a purpose when it comes to brainstorming. 99U suggests a simple rule of thumb: embrace distractions when it comes to generating ideas; embrace focus when it comes to implementing ideas.

Judging Your Ideas Too Early Is A Quick Way To Stifle Your Creativity

Living in the internet age means we have to decide when something is stupid faster than ever. We’re quick to label something dumb and move on, never exploring it further. That’s fine for your Twitter feed, but it’s an awful approach to your own creativity.

Three Approaches To Getting Unstuck When You're Out Of Ideas

The first step (always the hardest, right?) in solving a problem is recognising you have one. We’re all familiar with the feeling of grappling with a head-scratcher for longer than we’d like. It can take a while to connect the time we’ve lost staring at the screen with the fact that we’re stuck on something and it’s time to try a new approach.

Avoid Self-Censoring To Keep Your Ideas Flowing

The greatest enemy your ideas have is you. If you’ve ever shown off an idea only to have it shot down, you can easily slip into the habit of self-censoring. Avoid this trap if you want your ideas to flourish.

Exploring The Myth Of The Scientific Vs. Artistic Mind

It’s a stereotype, but many of us have made the assumption that scientists are a bit rigid and less artistic than others. Artists, on the other hand, are often seen as being less rational than the rest of us. Sometimes described as the left side of the brain versus the right side — or simply logical thinking versus artistic creativity — the two are often seen as polar opposites.

Turn Off All The Gadgets Once In A While To Generate Creative Ideas

When you’re trying to come up with creative ideas, it helps to have some input like reading a book or listening to music. However, you should also give yourself some time to digest your thoughts in silence.

Inspire Your Work By Doing It In Inspiring Locations

Inspiration can be tough to come by. If you’re struggling to find inspiration on a project, try working on it somewhere that inspires you.

10 Ways To Be More Creative At Work

As children we spent our days imagining we were superheroes destined to save the planet with our special powers, or planning how to build spaceships to Mars. The world was filled with infinite possibilities and no problem was too grand we couldn’t solve it with a little ingenuity and a whole lot of imagination.

Break Through Creative Blocks By 'Just Keeping At It'

There are dozens of specific lifehacks, tips and tricks to help you push past creative blocks, but this video from New York Magazine’s Science of Us serves up an important reminder that the best and simplest thing to do when you’re stumped is to just keep creating.

Get Away From Your Desk When It's Time To Brainstorm Creative Ideas

You know all those times you sit at your desk, staring at your monitor, begging your brain for a breakthrough idea? Yeah, that’s not working. If you want inspiration, get away from your desk.

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