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Not every game is about winning. Amidst the rise in tabletop gaming, dozens of storytelling games have emerged that challenge you or your teammates to create entertaining stories instead of beating each other. If you want to hone your skills as a creative writer, these are an excellent way to start.


If you have the flexibility in your schedule to do it, start your day with something creative and inspiring. Maybe it's that novel or short story you've been working on, or a painting, or a craft project. Whatever it is, if you can, give it your first hour. It's uninterrupted time, and a good start to the day.


Boredom, daydreaming and idle time are all important for creativity and motivation, as well as your mental health. This video reinforces the idea, pointing out that while none of us will ever be lauded for staring out of the window, it's exactly what more of us need to do to stay happy, healthy and inspired.


Everybody has the potential to be creative but many of us don't do anything to release that creativity. Self-doubt and apprehension about whether we even have the skill level to create something that is truly unique can stop a lot of us from even trying. Here's a personal story about how I'm trying to pull my finger out and reconnecting with my creative side along with some advice on how to do so.