This Graphic Details The Daily Routines Of Famous Creative People

If you’d like a little inspiration from the daily routine of creative people you admire, this guide can help you. From Beethoven and Mozart to Angelou and Murakami, the list features over two dozen well-known artists, authors and musicians.

Focus On Production Rather Than Perfection When Overwhelmed With Ideas

While having too few ideas is what most people complain about, it can also be difficult to keep on track when you have too many ideas floating around. If you’re losing focus, try thinking less about things and just executing an idea.

Improve Your Core Skills By Learning An Unrelated One

Practising the skills related to your job is always a good idea. You can never get enough practice. However, designer and author Steve Gordon Jr suggests also focusing on skills that are unrelated to your core competencies to help boost creativity.

Get Better Brainstorming Results With Creative Analogies

When we brainstorm, we try to come up with a deluge of new ideas until we achieve a eureka moment, but that might not be the best way to approach it. Instead, it’s better to focus on small creative steps and use analogies to help connect ideas.

Bill Watterson's Best Productivity Tricks

Bill Watterson created one of the most consistently enjoyable comic strips in history with Calvin and Hobbes. He’s known as a bit of recluse, but his comic and his ideas had a big impact on its readers. Let’s take a look at a few of his tips, explored both in the comic and outside of it.

Don't Give Up On An Idea Because It's 'Bad', Iterate It Instead

Many of us have a tendency to think of ideas as “good” or “bad” ideas. However, more often than not, bad ideas are stepping stones to good ones. Sticking with the same idea may not be smart, but tweaking it can be incredibly useful.

Focus On 'An Audience Of One' To Avoid Creative Fear

You’ll never make everyone happy, so why try? Author John Steinbeck once said the best way to create is to forget the masses and write for an audience of one.

'Everything Good Proceeds From Enthusiasm'

It’s easy to get creatively stuck on things. Often our response is to try and sit back and wait for something to happen. Musician Brian Eno reminds us that doesn’t work. You need to get excited and find that inspiration.

Game Of Thrones Shows How To Create Heartbreaking Television Drama

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones served up the season’s saddest moment yet — and for once it didn’t involve anyone dying (well, not yet, anyway). Fan-favourite Tyrion Lannister was finally broken at court by the senseless prejudice that has dogged his whole life. It was a heartbreaking moment thanks to both Peter Dinklage’s acting and Bryan Cogman’s stellar screenplay. Here are some tips from Cogman on how to craft the perfect tear-jerker.

Learn To Deal With Failure Better Through Improv Comedy

Even though it’s a necessary part of learning and getting better, failure can hit us pretty hard. Failure, however, is an essential component of improv comedy, and approaching failure like it’s just part of a scene in your life can help you take it in stride.