Assume Everything You Know Is Wrong To Come Up With Better Ideas

Coming up with creative solutions to complex problems is inherently difficult. “Thinking outside the box” is counterintuitive. If you’re having trouble, get started by assuming everything you know is wrong.

Set Up Distractions To Foster Creativity

We’ve been told to limit distractions when we want to focus. Fast Company explains why you should use distractions to foster creativity.

Never Let Your First Attempt At A Project Be Your Last

Starting a project is easy. Finishing it is hard. Hard enough that, when we’re done, we can feel happy with the results and move on. To truly improve, however, iteration is often more important than completion.

Steve Jobs's Best Productivity Tricks

Regardless of how you feel about Apple, Steve Jobs was an incredibly prolific CEO who was more than just the face of the company. Before his death in 2011, he managed to provide a unique workplace lauded for its productivity. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways he did it.

'Walking Organises The World Around Us'

We’ve discussed time and time again how walking can boost creativity and mood. The above quote, from Ferris Jabr at the New Yorker, sums up all the studies we’ve seen so far in a pretty simple way.

Use Written Suggestions To Get Ideas Out Of Quiet Meeting Members

One of the big problems with meetings is that, more often than not, a small number of people end up doing the majority of the talking. To get ideas from everyone else, try asking for written submissions.

Your Day Job Isn't An Excuse To Not Pursue Your Passion

Most creative minds in history did not have the pleasure of sitting around only working on what they wanted. They had day jobs — just like you — because they still had to put food on the table, but that didn’t stop them.

Susan Sontag's Best Productivity Tricks

Susan Sontag was a woman of many hats. She was a writer, critic, filmmaker, and a teacher. She achieved a lot before she died in 2004. Let’s take a look at how she did it all.

Use 'Brainwriting' Instead Of Brainstorming To Generate Ideas

Brainstorming out loud is often the go-to for coming up with new ideas, but your group might be better off writing their ideas down before someone shares anything out loud and gets everyone heading in the same direction.

Why Great Ideas Always Come In The Shower

It’s happened to all of us — you’re in the shower and inspiration strikes. You struggle to remember when you get out. Sometimes, you’re successful, other times, maybe not — but why is the shower such a prime place for inspiration? Let’s take a look and see how you can harness that brilliance at other times too.