Engage In Creative Tasks Outside Work To Boost Job Performance

Creative work is not only good for getting yourself out of a bad mood, but doing so outside of the office can boost your on-the-job performance. This is according to a new study by psychologist Kevin Eschleman of San Francisco State University.

How To Cultivate A Creative Thinking Habit

Think of your most common habits and the regular culprits come to mind — biting your nails, snacking late at night, cracking your knuckles. Do something enough times and it becomes a behavioural pattern you do almost involuntarily. But is creativity any different?

Why It's Better To Fail As Quickly As Possible

Most of us don’t like to admit when we’ve failed, so we tend to put it off for as long as possible. Google X’s Rapid Evaluation head Rich DeVaul explains why this costs money and time, and how it ultimately hinders progress.

How Ovulation Affects Your Creativity (Even If You're A Guy)

A women’s menstrual cycle can affect more than just the way she feels physically and emotionally. The hormone changes might also influence creativity, with research suggesting the phases before and during ovulation can spur creativity — in both women and the men around them.

Game Of Thrones' Creator Explains How To Pull Off A Shocking Plot Twist

On last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones, something big happened. (We promise not to spoil it here.) Much like last season’s infamous ‘Red Wedding’, the sequence skillfully blindsided many non-book reading fans of the show. Here’s a tip from the show’s co-producer Dan Weiss on how to execute a perfect plot twist without clueing in the audience.

The Three Key Steps To Creativity: Copy, Transform And Combine

In an information economy, originality and creativity are all-important skills. They’re also some of the most misunderstood ideas. Speaking at TED, author Kirby Ferguson argues that creativity comes from copying, transforming and combining other works.

The Myth Of Creative Inspiration: Great Artists Don't Wait

Franz Kafka is considered one of the most creative and influential writers of the 20th century, but he actually spent most of his time working as a lawyer for the Workers Accident Insurance Institute. How did Kafka produce such fantastic creative works while holding down his day job? By sticking to a strict schedule.

How Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Started Their Career As Hackers

There is some controversy about what we mean by the word “hacker”. Historically, and as far back as the 1960s, a hacker was someone who was an expert programmer. But today, it is a word generally used to describe someone involved in illegal activity using computers.

Your First Idea Or Insight May Not Be Your Best One

Coming up with ideas is rarely easy. You toss a bunch of information into your brain and hope a stroke of genius comes out. So, when you finally get an “Aha!” moment, it’s easy to assume you’ve got it. That may actually be the perfect moment to wait.

Review Your Entire Idea File Every Few Months To Keep Ideas Fresh

The idea that you want to write down all your ideas is common sense. Author Steven Johnson recommends not just keeping all those ideas in a single document, he recommends reviewing that document every few months.