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What To Do When Teamwork Stifles Individual Creativity

If you search for advice on creative thinking, there’s plenty to be found on how to be more creative but little written on how to avoid blocking others’ creativity. Why is that?

Stimulate Your Creativity With Weekly 'Artist Dates'

Whether you’re a writer, painter, or photographer, creativity needs to be nurtured. If you want to avoid an artist’s block, schedule yourself some time to go think and explore.

I'm Matt Eaton, Artist And Curator, And This Is How I Work

Matt Eaton is an artist in Detroit — but his own art is often a second priority. As director and curator of the Red Bull House of Art, Matt is an advocate for young, up-and-coming artists, helping to push their talents and promote their work.

Palettab Shows You New Font And Colour Pairings Every Time You Open A New Tab

Chrome: One of the best things you can do as a designer is get input from other sources to inspire you. Palettab helps by showing you a new colour and font pairing every time you open a new tab in Chrome.

Make Your Own DIY Neon Sign With EL Wire And Plastic Tubes

Neon signs are cool, but they can be fragile and expensive if you need a custom design. If you’d rather make your own on the cheap, you can use EL wire, some simple plastic tubing and a heat gun.

The Basics Of Design Thought Process Explained In Five Steps [Infographic]

Creative design is a complex process that can be applied from everything to making products to creating company logos. If you’re struggling with where to start, this graphic outlines the five basic steps.

Use The First Hour Of Your Day For Creative, Inspiring Work

If you have the flexibility in your schedule to do it, start your day with something creative and inspiring. Maybe it’s that novel or short story you’ve been working on, or a painting, or a craft project. Whatever it is, if you can, give it your first hour. It’s uninterrupted time, and a good start to the day.

Why We Should All Spend More Time Staring Out Of The Window

Boredom, daydreaming and idle time are all important for creativity and motivation, as well as your mental health. This video reinforces the idea, pointing out that while none of us will ever be lauded for staring out of the window, it’s exactly what more of us need to do to stay happy, healthy and inspired.

Chuck Close's Advice On Inspiration And Getting Things Done

The magic of productivity is really to just get started. You may know that already, but the reverse of that message — to wait for inspiration to strike before you really do something — keeps us from doing great work, says artist and photographer Chuck Close.

Watch Kurt Vonnegut Explain The Emotional Shape Of Creative Stories

It’s impossible to quantify what, exactly, makes a good story. However, underneath most popular stories, there are only a handful of familiar story arcs that we tell over and over again. In this video, author Kurt Vonnegut demonstrates these arcs by drawing them.

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