Create A New Must-Have Sandwich Condiment With Only Two Pantry Items

Question: What condiment adds an edge to any sandwich, takes only 10 minutes to make, and calls for ingredients you already have in your pantry? The answer is one you’ve probably never heard of: mustardshire sauce!

Froth Milk Easily With A Tea Infuser

Frothy, foamy milk is a delicious add to your morning (or anytime) cup of joe. If you don’t have a milk frother on hand, you can use a handheld tea ball infuser to get the job done.

Make Caramelised Onions In The Microwave

Caramelising onions takes a lot of time to get that sweet flavour and deep colour. Typical shortcuts still take valuable space on your stove. Alton Brown shares his secret for doing it in the microwave.

Avoid Wasting Stale Potato Chips By Using Them For Crumbing

If you’re not interested in trying to resuscitate the crispiness of your now-stale potato chips, you might as well do something else with them. Breaking them up into tiny pieces makes for tasty crumbs to apply to baked or fried food.

Save Chicken Skin To Make An Addictive Baked Snack

If you prep and cook a lot of poultry at home, you might find at some point that you need to trim away chicken skin. When this happens, don’t even think about tossing those skins away! Save them instead to make an addictive, crave-worthy crackling.

Master Make-Ahead Salads With The Perfect Combination Of Veggies

When your schedule is packed but you still want to eat healthily, salads make great to-go meal options. Put together a salad that will fill you up and stand up to storage by opting for ingredients that will stay crisp.

Make Dairy-Free Yoghurt With Coconut Milk

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, don’t eat dairy, or just want to try something different, you can easily create a dairy-free yoghurt by using coconut milk and a few other ingredients.

Make A Week's Worth Of Meals The Fun Way With A Freezer Meal Party

Planning your or your family’s meals ahead of time is a great way to beat stress and save some cash. If you’re not up for doing all that cooking alone, you can host a freezer meal party and cook with your friends.

Cook Perfect Grilled Pizza With A Pie Tin

There are lots of way to get your grilled pizza cooked to scrumptious perfection — like using tortillas for the crust. Make sure the entire pizza cooks evenly from crust to toppings with the help of a pie tin.

Add Extra Flavour To Any Broth With Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

You can make a delicious broth with just about anything — from leftover cheese rinds to vegetable scraps. If you want to take your broth flavour to the next level, use dried shiitake mushrooms for an undercurrent of savoury flavour.