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The Chemistry Behind Making The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Video: A great grilled cheese sandwich is all about picking the best cheese for melting. With a little chemistry know-how, you can make sure your sandwich is a gooey, flavourful masterpiece.

Learn The Three Steps To Perfect Pie Dough With This Video

When it comes to pie, the crust will make or break your baked treat. This video demonstrates three simple tricks you can use to ensure that your pie dough bakes into the perfect balance of chewy and flaky.

Keep Rice From Sticking Together With Lemon Juice

Making rice isn’t rocket science, but keeping it from sticking together when you want that fluffy texture can be tough. The fix is easy: just add a few squeezes of lemon juice to the cooking water.

Make Mini Apple Pie Bites In About 15 Minutes

Love apple pie, but don’t have the time to bake it from scratch? These mini apple “pie” rolls are an easy alternative, great for lunch packing, snacking, and party hosting.

How To Pass Off Store Bought Food As Your Own

From now until January 2nd, you’ll be invited to many parties of the house, cocktail, and dinner variety. If you love to cook, making and bringing something won’t be a problem, but if you have the baking skills of a young Cher Horowitz, you may need to lie. By “lie” I mean “buy some food you did not make and pretend you did.” This isn’t honest, or righteous, or even very easy, but it can be done.

Make Almost Any Type Of Chip With Two Sheet Pans

Whether vegetable, cheese, or prosciutto, few things hit the savoury snack spot quite like a chip. To make a whole bunch of ’em at once, just grab two sheet pans.

Transform Your BBQ Into A Pizza Oven On The Cheap

We’ve told you before how to turn your grill into pizza oven, but it’s tough to beat the convenience of gas. If you have a gas BBQ, here’s how you can get the same results.

Three Ingredients That Can Take Any Dish From Boring To Flavorful

Pretty much no one has time to prepare an elaborate multi-course meal each night, but whatever you’re making (be it a simple roasted chicken or a bowl or lentils), this flavorful trifecta from Sarah Britton will make suppertime feel downright refined.

Noodler Puts Three Million Noodle Soup Recipes And Tips On Your iPhone

iOS: If you love noodle soup, you’ll love Noodler, “the noodle soup oracle.” This app ensures you’ll never run out of ideas for your next bowl of ramen or other noodle soups.

Make A Savoury, Vegan-Friendly Risotto With Miso Paste Instead Of Parmesan

Risotto is a tough dish to perfect, but if you’re vegan or cooking for someone who is, things get even more complicated. Fortunately, you can whip up some delicious, savoury risotto by substituting miso paste for Parmesan cheese.

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