Turn Cheap Cupcakes Into 'Icing Burgers'

Cupcakes and hamburgers are two of the finest creations devised by humankind. So why not combine them into one mouth-watering delicacy? This clever food hack will turn your cupcakes into eye-catching hors d’oeuvres fit for sophisticated noshers. (And no, it doesn’t involve mixing confectionery with dead animals.)

This Infographic Is A Cheat Sheet For Clever Microwave Uses

We might forget occasionally how powerful microwaves are. Not only can they heat food quickly, but they’re useful for a variety of other tasks. This graphic shows you several examples of both.

Roll Cookie Dough Before You Chill It To Save Time

Whenever you make cookies, you should chill the cookie dough before you bake them. If you roll the dough before you put it in the fridge, you’ll save time and get better results.

The Easy Way To Ice A Cake Without A Stand

There are many tricks you can use to decorate a cake, including using an oral syringe or toothpick for intricate designs. Amy Machnak shows you how to efficiently frost a cake when you don’t have a stand.

Bake Muffins With Beautifully Domed Tops By Adding More Flour

Homemade muffins and cupcakes are usually a far cry from professionally baked ones, coming out flatter and more compact. If you really care about achieving that domed, picture-perfect top, Food52 offers a few tricks.

Briefly: New Mad Max Trailer, Cheap PS4 Bundle, Onion Hacks

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Get a PS4 bundle with three games for $498, how to chop super-fine onions, the new Mad Max trailer that will blow your mind.

Chop An Onion Super-Finely (And Keep Your Fingers Intact)

You might already know how to cut up an onion like a pro, but chef and restauranteur Marco Pierre White demonstrates how to really finely chop an onion. By finely, we mean super small bits that will add even more flavour to dishes without bigger chunks of onion in them.

Make Cookie Butter At Home With Four Ingredients

Cookie butter is one of the most popular items from US food chain Trader Joe’s. But don’t book that airline ticket: you can make it at home with just a few ingredients.

Chop Celery Like A Chef: From The Top Instead Of Pulling Off Stalks

If you need celery for a recipe, you probably buy a bunch, and when it’s time to cook, you take a stalk or two off of the bunch and chop it. Then the rest lives in the crisper, slowly rotting unless you make a point to use it up. This method — the way chefs do it — is a much better way.

Make A Simple Stock While You Do The Dishes

After a big meal there’s often some leftovers. As Christmas approaches, you can kill two birds with one stone by cooking up a simple stock with the leftover parts of the ham or turkey while you’re taking care of all those dishes.