Roast Cauliflower Leaves Instead Of Letting Them Go To Waste

You always want to get everything you can from your ingredients. Try roasting the cauliflower leaves that come with the head rather than throwing them away.

How To Make A Vinaigrette That Goes With Everything

We’ve already established that there’s no need to spend money on store-bought salad dressing when you can make a bunch of your own using a few guidelines. But if you learn just one all-purpose dressing, make it this perfect lemon vinaigrette.

Make An Impromptu Slow Cooker Meal With This Basic Formula

Sometimes you don’t have the time or patience for a recipe (or you just have some leftover ingredients). This chart shows you a simple formula to put together any slow cooker meal.

Thicken Soup With Blended White Beans For A Gluten-Free Alternative

Some soups are much better when they have a thicker texture. Adding some blended white beans can thicken things up without off-setting the flavour, and they’re perfect for gluten-free and vegan recipes.

Make A Herb Rub From Any Mix Of Herbs With This Formula

We’ve talked about freezing and microwaving as great ways to extend the life of herbs. Here’s another superb way to make the most of those herbaceous leaves: make a rub.

The Ideal Dinner Party Meal Is Something You Can Finish In The Oven

Having an entree that can finish in the oven gives you time for other last-minute dinner party prep, such as setting the table, putting out appetisers, mixing drinks and greeting guests.

Test Your Cabbage Head's Doneness With A Cake Tester

You can use cabbage for more than just coleslaw — like cooking half a head in a pan for a crispy, hearty side dish. You can actually test cabbage’s “doneness” with a cake tester.

Make No-Knead Pizza With The Help Of Your Food Processor And Freezer

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially homemade pizza. If you find making the dough a bit of a pain, check out this super-simple method.

Freeze Kale Cubes To Make Super-Fast Green Smoothies

Homemade green smoothies are a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get fibre, folate, vitamins and antioxidants in your diet. One trick that will make whipping them up not just easier but also more convenient is to freeze some kale cubes ahead of time.

Simplify Your Diet With Alton Brown's Four Lists Method

The key to a successful diet is finding something you’ll actually stick to. If you haven’t found that yet, Alton Brown’s four list approach may help.