This Video Shows How To Make McDonald's-Like French Fries At Home

Many of us firmly believe McDonald’s french fries are the best french fries. But you don’t have to head to Maccas to indulge — here’s a nearly identical version you can make at home.

Use The Palm Test To Figure Out If Your BBQ Is The Right Temperature

Knowing when to put the food on the BBQ and when to wait or turn down the heat makes all the difference between a perfectly cooked burger and the under-cooked hockey puck kind. Here’s a quick test to get the timing right.

Use Miso To Add Some Extra Dimension To Hommus

If you follow a simple formula, it’s easy to make hommus out of just about anything. But for a completely unexpected twist, try hommus with the addition of miso.

Three Ways To Use Those Forgotten Vegetable Tops In Your Food

The last time I bought carrots, the cashier asked if I wanted the tops ripped off. “Almost everyone says yes,” he told me — and the reality is that you’ll often struggle to even find them with the tops attached. That’s too bad, because many vegetable tops are both completely safe and delicious to eat. Here are three preparations worth trying.

Properly Prepare Kale For A Salad With A Leafy Massage

Kale leaves can be pretty tough if you don’t prepare them right. You can easily tenderise them for your salad, without any heat, by giving the leaves a gentle massage.

Skip The Chilli Powder And Make Your Own Chilli Paste For More Flavour

You probably know that whole spices have better flavour and stay fresher longer than their ground counterparts. So why are you still buying pre-made chilli powder when you can make a more flavourful version at home?

Add Iced Water To Burger Patties To Keep Them Moist

We thought we’d come across every burger-making tip out there, from how to pack the patties correctly to how to make steamed burgers. But here’s a smart-sounding one we’d never heard of until now: to keep patties extra juicy, add a little iced water to your meat.

Save Overcooked Soup By Carefully Lifting Out What Isn't Burnt

If you’ve left some soup on the stove for a little too long, lift out the parts that haven’t burned and stuck to the saucepan — it will still taste fine.

Slice Vegetables Quickly With A Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter isn’t a replacement for good knife skills and a sharp knife, but this is a pretty handy tip.