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Five Mind Tricks That Will Make Your Food 'Taste' Better

If you’re worried about impressing someone with your cooking skills, or you’re trying a new recipe for the first time, there are some mental tricks you can use on others to make your meal seem better than it really is. Here are five of the most effective.

Make Flavourful Corn Soup In Just Half An Hour With Your Pressure Cooker

I love corn. I love it grilled, fresh or in a creamy soup. I even enjoy “milking” the cobs, scraping every bit of starchy liquid out with the back of my knife to make the stock, but J. Kenji López-Alt has figured out an even easier way to get intensely corny soup with a pressure cooker, no milking required.

What Are The Best Multipurpose Plants To Have In Your Garden?

There are many plants that are useful for more than cooking or decorating. For example, many common herbs have health benefits, and they’re easy to grow. What multi-use plants will you have in your garden this spring?

Easily Upgrade Leftovers With A Simple Pan Sauce Recipe

A little reimagining can make leftovers pretty tasty. Here’s a simple recipe for easily upgrading leftovers after you’ve heated them up.

Do You Cook With Your Kids?

Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend time together, help them learn to handle themselves in the kitchen and to get them to try new foods. Do you let your kids help you cook?

Make Juicy Smoked Chicken Without A Smoker

A recipe for “smoked” chicken that never sees the inside of a smoker gave me pause at first, but after watching the above video from ChefSteps, I have to admit that their smokerless smoked bird really got my mouth watering.

Dip Tomatoes In Warm Water Before Chilling To Make Them Taste Better

Storing tomatoes in the fridge keeps them from spoiling, but depending on the quality of the tomato and how ripe it is, the tomatoes could suffer in flavour, texture and colour. One quick chemistry trick to help your tomatoes retain their flavour: Dip the tomatoes in warm water before chilling them.

10 Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks That Anyone Can Master

So you’ve started beefing up your cooking skills and got your head around some of those confusing cooking terms. However, the process can still be a little tedious and boring. Here are ten surprising kitchen techniques that will save you a bunch of time — not to mention wow your friends.

The Best Way To Truss A Chicken For Juicy Meat And Crispy Skin

In the world of kitchen tips and tricks, there seems to be an never-ending supply of “you’ve been doing it all wrong” type of articles. I’ve seen various websites and videos alike declare that their method of wrapping kitchen twine around a bird is the way to ensure a juicy, evenly-cooked meal, but it’s hard to know how (or who) to truss.

Fix A Cracked Pie Crust With A Bit Of Flour And Water

There’s nothing worse than rolling out a beautiful pie crust only to have it crack during baking. It turns out that there’s a super-easy fix, and it doesn’t require any extra dough.

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