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The Secret To Better "Reflective Listening": Use Your Own Words

Repeating back what someone is saying to you, or what’s known as “reflective listening,” is a great way to show that you’re really hearing what they say. Repeating their exact words like a parrot, however, is not always ideal.

Politely Exit An Unwanted Conversation By Giving A Specific Excuse

Whether you’re at a work party, convention, or some other social event, knowing how to slip away from a dull conversation is an invaluable skill. The trick to giving a good excuse is all in the specifics.

Ask 'How Do You Do Your Work?' To Engage Someone In Conversation

The dreaded question “What do you do?” can be a little uncomfortable, but what’s worse is it offers little for your conversation partner to respond to. Instead, ask how they work.

Reinvigorate A Conversation By Asking Someone How They Work

When you’re out meeting new people, so many conversations lead to asking what the other person does for work. To bring some new life into your chat, don’t ask them what they do for a living, ask them how they do it.

Become A Better Conversationalist By Seeking Solitude

As strange as it may sound, you’ll have better conversation with others if you give yourself more time to reflect on your own thoughts.

This Video Explains Why Words Get Stuck On The Tip Of Your Tongue

It’s one of life’s most frustrating annoyances: when a word gets stuck on the tip of your tongue, and try as you might, you just can’t think of that actor’s name or that particular word. According to SciShow, this happens once a week for most of us, and here’s how it happens.

One Line Suggestions To Help Kickstart Conversations

Preparing for small talk sounds like a strange concept, but if you’re not confident about spontaneously coming up with a conversation topic, it can help to have a few lines prepared to smooth out the odd encounter.

Avoid Challenging Authority To Get Your Ideas Past A Difficult Manager

A difficult boss can make it hard to get your ideas heard. If you want to make your ideas heard, frame your pitch in a way that avoids sounding like it’s a challenge to their authority.

'If You Want To Be Interesting, You Have To Be Interested'

No one wants to be considered dull, whether you’re meeting new people or trying to impress familiar ones. The quote above from Steal Like An Artist author Austin Kleon reminds us that the key to becoming a more interesting person is to become more interested.

Build Your Listening Skills By Holding Back The Interruptions

If you want to build your communication skills, you need to be able to listen to others. If you want to listen to others, you need to stop talking every once in a while.

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