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Get Better At Small Talk By Focusing On Your Idea Rhythm

How long does it take you to convey a single idea? If you’re bad at small talk, you might not realise when one idea ends and another begins. Try to learn your idea rhythm to get better at small talk.

Learn To Take A Compliment By Replacing Your Default Response

There’s something to be said for learning to take a compliment, and a lot of us are really bad at it. When a friend, coworker, or boss praises us for a job well done, we’ll brush it off and say something like, “eh, it’s no big deal.” If you’re trying to improve your compliment-accepting skills, here’s how to respond instead.

This Video Teaches You How To End A Conversation Gracefully

Everyone knows what it’s like to get trapped in a conversation. Even if you like the person you’re talking to, you don’t want to be rude or insulting, but you want the conversation to end. This video demonstrates several techniques to get out of it gracefully.

Turn Small Talk Into Good Conversation By Asking About Their Passions

Small talk is boring and will never create any sort of bond between you and someone else. You’ve probably heard that asking questions is a good approach, but the kind of questions you ask can really liven things up.

Ask Kids About Their Favourite Things To Get Through Awkward Small Talk

If you’re at that age where all you friends and family have kids, you know the awkwardness that comes when you need to have small talk with those kids. Over on How To Do Everything, they suggest you ask basic questions.

Be More Likable In Conversation By Making The Other Person An Expert

Asking questions is a great way to become more likable in social situations, but there are certain types of questions that can go the extra mile. With the right approach, you can appeal to someone’s ego without sucking up to them.

Be More Interested In Conversations By Playing Detective

When you’re making conversation with someone, the more interested you can be in what they’re saying, the better. Sometimes it can be hard to muster interest. If you need a little motivation, turn it into a detective game.

Avoid 'Uptalk' To Communicate With More Confidence

Confidence is important when you’re trying to build credibility. If you don’t sound confident, it’s easy for people to dismiss or be sceptical of what you’re saying, however valid it may be. One vocal habit that undermines your credibility is uptalk, the tendency to speak as though you’re asking a question.

Become More Charismatic In Conversation With The 'Two-Second Rule'

Charisma is all about how you act, not what you have to say. You can be more charismatic in a conversation by always waiting two seconds before you respond to something.

This Video Teaches You The Basics Of Making Small Talk

Small talk is an abhorrent chore to most people. Yet chances are most of the non-family relationships you’ve built started with small talk. It’s a key way we get to know others. This video will show you the basics if you’re uncomfortable with it.

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