Noteify Views And Edits Contact Details And Notes While On Call

Android: When you place or receive a call, Noteify pops up in a floating window with all the information you would need about that contact, almost like an assistant with a cheat sheet for the things you need to know or remember.

PureContact, The Visual Contact Manager And Dialler, Is Out For iPhone

iOS: PureContact, a gesture-driven contacts manager and speed dialler that was previously Android only, is now available for the iPhone as well. You’ll see all of your contacts in a grid arranged by their faces, and you can assign gestures to call, text, WhatsApp or email them.

Mingle Messages Contacts Across Networks Easily

iOS: Mingle is a contacts app that takes some cues from Drafts and Launch Center Pro. Unlike a traditional contacts app that gives you a list and some information, Mingle allows you to launch actions in other apps directly from your contacts list.

Use Google Maps Instead Of Bing For Contacts In Outlook

Among its many awesome features, Microsoft Outlook allows you to easily map a contact’s address using Bing Maps, making it simple to find their location. If you would rather use Google Maps instead, a simple registry edit will fix that.

Create A Common Gmail Account To Sync Contacts In Everyone's Phones

To keep your partner, housemates or office colleagues always updated with commonly used contacts, create a group Gmail account. Smartphones can add it as a secondary account and sync the contacts, so everyone’s phone is always updated.

Write Only Your Preferred Contact Option In Email Signatures

Email signatures are full of all the different ways you can get in touch with the sender. If you follow this method, chances are that you won’t be contacted.

You Can Now Star Important Contacts In Your Google Contacts List

Google announced today that you can now star individual contacts in your Google Contacts list, just as you can star important emails. Seems like an easy way to quickly identify and find the people who you message the most.

Contacts+ Updates, Adds Quick Action Buttons And Customisation Tools

Android: Contacts+, our favourite address book for Android, picked up an update this week. The new version gives you more control over how you browse your contacts, and offers quick-action buttons to let you call, email, or text people directly from your contacts list.

Sendola Pushes Contact Info From Company Websites To Your Phone

Chrome: You may often visit a company website simply to find their contact information. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click a button, get it and send it to your phone? Sendola does just that.

App Directory: The Best Address Book App For Android

If you’re looking for a smarter way to manage your contacts, Contacts+ for Android is your best option. It brings a number of features to the table that help you quickly get in touch with your contacts and keep up to date with them.