Keep Your Home Clutter-Free By Clearing Stuff Out Before You Organise

When you’re trying to bring order to household chaos, it’s important you don’t confuse organisation with decluttering. Out of sight is definitely not out of home.

Use 'Collection Management Policies' To Curate Your Collectibles

Whether you have a formal collection or just a bunch of things, all that stuff can overwhelm you. Even if you don’t have museum-quality items, setting some policies can help keep it all in check.

Organise Your Bathroom Counter With Stackable Plates

We’ve talked about organising your bathroom before, but this tip may be for you if you still have a cluttered counter: Keep your bathroom looking nice with a stackable plate organiser.

The Guilt-Free Guide To Parting Ways With Your Sentimental Items

When you’re trying to declutter your home, sentimental items pose a difficult challenge. They take up valuable space, but you feel guilty when you even think about getting rid of them. Here are a few tips to help you go through your keepsakes without feeling like a heartless monster.

Hide Apple TV Channels In Bulk To Declutter Your Home Screen

Apple TV keeps adding more and more channels, and all that visual clutter can make it tough to find what you’re actually looking for. 9to5Mac points out that it’s easy to hide a bunch of channels at once if you know where to look.

Determine If Your Workspace Needs Organising With The 30-Second Rule

A clean workspace is nice, but sometimes things are just fine the way they are, even if it’s a little messy. You can use the 30-second rule to find out if your approach is hurting your productivity, or if you’re better off keeping it the way it is.

Consider The Cost Of Getting Rid Of An Item Before Buying It

In an ideal world, you’d buy the things you need once and then keep it for life. Then life happens. You need to move, stuff gets old or you need to upgrade. Before buying something, consider how much it would cost to get rid of it if you had to.

How To Properly Set Yourself Up For A Technology Cleanse

Every once in a while it’s good to take pause and evaluate how you use technology in your everyday life. One way of doing so is to do a ” technology cleanse”: get off the grid, if only for a little while, and see how it affects you. But you shouldn’t just quit cold turkey; here’s how to prepare for your digital detox.

Hide Your Home Entertainment Accessories Behind Your TV With Sugru

Game controllers, streaming sticks, 3D glasses and more — why keep these accessories cluttering your tables when the back of your TV can hold them all?

Weed Out The Kitchen Tools You Don't Use With The Box Method

Some kitchen tools are indispensable, but others just float around your kitchen, never to be used again. You can declutter your kitchen tool storage with this simple process.