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Keep Your Downstairs Tidy With An 'On Your Way Up' Basket

If you live in a home with multiple floors, clutter tends to slowly make its way downstairs and stays there. This simple basket method can make it easier to keep that clutter creep under control.

Make Decluttering Easier With The 'Pick Up Five' Method

Household clutter can be overwhelming, but the longer you put it off, the worse it gets. Tackle it a little at a time with the “Pick Up 5” method.

Clear Out Clutter By Thinking Of Every Possession As A Relationship

Most of us have way too many things. It’s only after decluttering that we realise the psychological effect of all our possessions, as if we have thousands of relationships tugging at us at all times.

If You Wouldn't Buy It Today, Then Sell It

We all have clutter, but we tend to assign value to things we spent a lot of money on, or that were given to us. Finance blogger Mr Money Mustache has some simple advice for combating this: “If you wouldn’t buy it, you should probably sell it.”

Make It Easier To Get Rid Of Your Clutter By Giving Up Hope

A cluttered home gives you less space to work, play and relax, but getting rid of it is often easier said than done. Sometimes the trick to finally parting ways with your clutter is letting go of the “what ifs”.

Junk Doesn't Become Worth Something Just Because It's Free

“Why not? It’s free.” These two sentences can spell doom for your garage, closet and junk drawer. We all love free stuff. Even if it’s something we didn’t want before, we’re tempted to get it if it’s free. But that doesn’t make it worth something.

Get Better Use Out Of A Small Kitchen By Keeping The Countertops Clear

Trying to prep a meal in a tiny kitchen can be incredibly frustrating because you don’t have enough room for anything. If you reserve your countertops for food prep only, however, you can alleviate some of that frustration.

Save Time With Your Garage Sale By Knowing What Sells And What Doesn't

Having a garage sale is a lot of work, but it’s also potentially lucrative. If you want to save some time and stress in the whole process, only price and put out what’s most likely to sell.

Draw More People To Your Garage Sale By Showing Off High-Value Items

When you host a yard sale, a big chunk of your customers are probably going to be people just passing by. Hook more of them in by taking a big play out of the retail playbook.

Organise Your Kitchen Like Julia Child, With A Place For Every Pan

Of course beloved chef Julia Child had an impressive kitchen. Besides multiple pantries and a professional-grade stove, one of the most telling things about her kitchen is the smart organisation.

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