This Flowchart Helps Cleans Your Wardrobe With Quick Decisions

Wardrobes can quickly become cluttered with clothes. But what do you keep and what do you throw out? Owltastic Adventures designed a neat infographic that you can print and hang up to make quick decisions about what to keep, trash and donate.

Three Quick Ways To Declutter In 10 Minutes

Often “decluttering” comes with the connotation that the process will take all day (or days), and be mentally and physically exhausting. Apartment Therapy’s Fay Wolf has three easy ways to declutter in just a couple of minutes: look over your towels, old sweaters and jackets, and books.

BrightExplorer Adds Clutter-Reducing Tabs To Windows Explorer

Windows: Tabs in our web browsers are now the norm, and there’s no reason other apps shouldn’t follow suit. BrightExplorer adds tabs to Windows Explorer to make it easy to work with multiple folders simultaneously.

Four Ways To Minimise Your Key Ring

If you’re not careful, your key ring can quickly get out of control. Before you know it, you’ll have five keys for things you don’t own anymore, heaps of rewards cards and a few tools you don’t really need. You can handle this situation in a lot of ways. Let’s look at a few of the best.

Apply The 80/20 Rule To Clutter To Get Rid Of Old Junk

Nobody likes clutter, but it can be hard to let go of items you’ve had around for a long time. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, author Jennifer Baumgartner suggests you apply the 80/20 rule to your stuff to help you get rid of it.

Create A Family Command Centre To Remember Everyday Essentials

When rushing out of the house in the morning, it’s easy to forget the things you need to take with you. Create a family command centre near the front door, and you’ll have a place to stash the things you need to remember to take with you on your way out.

The Noguchi Filing System Keeps Paper Documents Organised On Its Own

As much as many of us would love to go paperless, it’s just not possible for everyone. For those of us still struggling with paper files, the Noguchi filing system can keep our documents in order effortlessly. All you do is set it up, and it organises itself. Here’s how it works.

Avoid A 'Fast Food' Approach To Clothing By Buying For Life

Most of us probably buy too much stuff. When we think of reducing our disposable approach to consumerism, we might think of buying better gadgets or tools. News site Quartz suggests that your clothes are a big area in which we should buy fewer but higher-quality items.

Reduce Phone Clutter By Deleting All Those Redundant Apps

Let’s be honest: you probably have more than one app on your phone designed to perform the same task. Here’s an amazing life hack you probably never thought of: get rid of them.

Invite People Over To Motivate Yourself To Clean Up

Once you have a huge mess in your house, the work involved in cleaning can make you procrastinate. Get over that by calling people over to your place, so you pressure yourself into tidying up before that deadline.