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Three Things IT Pros Need To Know About The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is so hot right now. Every technology vendor is either talking about it or releasing products to help organisations take advantage of it. Here are three things IT professionals need to know about the latest craze in the technology industry.

How To Cook Up A Cloud Computing Strategy

If you’re an IT manager struggling to put together a cloud strategy, you might want to put a chef hat on. Gartner has come up with a novel approach for devising a cloud strategy: think of it as a restaurant meal.

A New Legal Framework For The Age Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, by its very nature, transcends location, geography and territorial boundaries. Data accessed in one country might be stored half way across the world, or even in servers in multiple countries. International law, on the other hand, sees the world through the lens of various jurisdictions, which are inherently linked to location, geography and territorial boundaries. So when cloud computing and international law interact, sometimes the results can be highly problematic.

Is On-Premises Dead?

Intel CTO and Fellow Steve Grobman asked the question – is on-premises dead at the recent Intel Focus 15 conference.

How Will We Secure The Cloud?

At this week’s Intel Focus 15 event, general manager Chris Young talked about the company’s newest products and the need to secure data when in the cloud.

Dell Releases Modular Hybrid Cloud Platform For Microsoft

Dell has partnered with Microsoft to launch the Hybrid Cloud System, a hardware and software bundle offering, which can help businesses speed up the adoption of hybrid clouds. We break down the hardware and software that the system comes with.

Four Australian Technology Executives Share Their Top IT Business Tips

At VMware’s vForum this year four Australian IT executives from prominent technology companies were wheeled on stage to impart their insights and wisdom on the business and IT landscape. Here’s what they had to say.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Transparent Data Encryption Feature Now Generally Available

Users of Microsoft Azure now have access to the cloud service’s SQL Database Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) feature that can encrypt databases, associated backups and transaction logs at rest in real-time. The aim is to give Azure SQL Database customers peace of mind that their data protection and compliance requirements are being met.

How Cisco's Intercloud Links All The Clouds

The only thing we can be certain of is networks will only become more complex. One of the big challenges is more and more data is being created, stored, analysed and used on the edges of the network. And tat means lots of separate systems. Cisco expects the Intercloud to do for the cloud what the Internet did for networks.

vCloud Air Australia Pitches Into The Hybrid Cloud Wars

Some five months after announcing its plans for an Australian-hosted version of its vCloud Air (vCA) platform, VMware has officially launched the cloud service down under. Will the large base of existing vSphere installations be enough to make it a contender for hybrid cloud installations?

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