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Top Cloud Concerns For Organisations in 2016

There’s no doubt that organisations of all sizes are looking to cloud computing for IT cost savings and the ability to remain competitive as technology becomes a key part of doing business. But there are associated challenges for companies that do adopt cloud technology. We take a look at some of the top concerns for companies when it comes to cloud computing.

Microsoft Launches First Technical Preview Of Azure Stack For Hybrid Cloud

Organisations are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud models, procuring public cloud services while still maintaining control of a private cloud. But managing a hybrid environment to ensure consistency across public and private cloud services can be challenging. To make this easier for businesses that use its public cloud platform, Azure, Microsoft is launching Azure Stack for hybrid cloud environments, which will be available as a technical preview this week.

IBM Adds Hybrid Cloud Capabilities To LinuxOne Mainframe Offering

IBM has ramped up efforts to make mainframes sexy again by adding hybrid cloud capabilities, along with other goodies, to its LinuxOne offering. The Linux-based mainframe was released last year with ability to scale out to 8000 virtual servers. Here’s what you need to know.

Expectations On Cloud Computing Have Changed

Investment company North Bridge recently collaborated with analyst firm Wikibon to conduct a large scale global survey to gauge the sentiments of IT users and buyers towards cloud computing. No surprise that cloud adoption in the enterprise is on the rise but expectations and approaches towards the cloud has shifted, according to the survey findings.

Microsoft Resurrects OneDrive Unlimited Storage Plan For Business Customers

There has been more changes with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service with the vendor bringing back the Unlimited storage option for selected business users. This marks the third time the company has tinkered with OneDrive plans in the past two months.

Developers Can Now Add Image Recognition To Their Apps With Google Cloud Vision API

Google Photos has the ability to recognise the contents contained within images to help users sort and search through photos based on keyword. Now developers can embed that image recognition technology into their own apps with Google’s Cloud Vision API. The company has just released the API in limited preview on its Google Cloud Platform.

Three Things IT Pros Need To Know About The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is so hot right now. Every technology vendor is either talking about it or releasing products to help organisations take advantage of it. Here are three things IT professionals need to know about the latest craze in the technology industry.

How To Cook Up A Cloud Computing Strategy

If you’re an IT manager struggling to put together a cloud strategy, you might want to put a chef hat on. Gartner has come up with a novel approach for devising a cloud strategy: think of it as a restaurant meal.

A New Legal Framework For The Age Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, by its very nature, transcends location, geography and territorial boundaries. Data accessed in one country might be stored half way across the world, or even in servers in multiple countries. International law, on the other hand, sees the world through the lens of various jurisdictions, which are inherently linked to location, geography and territorial boundaries. So when cloud computing and international law interact, sometimes the results can be highly problematic.

Is On-Premises Dead?

Intel CTO and Fellow Steve Grobman asked the question – is on-premises dead at the recent Intel Focus 15 conference.

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