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Get Rid Of The Gap In Your Jeans With A Small, Elastic Strip

A good pair of jeans can be hard to find. One common fitting complaint is the gap that sticks out at the waistline. To fix this, sew a small piece of elastic to the back of your jeans.

Keep Your Super Glue From Drying Out With A Jar Of Rice

If you’re a regular user of super glue or other kinds of epoxies, you can keep the tips from drying out by storing the tubes in a jar of rice. It sounds a little backwards, but super glue actually needs water in order for it to harden and dry out.

Open Stubborn Jars With A Non-Lubricated Condom

Some jars just refuse to open. If you’re in a pinch, a non-lubricated condom can give you the grip you need to remove the lid. You can even make multiple elastic bands out of one so it doesn’t go to waste.

Get Rid Of Leftovers With This Grain Bowl Recipe

You have so many options when it comes to using up leftovers, but it can be difficult to find ways to use up multiple leftovers at once. Try making a grain bowl to get rid of a variety of leftovers in one dish.

Make Your Own Magnetic Parts Tray Out Of A Plastic Bowl And A Magnet

When you’re dealing with a lot of tiny metal pieces, a magnetic tray can be a lifesaver. No need to go buy one, though, if you have a cheap plastic bowl and a magnet lying around.

Hone A Knife With Black And White Newspaper

A sharp knife keeps you safe and productive in the kitchen. If you don’t have a coffee mug handy, dry newspaper is a great for honing the edge.

Soothe A Sore Nose With Coconut Oil

After a few days with a cold, tissues start feeling like sandpaper on your nose. A little coconut oil on the nostrils will help soothe that dryness.

Switch Purses Effortlessly With A Craft Caddy 

If you carry a purse, you know the hassle of searching for things inside of it. Changing purses can be an annoyance, too, since you have to transfer all of that stuff. To make it all easier, use an art caddy to organise the contents of that bottomless pit you call a bag.

Cut A Perfect Slice Of Cake With A Hot Knife

There’s nothing like the delicious draw of a perfect looking slice of cake. Resting your knife in a jug of hot water in between slices can make sure every slice looks as amazing as it tastes.

Stop Your Glasses From Slipping Off Your Face With Ponytail Holders

My favourite pair of eyeglasses had a terrible tendency of slipping off my nose when I looked down. The simple tool that finally has them staying put: ponytail holders.