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This Video Puts 16 Holiday Life Hacks To The Test

The holidays are the perfect time for life hacks. People are decorating, baking and wrapping gifts, so a few tips for making it all a little easier are a no-brainer. This video puts 16 of the most popular tips and tricks to the test.

Make A New Candle With All Of Your Used Ones In A Few Simple Steps

If you regularly use candles, save your spent ones and use whatever wax is left to make one more usable franken-candle. All you need is a few basic items to ensure that leftover wax won’t go to waste.

Open A Bottle With A Seat Belt Buckle

A cold drink doesn’t do you much good if you can’t open it. If you need a bottle opener and can’t find one, a seat belt works in a pinch.

Turn A Toilet Paper Roll Into An Attractive Gift Box

‘Tis the season to save your toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. They make convenient — and free — little gift boxes.

Make Your Wrapping Part Of The Gift For A Truly Personal Present

Wrapping paper can boost the presentation factor (if I’m not doing the wrapping), but it’s also wasteful. It’s often expensive, and it takes time to use it properly. Instead, make the wrapping part of your gift. It saves time and energy, and it adds something special to your present.

Remove Old Wallpaper With A Windshield Scraper

If you have stubborn wallpaper that won’t scrape off, use a windshield ice scraper, which will provide more leverage and protect your wall. This tip comes from the Family Handyman’s book Refresh Your Home.

Turn Old Pantyhose Into Makeshift Dust Filters For Your PC

Everyone knows dust is bad for your PC, but it’s hard to avoid. Apart from regular cleanings, the best way to avoid dust buildup is with a good fan filter. If you don’t feel like spending money on them, though, just use some old pantyhose.

How To Deal With Excessive Sweat

It’s time to stop living in fear of raising your arms. If you suffer from excessive sweating, wet armpits and sweat stained fabrics, here are some tips to make your life a little easier.

Easily Clean Up Big Liquid Spills With Flour

Even though a towel can easily take care of smaller spills, a bigger spill will have you spreading the liquid around. A little bit of flour can absorb the liquid and make the spill much easier to contain.

Toast Nuts In A Microwave Instead Of A Pan

Toasting nuts makes them fragrant and adds colour. Most cooks do it in a pan or the oven. A microwave can heat them up, but don’t do much for the colour or flavour. The secret is to add a little oil to the plate.