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Hang Your Raspberry Pi On The Back Of Your TV With Velcro

The Raspberry Pi makes a dandy media centre, but it isn’t exactly a “clean” look, especially with all those cables. For easy access with a clutter-free look, velcro the Pi to the back of your TV.

Create A Simple Door Stop With A Tennis Ball

Tennis balls have all sorts of creative (and cute) uses around the house, and there’s a pretty good chance you have one sitting around somewhere. If you need a quick way to stop a door knob from slamming into the wall, a tennis ball will do the trick.

Hide Your Cash In This DIY Lip Balm Storage Case

Whether you’re travelling or just like to keep some cash for emergencies, having somewhere to hide your money can be handy. This DIY lip balm case is the perfect protection and disguise for your money.

Make Salad Dressing With The Last Bit Of Mayonnaise In A Jar

If have a jar of mayo that’s nearly empty, but don’t be so quick to toss it. Add some olive oil and spices, give it a shake, and you’ve just created your own homemade salad dressing.

Thicken Chilli With A Potato Masher

Sometimes, even when you follow a recipe to the letter, your chilli comes out a bit runny — more like soup than a hearty stew. A potato masher can thicken the chilli without adding ingredients.

Make Lots Of Perfectly Chunky Guacamole With A Wire Cooling Rack

Who doesn’t love guacamole? If, like us, you take a certain level of pride in being an avocado whisperer, here’s a trick that’s going to take your guacamole game to the next level.

Kill Garden Slugs With A Beer Bath

Slugs can be pretty damaging to a vegetable or herb garden. You can buy products designed to get rid of them, but you can also use something you probably already have around the house: beer.

Decorate Cakes Using Cookie Cutter Templates

Cookie cutters make plain dough into fun shapes. If you’re decorating a cake, these shapes can help place sprinkles and icing.

Store Your Emergency Food Supply In Water Bottles

When setting up your emergency food supply, proper storage is critical to make sure insects and other creatures don’t get to your stash. This simple solution keeps your dry goods safe and portable.