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The Most Useful Space-Saving Geek Tools

You can’t always have a bag with you — and sometimes, you just don’t want to. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave your gadgets and tools behind. There are ways to fit your geek essentials in your pockets. Here are some of our favourites.

Connect Any External Microphone To Your iPhone With A Powered USB Hub

If you want good quality audio in an interview recorded on an iPhone or need to add a voiceover for the video you’re editing on your iPad, it’s best to connect an external microphone. Here’s how to do it.

Use Nail Polish To Prevent Green Stains From Rings On Your Fingers

Just because you like wearing a ring doesn’t mean it’s made of high-quality material. Some costume jewellery and copper rings can leave green stains on your fingers. Prevent this by coating the inside with nail polish.

The Best Tips And Tricks For Your Microwave

You can probably find a microwave in almost every kitchen across the country, but not everyone is using it to its maximum potential. This collection of microwave tips and tricks will ensure you put those radio waves to good use.

Transform Your Portable Belt Sander Into A Benchtop Edge Sander

Portable belt sanders are common among avid DIY enthusiasts, as they have a multitude of uses around the shop and your home. But the typical standalone edge sanders can run north of $1000. But with a little work you can transform your handheld belt sander into a usable edge sander.

Make A Homemade Juice Popsicle With Dry Ice

Want a cool homemade treat? You can use dry ice as a mould for the perfect juice popsicle.

Top 10 Ways To Banish Bad Smells From Your Home And Your Body

Pet odours, stinky shoes, mildew-y wet laundry, and your everyday household odours: A spray of Febreze might not be enough to conquer them. Here’s how to get your home and yourself smelling fresher.

Make Your Family's Laundry Tags More Useful

I’m the doer of laundry for my family and as my kids have grown older, it’s gotten tougher to tell some of their clothes apart. That’s why I developed this simple colour-coded system for our clothing tags.

Carry A Sheet Of Plywood By Yourself With A Loop Of Rope

A standard sheet of plywood is 1.22 x 2.44m and weighs anywhere from 11.3 to 38.5kg, depending on the thickness. The dimensions make a sheet awkward to carry by yourself, even if you can handle the weight. Make it a bit easier on yourself with a length of rope.

Cook Almost Anything With Your Bread Machine

Bread machines are useful for a lot more than just making bread. After all, you’ve got a single device that can both stir and heat and even do it on a schedule. So if you have a bread machine sitting on a shelf gathering dust, clean it up and put it to use.