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Clean And Freshen Your Mattress In 3 Simple Steps

Even if you’re pretty good about washing your bed sheets, it’s easy to forget that your mattress can use a good cleaning every now and again too. This simple three-step method will make your mattress seem like new again.

Keep Off-the-Shoulder Tops In Place With Safety Pins And Hair Ties

If your wardrobe includes an off-the-shoulder top you’re tired of tugging and pulling up while you walk, work, or just move around, you can easily keep it in place with just a couple of safety pins and hair ties.

Hang Shower Caddies On Hooks For Instant Bathroom Storage

Shower caddies usually hang from your shower head to add useful bathroom storage, but you can also use them out of the shower too. Just add a few Command adhesive hooks to your wall and hang a caddy anywhere you need extra space.

Lemon Rinds And Sugar Are All You Need To Make Fresh Lemon Syrup

Here’s a PSA from Serious Eats: Don’t throw out your leftover lemon rinds. Save them to make sweet, citrusy syrup perfect for adding to baked goods.

Slice An Entire Banana Or Avocado At Once With A Metal Cooling Rack

If you’re mixing up a fruit salad or making a big bowl of guacamole, this trick will help speed up the process.

Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer With These Six Steps

Cut flowers will wilt and die pretty quickly if you don’t take care of them properly. If you follow these six steps, however, you should be able to keep them looking fresh and beautiful for much longer.

Cucumber Peels Make A Surprisingly Great Sandwich Spread

I usually don’t bother peeling cucumbers for pickling purposes, but there are certain salads (and cocktails) where I prefer the peel be absent. Composting that pile of peels is a fine option, but you can actually use them to make a tasty sandwich spread.

Make A Temperature Indicator For Your Tap With Thermochromatic Pigment

It can take a while for water running from the tap to get hot. Yeah, you can wait around with your finger under the water, but it would be a lot easier if you could see when it’s finally hot. This clever DIY temperature indicator lets you do just that.

Turn Old Towels Into Baby Bibs With This Pattern

If you have old towels that you’re ready to replace or that are headed for the trash, give them new life as absorbent baby bibs instead. You’ll always have clean bibs on hand, save money on overpriced baby gear and you’ll get a more use out of your towels.

Turn Leftover Pasta Into A Filling Breakfast Frittata

If you have some leftover pasta, or made pasta but prepared too much for your dish, turn it into an easy breakfast by throwing it into a frittata. Plain pasta or pasta with sauce or other ingredients mixed in, it’s all fair game.

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