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Make Easy Pancake Art With A Condiment Squeeze Bottle

Kids love pancakes, but they love pancakes in fun shapes even more. You don’t need any fancy skills to make them either. Just a cheap condiment squeeze bottle.

Remove A Cork Stuck Inside A Wine Bottle With A Ribbon

You go to pop open a fresh bottle of wine — maybe you don’t have a proper wine-opening tool — and the cork, or part of it, plummets into the bottle. You’re left with two choices: finish the bottle, or use this handy trick.

Three Tasty Ways To Use Up Those Leftover Dregs Of Peanut Butter In The Jar

Oh, last remaining bits of delicious peanut butter in the jar, how I hate to waste thee. If you feel the same way, here are three clever ways to use them up and enhance future meals.

Get To Sleep Earlier By Setting A Bedtime Alarm

If you want to stop hitting the snooze button every morning, you need to get to bed earlier. Setting an alarm at night will remind you that it’s time to hit the hay, no matter how preoccupied you are.

This Flight Case Toolbox And DIY Workstation Is Portable And Saves Space

Trying to DIY in a small space is always tricky, but this combination workbench and toolbox from Instructables user Robb can help. Made from an old flight case, it’s portable, small enough to stash in a corner and folds out onto a bench you can actually work at, with all your tools within reach.

Use Gelatin And Water To Clean Used Cooking Oil And Use It Again

Frying oil usually ends up with gross gunk floating around in it, making it a poor candidate for re-using, but it turns out that there is a simple way to filter all that crap out. All you need is gelatin.

Fix Minor Scratches In Glass With Toothpaste

We’ve discussed how you can use toothpaste to fix minor scratches on your car or the plastic of your headlights, but if you spot stress cracks in your glassware or a pair of reading glasses, toothpaste can fix them right up for you too.

Use Tape To Remove Dead Skin From Chapped Lips

When your lips are chapped, the worst thing you can do is use an abrasive method to get rid of the dead skin. Instead of a scrub, use a piece of tape to peel the dead flakes off.

Secure Garbage Bags In The Bin With Binder Clips

We all know what it’s like to toss rubbish into the bin and have the bag slip down, forcing us to reach into the garbage to fix it. Make that gross reach a thing of the past with a few binder clips to keep the bag anchored in place.

Craft A DIY Food Slicer Out Of A Plastic Syringe

Video: If you like diced up hot dogs in your mac and cheese or want to quickly cut some veggie strips for snacking, you can make a quick-slicing tool out of a plastic syringe.

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