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Watch 30 Popular Life Hacks Get Put To The Test

Video: Not all life hacks are created equal. In fact, some of them are downright terrible. This video puts 30 of them to the test so you know which ones are even worth attempting.

Make A Fancy Wine Bottle Display With A Cardboard Box

So you just got a bunch of great wine for the party you’re hosting. You could simply set the bottles on a table, or you could build a fancy-looking wine pyramid and impress your guests. You can even use the box the wine bottles came in.

Turn Leftover Beer (or Any Beer) Into A Tasty Toffee Sauce

I know you guys would never have any of this “leftover beer” lying about, but say you have a guest who just can’t finish that big bottle they started pouring from. You could drink it, sure, or you could use a cup of it to make a decadent toffee sauce.

Use A Cheap Picture Frame As A Re-Usable Babysitting Info Form

You’re finally out on a kid-free night with your spouse, but then you realise you haven’t told the sitter about your kid’s allergies or special bedtime ritual or who to contact if you can’t be reached. With a babysitter info sheet, your bases would be covered.

Modify A Basic Paper Towel Holder For Easier One-Handed Use

Most paper towel holders work just fine if you have two hands free. If one of hand is full, however, you need to be a highly-trained ninja to only pull a single sheet from the roll. A few suction cups and some pool noodle foam will fix that.

Make A Better Egg McMuffin-Like Sandwich With A Mason Jar Lid

Instead of heading to McDonald’s, make a better version of the Egg McMuffin at home. A mason jar lid will help you perfect the cooked egg for this iconic breakfast sandwich (or any egg sandwich, for that matter).

Serve Out Snacks In Cupcake Liners For Perfectly Portioned Munching

Cupcake liners are useful forlots of things, but they also make easy, mess-free, disposable serving dishes for loose snacks, like nuts, snack mix, or trail mix. Whether you’re setting up for a party or just getting game night ready, everyone will be able to grab enough to munch on without digging through a shared bowl or wrangling plates.

Rescue Overripe Fruit By Pureeing And Freezing It Into Flavour-Packed Cubes

You know that moment when fruit crosses over from perfectly ripe to just a little busted? It’s not technically bad, but it’s no longer enticing. Instead of chucking it in the compost, puree and freeze it into tasty little cubes!

Deep Clean Your Mattress With A Steam Cleaner

You spend a lot of time with your mattress and yet you probably don’t clean it all that often. (If only we could throw it in the washing machine.) If you’ve got a steam cleaner — mop or handheld device — put it to use getting your mattress like new.

Crush Leftover Candy Canes Into Dust For Minty Lattes, Cookies, Or Ice Cream

If you have candy canes sitting around after the holidays, you can turn them into a tasty peppermint topping for cookies, ice cream, and even coffee. All you need is a hammer, or better yet, a food processor.

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