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Use Nail Polish To Prevent Your Labels From Smearing

Writing labels on bottles and jars is a great way to keep organised, but those labels tend to smear with regular handling. You can fix this with a quick application of clear nail polish.

Light Fires More Easily With A Pencil Sharpener

Thin wood shavings make the best tinder. The next time you go camping, consider throwing a pencil sharpener in your pack.

Remove Water Stains From Wood Furniture With Mayonnaise

No matter how careful you are, water stains happen to wood furniture. Thankfully, you can usually get rid of them with a liberal application of mayonnaise. No really.

Keep Nail Polish Off Your Skin With Craft Glue

Painting your nails can be tricky; you always end up with polish on your skin. Make it easier and less messy by using plain old craft glue to catch the excess polish and remove it from your skin once it all dries. Your skin stays clean and your nails look good.

What Are The Best Multipurpose Plants To Have In Your Garden?

There are many plants that are useful for more than cooking or decorating. For example, many common herbs have health benefits, and they’re easy to grow. What multi-use plants will you have in your garden this spring?

Top 10 Things You Can Do With A Slow Cooker That Don't Involve Food

The Crock-Pot (or slow cooker) is a wonderful appliance for hands-off cooking, but the gentle, slow heating process can also be used for other things unrelated to food. Here are 10 other uses.

Make Simple Hand Saw Safety Guards Out Of Flexible Conduit

Safety should be a priority in any workshop or tool shed, especially if you have any curious youngsters around. With a little flexible conduit, you can make blade guards for all of your hand saws and avoid accidents.

Use A Tape Measure With One Hand Thanks To The 'Slot' On The Hook

You probably know the basics of how to use a tape measure, but it has a few built-in “features” you may not realise. Case in point: that little slot on the hook can be used to keep the tape measure in place with a nail, or even draw a perfect circle.

10 Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks That Anyone Can Master

So you’ve started beefing up your cooking skills and got your head around some of those confusing cooking terms. However, the process can still be a little tedious and boring. Here are ten surprising kitchen techniques that will save you a bunch of time — not to mention wow your friends.

The Best Way To Close A Paint Can Without Making A Mess

After a long day of careful and deliberate painting, the last thing you want to do is get paint in places it’s not supposed to be. This easy trick will ensure that paint doesn’t go shooting everywhere when you close the lid.

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