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Feed Plants With Leftover Cooking Water

Just a quick PSA: The next time you boil (or steam) vegetables, eggs, or pasta, don’t pour the leftover water down the drain. The water could benefit your garden or household plants.

Check If Oil Is Ready For Frying With A Couple Of Breadcrumbs

When frying foods, your oil’s temperature can mean the difference between perfectly crisp foods and soggy ones. Although you can use a grain of rice or a wooden spoon to see if the oil is ready, you’ll probably have one ingredient already out to test the oil: breadcrumbs.

Find Hidden Nails In Reclaimed Wood With Rare Earth Magnets

Reclaimed wood can save you lots of money, but there can be nails stuck inside that are tough to locate and remove. Here’s a trick using rare earth magnets to locate the hidden buggers before they destroy your saw blade.

Quickly Unclog A Tomato Sauce Bottle With A Straw

Nothing dampens French fry-related enthusiasm more quickly than a clogged sauce bottle. Beating the bottle into submission works about half the time, but to really get things flowing again, you need to introduce a little air. Real Simple shows us how using a tool available at near every diner: a plastic straw.

Remove Berry Stains From Your Hands With Lemon Juice

Most berries, while delicious, can leave your hands stained. Some lemon juice, either on its own or combined with other things, will help return your hands back to normal without the need for any hardcore cleaning products.

Build An Indoor Garden Monitor For Checking Light And Soil Conditions

If don’t have much of a green thumb, this Arduino-based monitor lets you know if your indoor plants are getting enough water and light. And even if you don’t need the gardening help, it’s a nifty little Arduino project.

Grill The Stems Of Fresh Herbs Instead Of Throwing Them Away

Fresh herbs can add a lot of flavour to any dish, especially on the grill. If you buy fresh and have stems left over, don’t throw them away, toss them on the grill. They will add a little smoke and some subtle flavour to whatever you’re cooking.

Nine Simple Tricks To Make The Most Of Your Microwave

Your microwave is one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. It can reheat leftovers, make lemons easier to squeeze, and even revive dried-up mascara. Here are nine of our favourite microwave tricks, in video form.

Add An Olla Pot To Your Garden And Let It Water Itself

A flourishing garden takes a lot of time and effort. An olla can help you spend less time watering and more time enjoying your garden. An olla is a ceramic vessel that you bury in your garden bed.

Turn Scrap Tile Backsplash Sheets Into Durable, Custom Coasters

You can usually find pre-gridded backsplash tiles at hardware stores. If you can find one you like with small enough tiles, you can have good-looking, durable coasters in minutes.

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