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Discreetly Organise Your Home Network Gear Inside A Custom Art Frame

If you’re tired of the mess that your modems, routers and cables are making on your desk, this simple frame design offers a nice-looking alternative for better organisation. Better yet, it’s easy to make it fit in with your existing decor.

Stop An Impending Sneeze By Stretching Out Your Nose

There’s nothing wrong with letting out a good sneeze (as long as you cover your nose and mouth), but sometimes you need to be quiet or avoid attention. If you need to prevent a sneeze, you can do a simple trick with your nose.

Check The Balance Of Your Gaming Dice With A Cup Of Salt Water

Playing boardgames and tabletop RPGs can bring you a lot of surprising benefits, but it’s not as fun when your dice keep rolling the same result over and over. This simple trick can help you make sure all of your D6s, D10s and D20s are perfectly balanced.

Make A Mini Power Sander Out Of A Cheap Electric Toothbrush

If you like to work with models, miniatures or small carpentry projects, regular power sanders are too big and powerful. This mini power sander is super-easy to build and will make a great addition to your toolkit.

Make An Effective Shoe Deodoriser With Some Cat Litter And A Stocking

If you’ve got a stinky pair of shoes, a custom made cat litter deodoriser will suck up all the moisture and help neutralise the odour.

Lay Cloth Or Cardboard Over Your Windscreen To Avoid Frost

We know some pretty cool ways to avoid frost on your car, including using vinegar to defrost your windscreen quickly. If you scrape your window every morning anyway, a piece of cloth or cardboard may be a better option.

Turn A Coat Hanger Into An Easy Headphone Hook

Don’t throw away that dead or tangled coat hanger! It could make a nifty headphone storage hook.

Use A Lettuce Leaf As A Makeshift Basting Brush

If you don’t grill often (or forgot yours at someone else’s cookout), you may not own a basting brush. Luckily, you can easily use a few sturdy lettuce leaves as a substitute.

Quickly Soften Brown Sugar With A Wet Paper Towel In The Microwave

If you’re not careful, brown sugar clumps up and gets hard pretty quickly. The Kitchns suggest that the easiest remedy for this is a microwave, a few seconds, and a wet paper towel.

How To Peel A Head Of Garlic In 10 Seconds With Two Bowls

Peeling garlic is kind of a messy endeavour, and it can take a few minutes to peel all that skin off. There’s a much easier way: you can actually peel an entire head in less than 10 seconds — using just a couple of bowls.