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Turn Tinder Plus Into A Language Learning Tool

Tinder may have a reputation as a tool for finding hookups, but the service can be used for other interesting things as well. With Tinder Plus, you can turn the app into a way to meet language learning partners.

Make Quick, Easy Filled Omelettes In A Panini Press

Omelettes are delicious, and if you have a panini press (or even a waffle iron) on hand, you can use it to make fast, easy omelettes.

Hang An Umbrella From A Chandelier To Catch Dust And Drips While Cleaning

If you’re not careful, cleaning chandeliers and other hanging light fixtures can get dust and gunk on everything down below. This umbrella trick will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Tear Tape At An Angle To Leave An Easy Access Tab For Next Time

Every time you tear off a piece of tape from the roll, you’re left with the perpetual conundrum of peeling it off the next time. Instead, fold the tape to the side and tear it to leave a tab for easy access later.

Make A Creamy, Fibre-Packed Pasta Sauce Out Of Beans

One should always have a bag of chickpeas in their cabinet for impromptu hummus or quick meat-free meal, but you can also use the mighty garbanzo to make a rich and creamy pasta sauce.

Strengthen Your Grip With These Old-Time Strongman Finger Exercises

If you’re looking to increase your grip strength, these finger exercises will definitely firm up your handshake. All you need is a really heavy book.

Backup Your Mini Camera Remote In Case It Gets Lost

If your digital camera comes with a mini remote for recording and snapping photos, you can make cheap backup remotes in case it gets lost.

Make A Collapsible Water Cup Or Dog Bowl Out Of Duct Tape

Collapsible cups and bowls make drinking water on the go easier for you and your dog. You can buy them at the store, or you can just make some yourself with a little duct tape.

Use The Pointy End Of A Plastic Fork As A Clever Chip Clip

There are all kinds of clever ways to keep your chips from going stale, but this trick with a plastic fork is sure to make your picnics and barbecues a little easier.

Make Delicious, Snappy Sichuan Green Beans Without A Wok

Sichuan style green beans are tasty, but they usually require a wok and a good bit of cooking oil. If you don’t own a wok (or simply don’t want to deal with a bunch of oil) they may seem out of your grasp but, over at Serious Eats, Kenji (of Food Lab fame) has devised a way to get vibrant, blistered beans using your broiler.

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