clever uses

Replace Ricotta With Strained Greek Yoghurt

If you run out of ricotta for a dish or snack, here’s how you can use greek yoghurt to still deliver a similar taste and texture.

Make Your Own Zipper Pulls With Shapelock And A Binder Clip

You already have a lot of options for DIY zipper pull replacements. But Make shows off a clever way to make your own using the mouldable plastic called Shapelock.

Make Your Own Cable Wraps Out Of Old Bungee Cords

There are a lot of great ways to keep your cables organised, and using something to secure them is a big help. If you have some old bungee cords and other materials lying around your workshop, you can turn them into the perfect reusable cable wrap.

Use Caesar Dressing As A Marinade For Just About Anything

If you love the pungent, salty kick of Caesar dressing in your salad, then why stop there? As it turns out, you can use Caesar to add a punch of flavour to just about everything.

Use Painter's Tape To Get Clean Edges When Caulking

Trying to get straight, clean lines when caulking can be an exercise in frustration if you’re out of caulking practice. With painter’s tape, however, it could be a piece of cake every time.

Turn An Old Jumper Into A Perfectly Insulated Food Cozy

If you find yourself transporting warm food to dinner parties or family events, there’s a better way to keep it warm in transit than wrapping it up in blankets. You can turn old jumpers into food cozies for maximum warmth retention.

Hide Your Home Entertainment Accessories Behind Your TV With Sugru

Game controllers, streaming sticks, 3D glasses and more — why keep these accessories cluttering your tables when the back of your TV can hold them all?

Make Garlic Paste In A Plastic Bag For Easy Cleanup

Garlic paste is useful any time you want to add a pungent garlic flavour and smooth texture to any dish. Most chefs and home cooks make it with a technique that involves dragging the edge of a chef’s knife across a cutting board, but Food & Wine demonstrates a new way of making the stuff that changes everything.

Bend PVC Pipe 45 Degrees Without Busting Or Kinking It

Working with PVC pipe in tight spaces and around plumbing structures can be difficult. If you just need to make a simple bend, you can do so without using elbows or fittings.

Hang Bags In The Freezer With Binder Clips

Binder clips are great for sealing bags. In the freezer, you can also use them to hang the bags and create some more space.