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Skewer Food, Not Your Hands, With The Help Of An Onion

There’s something primaly satisfying about eating grilled meat (or veggies, I guess) off of a stick, but skewering lamb meat can quickly turn into skewering hand meat if you’re not careful. Luckily, Serious Eats has come up with a faster, safer way to kebab cubes of food, and all you need is half an onion.

Dislodge A Fish Bone Caught In Your Throat With A Milkshake

The best way to avoid swallowing fish bones is to pick them out before cooking, but sometimes you’ll miss one. If it gets stuck in your throat, this sweet trick will help it move along.

Transform An Old Men's Dress Shirt Into A Toddler's Dress

If you have a dress shirt that’s on the way out, or has seen better days, you can transform it into an adorable dress for a toddler or small child with just a few steps. This video shows you how.

Boost The Flavour Of Canned Beans By Simmering Them In Olive Oil

Canned beans are the ultimate in convenience, but they can be a little lacklustre. To transform these plain Jane legumes into something sexier, just simmer them in some good olive oil for a few minutes.

Use Coffee Filters To Make An Impromptu Infusion Satchel

Cheesecloth and muslin bags are the preferred wrapping material for bouquet garni (AKA flavorful little bundles of tasty herbs and other flavourings), but a simple coffee filter can be used with the same results.

Make A Blade Out Of Discarded Cigarette Filters

You will likely never need to make a cutting edge out of discarded cigarette filters, but if there’s one thing you can find just about everywhere, it’s cigarette butts, and if you do ever need the know-how, this video will show you so you can survive — or just show off a fun MacGyver trick for friends.

Hatch Eggs In Pokemon GO With A Turntable

Certain aspects of Pokemon GO, like hatching eggs, require a great deal of walking, running or biking. If moving is more difficult for you, however, a basic turntable can help even the playing field.

How To Turn Your Bike Into A Pokemon GO Machine

Pokemon GO is great for adventures on your feet, but just like the original Game Boy games, having a bike makes everything better. You travel faster, you can carry more stuff, and it’s a load of fun. Here’s how I built the ultimate PokeBike, and how you can build your own.

Turn Your Shredded Hash Browns Into Pizza Crust With A Waffle Maker

I’m a big fan of super crispy pizza crusts. Shredded hash browns provide that perfect base for a crispy, crunchy bottom of a breakfast or anytime pizza. All you need is a bag of frozen shredded hash browns and the almighty waffle maker.

Tie A Tie In A Few Seconds With This Hand Looping Trick

If you want to tie a tie quick, this trick gets it done in about five seconds without needing anything or anyone to tie the knot around.

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