clever uses

Use A Takeaway Menu As The Contact Photo For A Restaurant

Ordering takeaway food isn’t exactly difficult, but why not make it easier? Take a photo of the menu and make it the restaurant’s contact photo on your phone. Next time you’re craving delivery, you can skip searching for the menu in your junk drawer.

Persuade People To Complete Tasks With Personalised Sticky Notes

Whether you’re delegating tasks, asking for a favour, or telling your kids to do their chores, a sticky note can make all the difference in convincing them to follow through.

Use An IKEA Box As A Foldable Laptop Hood For Outdoor Use

If you’ve ever worked outdoors with your laptop, you know how critical it is to get some shade for your screen so you can actually see it. Instead of buying a laptop visor, pick up an IKEA storage box for $5 to serve as your laptop’s foldable shade.

Hide Valuables In A Hollow LED Candle

We’ve shown you lots of ways to hide things in plain sight. Most LED candles are hollow, so they’re just begging to be filled with goodies, and are definitely not a hiding place people are likely to stumble across.

De-Stink Your Humidifier With Borax

Over time, humidifiers can pick up odours because of bacteria, mildew, or just stagnant water. You can get your smelling fresh again with borax.

Make Sticky Thai Rice With A Spatter Guard And Bowl

Thai-style sticky rice is a wonderful thing, but it can be difficult to make without labouring over a wok. A bamboo steaming basket works well if you have one, but using regular steaming tools often results in big clumpy blobs of rice. Enter the splatter guard.

Add Olive Pits To Olive Oil For An Extra Boost Of Flavour

Using up all your kitchen scraps helps you get the most for your money — especially when it comes to expensive ingredients like olives. Try dropping the leftover pits into extra virgin olive oil to add a fruity flavour.

Clean Corroded Car Battery Terminals With Coke

If you ever find yourself with a car that won’t start because of corroded battery terminals, you can get yourself going again with just a can of Coca-Cola.

This Graphic Shows How To Clean Your Kitchen With Everyday Ingredients

Cleaning all the appliances in your kitchen might not be your definition of fun, but a sparkling kitchen is nice to have. You can refresh your kitchen with common ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.