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Clean Dirty Paintbrushes In A Snap With A Fork

Your paintbrushes should be clean and dry when you store them, but getting all that paint out of the bristles can be messy. Rather than use your hands or buy a brush comb, grab a fork to get between those bristles.

Turn A Tripod Into A Hands-Free Boom Pole Holder With This DIY Clamp

Video: When you’re a one-person film crew, you don’t have an extra pair of hands to hold your shotgun mic. But if you have an extra tripod, this DIY clamp will be your extra hands, and it only costs around $20 to make.

Make LEGO-Shaped Gummy Candy With A DIY Silicone Mould

It’s fun to build things with LEGO, but it’s even more fun if you get to eat your custom creations. These homemade LEGO gummy candies are easy to make, taste great, and can even be stacked like real LEGO bricks.

A Quick Way To Chill Beer In A Hotel Room With No Fridge

Reader Kyle sent in this method to chill beer if you’re on the road, would like a frosty drink, and of course, your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge. Just line up your bottles on the air conditioner unit, fire it up full blast, and give it about fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes.

11 Useful Things You Can Do With Paperclips

Video: Paperclips are plentiful and cheap, and useful for more than just clipping paper together. This video shows you a bunch of different ways you can use paperclips to solve everyday problems.

Transform A Drill Press Into A Disc Sander With A Few Attachments

Video: If you’re looking to add a disc sander to your tool collection, and already own a drill press, this clever DIY build is perfect. All you need is a few attachments and some other workshop essentials.

Make A Great-Smelling, Reusable Fruit Fly Trap

There are few ways to make a decent DIY fruit fly trap, but this one also adds a fresh lemon scent to your kitchen. All you need is a small plastic container and a lemon.

Make Slicing A Frozen Dessert Easier By Resting It On A Warm Kitchen Towel

Frozen pies and ice cream cakes stick to whatever they’re resting on, and can be difficult to slice into. A warm kitchen towel will make your frozen dessert a little less like an ice cube.

How To Protect A Wedding Dress When You Need To Pee

Keeping your wedding dress clean until you walk down the aisle can be a challenge, especially when you’re all dressed up… and then you need to use the bathroom. Luckily, protecting your wedding dress is easy: all you need is a large garbage bag.

Use Mushy, Over-Ripe Tomatoes To Make An Amazing Vinaigrette 

This tomato-based dressing from Bar Tartine is used in the restaurant’s Staff Salad, but can be used on any pile of plant parts that needs an herby, tasty, tomato-y boost.

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