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Turn A Box With Hand Holes Into A Charging Station

There are plenty of creative ways to hide chargers and cords. One simple solution that doesn’t require much effort? Use a storage box with hand holes.

Thread Needles Faster By Spraying Them With Hairspray

Threading a needle is a simple enough task, but it can be frustrating when the thread bends and frays. Next time this happens to you, try spraying it with hairspray.

Remove Fresh Red Wine Stains With High-Proof Clear Liquor

Red wine is a great addition to any dinner, but accidents can happen. You can get fresh red wine stains out of fabric and carpet using some of wine’s heartier cousins to help soak up the colour.

Fix Curling Vinly Floor Tiles With A Clothes Iron

Vinyl floor tiles curl up at the corners as their adhesive starts to fail, but there’s usually still enough stick to them that you can’t just pull them up without damage. You can use a simple clothes iron to loosen that remaining adhesive.

Make Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes With Boiled Water

There’s nothing wrong with cloudy ice cubes. Yes, what you’re seeing are “impurities”, but they’re the same impurities in tap water, which is perfectly safe to drink. But if you prefer clear ice cubes, you can easily make them with boiled water.

Make Your Own Homemade Candles With Leftover Milk Cartons

Classy candles can be expensive. You can create your own stylish candles cheaply at home using leftover milk cartons.

This DIY Bottle Opener Catches Bottle Caps, Sticks To The Fridge

Every kitchen needs a bottle opener every once in a while. This wooden model uses a few magnets to catch any stray bottle caps, as well as easily mount it to your fridge.

Vacuum Tight Spots With A Toilet Paper Tube Extender

Some spots are really tough to vacuum no matter what extension you use. If you put a toilet paper tube on the end, you can shape it to fit almost any nook or cranny.

Hang Your Raspberry Pi On The Back Of Your TV With Velcro

The Raspberry Pi makes a dandy media centre, but it isn’t exactly a “clean” look, especially with all those cables. For easy access with a clutter-free look, velcro the Pi to the back of your TV.