Wash Grapes Quickly With Bicarb Soda And Salt 

You should obviously wash your grapes before eating them, but it can be a nuisance to make sure each one is clean. To make the process quicker, wash them with baking soda and salt.

Dust-Proof Your Home With A DIY Fabric Softener And Water Solution

Just like fabric softener sheets create a barrier for dust, their liquid counterpart will do the trick too. Use a DIY fabric softener solution and just spray.

Start From Nothing And Add Back In For More Effective Decluttering

It’s a great feeling to get rid of things you no longer need or use. But it can be hard to decide what to lose and what to keep. For more effective decluttering, don’t take stuff out — add it back in.

This Infographic Explains How To Remove Mould From Almost Any Surface

This summer has been a mixed bag of humidity and drizzle: the perfect breeding ground for various types of mould. If you’re currently battling surface fungus, this exhaustive infographic from NeoMam Studios explains how to eradicate the problem. Best of all, most of the solutions involve household items that you probably already own.

Clear Out Old Books With This Triage System

If you’re the type to keep a lot of books around, you know they end up often being more of a pain to find space for than they’re worth. Over at Root Simple, they offer up a simple triage method to help clean out the clutter from your bookshelf so you’re left with books you actually want.

Get Rid Of Clutter By Throwing Things Away 'By Default'

Keeping your objects as long as possible is easier on your budget, but it also leads to a lot of clutter. Instead of trying to keep your stuff for as long as possible, make your default decision one to throw it out.

Declutter Your Home With Boxes For Unidentified Found Objects (UFOs)

Getting rid of clutter is great, but it sucks if someone needed something you tossed out. Set up Unidentified Found Object (UFO) boxes around the house to collect random or unrelated items until you get a moment to organise them, or someone comes looking for them.

Clean Diamond Jewellery With Denture Tablets

If your diamonds are starting to lose a little lustre, you can toss them in a denture tablet bath to get them sparkling again.

Purging Unneeded Stuff Could Earn You More Time (And Possibly Money)

Having too much clutter or unnecessary items around the house can be a frustrating time hindrance. By regularly purging all of the things you don’t need, you’ll spend less time looking for things — and maybe even net you a few bucks.

Shirt Happens: We Test Threadsmiths' Liquid-Proof Clothing Range

There are few things as mortifying as getting a big coffee stain on your shirtfront just before a big meeting. Aussie startup Threadsmiths believes it has come up with a solution in the form of the Cavalier T-shirt: a new type of clothing material that supposedly can never be stained. We thought we’d put Threadsmiths’ claims to the test via a variety of heavy-hitting liquids including wine, coffee and beetroot juice. Here is the video. (Safety goggles may be required.)