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Keep A Small Apartment Tidy With A Five-Minute Cleanup Every Morning

When you live in a tiny studio apartment, the smallest lapse in cleaning can make the place look like a huge mess. Having a quick cleaning routine every morning can help.

Top 10 Clever Ways To Repurpose Your Kitchen Scraps

Vegetable peels, coffee grounds, corn cobs, dryer lint — they’re all waste for sure, but there’s treasure in that trash. You could compost them, that’s obvious, but let’s talk about some more clever ways to reuse those kitchen scraps before they make it to the bin.

Try These Dishwasher Hacks For A Cleaner, More Orderly Kitchen

This video, from Nonnahs Driskill and Get Organised Already!, is packed with tips to save kitchen counter space and make sure dirty dishes get into the dishwasher (and the clean ones back out.) Anyone with a small kitchen — or who lives with another person — can find something here to try.

Get A Filthy Hairbrush Looking Like New In Under A Minute

If your hairbrush has seen better days, you can get it looking pristine again with less than a minute’s worth of work. All you need is a few household essentials.

Keep Your Toilet Sparkling With These Three-Ingredient Cleaning Pods

Nobody wants to spend time scrubbing toilets, but you also don’t want to subject guests (or yourself) to a grimy bowl. These DIY pods are an easy way to keep your toilet clean without a lot of work.

Clean Up Metal Shavings With A Magnet Inside A Plastic Bag

Working with metal can leave you with a mess of tiny, hard-to-see shavings and fragments all over the place. This clever trick will make it easier to pick them up so nobody gets a metal splinter.

Remove Stubborn Gunk From Your Microwave With An Old Credit Card

Some gunk can’t be easily wiped away in the microwave, especially if it’s been cooked into a hard chunk of sticky, old food. If you can soften it up a bit first, though, an old credit card can help you finally chip it away.

Usher In A Chore-Free Weekend With This 70-Minute Friday Cleaning Routine

If you’re looking to have a relaxing weekend that’s free of housework, this Friday cleaning routine is thorough enough to get things straightened, but fast enough to get you out for happy hour.

Remove Mineral Buildup From A Tap With A Vinegar-Soaked Cotton Ball

If your tap is spraying water all over the place when you turn it on, it could be caused by mineral buildup. This vinegar trick will get things running smoothly again.

Three Tips To Help You Cut Down On Magazine Clutter

If you still enjoy reading non-digital magazines, you probably know they can become a clutter nuisance if left unattended. The beautiful photos, glossy pages and book-like form makes it easier to get attached to them. These tips will help you prune your collection, while saving the stuff you love.

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