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Polish Hard To Reach Spots With Twine

Detailed silverware and jewellery can have some areas that are difficult to reach. Use twine or string dipped in a bit of polish to make reaching those areas easier.

The Best Way To Quickly Cover A Shop Table

Video: Depending on the type of project you’re working on, the easiest way to prepare for a quick cleanup in a workshop is by covering your work table with a giant sheet of paper. Over on Tested they walk you through a variety of tips for doing so.

Keep Your Home Tidy With The ABC Rule

If your household is anything like mine, objects have a mysterious way of moving into the wrong rooms. Fix that constant problem by remembering ABC: Always be carrying.

Clean And Disinfect Your Dish Brush With A Bath In Vinegar And Soap

Most dish brushes can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but if you have one that’s made of wood or you don’t have a dishwasher, this simple trick will get it clean.

Hang An Umbrella From A Chandelier To Catch Dust And Drips While Cleaning

If you’re not careful, cleaning chandeliers and other hanging light fixtures can get dust and gunk on everything down below. This umbrella trick will make sure that doesn’t happen.

You Don't Need To Use That Much Toothpaste

This might be a tad much. The perfect dab of toothpaste you see on your toothpaste box and all those advertisements is misleading. It’s a lot more than adults need and far too much for children. Really, a pea-size amount is all you should use to get the job done (and squeeze more uses out of a tube.)

Get Mustard Stains Out Of White Clothes With Dishwashing Liquid And Sunlight

Mustard goes great on a hot dog, but not so much on your white shirt. Here’s a super simple method for removing mustard and other yellow stains from your white clothes.

Fight Off Hard Water Stains By Using Citric Acid In Your Dishwasher

Hard water will leave your dishes looking foggy and dirty no matter how good your dishwashing detergent is. Adding a little citric acid to your dishwasher loads can help.

Dust Delicate And Hard-to-Reach Spots In Your Home With Cotton Gloves

Some areas are too hard to clean with a typical duster. For small nooks and crannies, or delicate objects that can’t withstand the weight of a duster, a pair of cotton gloves will do the trick.

Samsung POWERbot VR9200 Review: A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung’s original VR9000 POWERBot was a surprisingly effective robot vacuum cleaner. The new VR9200 improves on the tried and tested formula by adding a remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity, and while it’s not hugely different to the existing model, it’s a little more versatile in how it can be set up and operated. If you have a small living space, and if vacuuming seems like a chore, then the POWERbot can genuinely help out with your daily cleaning duties.

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