Get Motivated For House Chores With An Awesome Theme Song

Music can affect you in a lot of positive ways, and motivation is a huge one. Designating a house chore theme song that pumps you up can quickly turn a “I just don’t wanna” into “Let’s do this!”

The Tea Towel Is The Germiest Thing In Your Kitchen, So Wash It Already

A recent study on food preparation found that lots of people aren’t very careful about avoiding foodborne illness, and contaminate all sorts of surfaces in the kitchen. The dirtiest item on the list? Tea towels.

Stop Your Pets From Making You Sick With These Simple Rules

As much as you love your pets, there’s still a possibility they can make you sick if you aren’t careful. A recent study explains the potential health risks of pet ownership — particularly for those with weak immune systems — and how you can easily avoid them.

Do Your Dusting Early In The Day To Avoid Bedtime Allergy Symptoms

Doing your housecleaning early in the day is good for more than just getting it over with. If you suffer from dust allergies or any other sinus problems, dusting and vacuuming early gives stirred up dust in the air time to settle before bedtime. You get a clean house, and you can sleep in peace.

Remove Fresh Red Wine Stains With High-Proof Clear Liquor

Red wine is a great addition to any dinner, but accidents can happen. You can get fresh red wine stains out of fabric and carpet using some of wine’s heartier cousins to help soak up the colour.

This Infographic Shows How To Care For Every Type Of Clothing Fabric

Washing your clothes according to fabric rather than colour can not only save you money, it could make laundering your clothes more efficient. Here’s a guide to washing and ironing various fabric types.

This Video Explains How To Properly Care For Your Raw Denim Jeans

If you’re one of the many out there who swear by raw denim jeans, there are a lot of important dewtails you should know for keeping them in prime condition. This video demonstrates how to take care of your jeans, reduce wear and tear, and also explains raw denim for those who aren’t familiar with it.

Practise Gratitude And Get Your Home Clean With This Simple Exercise

It’s easy to forget how good we have it and instead focus on all the little things that go wrong in our lives. This 20-minute exercise can help you appreciate what you have and help you keep your house tidy.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free By Clearing Stuff Out Before You Organise

When you’re trying to bring order to household chaos, it’s important you don’t confuse organisation with decluttering. Out of sight is definitely not out of home.

This Infographic Tells You How Often To Clean Household Items

Some household items should be cleaned more frequently than others. If you have trouble keeping up with how often to clean stuff around your house, this basic, room-by-room infographic can help.