Clean A Cast Iron Frying Pan With Bamboo Skewers

We’ve previously looked at ways to clean a cast iron pot with salt, but Instructables has a more efficient method that uses bamboo skewers. The abrasive surface of the ends scrapes the pan without taking off the seasoned finish.

The Proper Way To Wash An Electric Blanket

If you’ve just pulled a musty electric blanket from the cupboard, it’s time to clean it. Clean an electric blanket using a washing machine and a few simple steps.

Gradually Declutter Your Home By One Item Every Day

If you live in a seriously cluttered house, downsizing all at once can feel like an impossible challenge. Wise Bread shares a simple tip to do it gradually: get rid of one (or ten) things every day.

Clean Window Blind Cords With A Liquid Pack

Dread the thought of cleaning your blinds? One Good Thing By Jillee shares what is possibly the easiest way to clean dirty cords on venetian or similar blinds.

Clean Old Paintings With A Slice Of Bread

Don’t let dust or dirt ruin your favourite paintings. Even with years of grime accumulated on vintage oil paintings, doughy white bread will make them look like new.

The Best Apps For Automatically Cleaning Up Your Music Library

Your music library is precious. It’s full of hard-to-find tracks, ripped CDs and rare downloads. It might also be a mess. It can be easier to look up those songs on Spotify than enjoy the high-quality audio files you own. Luckily, there are free tools to help you clean it up and make sure that never happens again. Let’s check out the best.

Keep Your Fridge Clean From Condiment Spills With An Egg Carton

This ingenious tip comes from legendary food hacker Alton Brown: Use the bottom of an egg carton to keep your fridge shelves clean and hold your inverted mustard bottles (or other condiments).

DIY Tile Grout Cleaner Makes Grout Look Like New With Less Scrubbing

Even with regular floor mopping, shower wall scrubbing and countertop cleaning, tile grout inevitably gets filthy. This homemade grout-cleaning solution can get rid of those grout stains with less elbow grease than you might expect.

DIY Shower Cleaner Spray Makes Future Scrubbings Easy

Cleaning the shower is one of those tasks that you know you should be doing more often than you are. The Prairie Homestead has come up with a DIY shower cleaner that slows down grime build-up, thus letting you take your time between cleanings.

Create A 'Collection Zone' In Your Home To Stay Clean And Organised

The Living Well Spending Less blog has a neat idea to tidy up and organise those misplaced objects that clutter up your home: designate one collection zone, or individual collection baskets for each person, and dump it all there.