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This Video Explains How You're Doing Your Laundry Wrong

Doing laundry is one of those tasks we do so often we don’t really question how we might be doing it ineffectively. It’s just habit. This video explains some of the most common ways we do laundry wrong.

Don't Launder Foam Pillows, Spot Clean Them Only

Washing your pillows in the washing machine can make them look like new again and not yellow. While we’ve advocated properly laundering your pillows before, this does not apply to foam pillows.

Clean And Reseal Your Wood Deck Just In Time For Summer

Wood decks need help surviving multiple seasons outdoors. Prepare your deck for summer by giving it a thorough checkup, cleaning and stain if needed.

The Easiest Way To Clean A Public BBQ

You know the last time you cleaned your own BBQ, but if you’re grilling in the park, you can’t be sure when that public BBQ last got a thorough scrubbing down. Next time you head to a cookout at the park or camping, here’s how you can clean that BBQ easily.

Put Your Shower Caddy In The Dishwasher For A Hassle-Free Clean

When you deep clean your bathroom, it can be easy to overlook your shower caddy, but soap scum and mildew are almost certainly building up. Just throw your caddy into the dishwasher for a thorough, but low-effort, clean.

Clean Your Reusable Razor In A Snap With A White Vinegar Soak

If you have a reusable razor, you already know you should clean it periodically, maybe every time you change blades. What you may not know is instead of fancy cleaners, a quick soak in white vinegar and water will do the trick just as well.

Keep Your Sleeping Bag In Good Shape By Hand Washing In Your Bathtub

If you’ve ever run your sleeping bag through a washing machine, you know the kind of damage it can do. Fortunately, a bathtub and some gentle hand washing is all you need to keep your bag performing efficiently.

Make An Air-Powered Shop Broom To Quickly Clear Your Floor Of Debris

This air-powered broom will quickly clear your floors better than a traditional broom, and costs less than $US15 to make.

How Do You Split Chores With Your Roommates?

Finding a way to split up the chores that works for you and your roommates is key to having a clean home without resentment or arguments. What do you do to divide up chores?

Is Hiring A Cleaner For Your Home Worth the Money?

I’ve always spurned the idea of using a cleaner for my home. I finally relented and decided to give Helpling, an online cleaner booking service, a go. Here’s my verdict.

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