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How To Quickly Make A Messy Home 'Guest Friendly' [Infographic]

If your house is anything like mine, it could probably pass for one of the sets to Animal House. (I blame the rug rats.) This can be problematic when you’re expecting house guests at short notice — there’s only so much junk and mess you can sweep under the rug. This infographic from rental site Wimdu explains how to make your home fit for a queen when time is in short supply.

Change Air Filters When You Move Into A New Home

There’s a lot to do when you move into a new home, from unpacking to popping some bubbly to celebrate. One thing that’s easy to overlook? Swapping out all those air filters.

Spruce Up A Room In No Time With The Speed Decluttering Game

Decluttering your entire home can take a while. If you’re pressed for time, but still want to give a room a quick tidying up, the speed decluttering game can help keep the mess at bay.

17 Simple Rules For Getting Organised And Decluttered

What would it take to get your life decluttered and organised? That might be a tall order for many of us, but the truth is, we could do it in bursts and spurts, using a handful of easy-to-follow rules.

Ask LH: Is It Possible To Remove Mould From Painted Canvas?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a picture printed onto canvas behind a glass frame on the wall of our outdoor area. The problem is that the glass gets condensation which has caused the picture to become slightly mouldy. How do I get rid of this mould without damaging my canvas print? And how do I stop it from happening again?

Why You Should Use Cream Polish On Leather Shoes Before Wax

If you own leather shoes, taking good care of them will keep them in good shape for years. Wax-based polishes and shines are popular, but a cream polish may be better to keep the leather in good condition over the long haul.

How To Clean Your Filthy Laptop

We use our laptops all the time but how often do we clean it? Okay, put down the wet rag for now because thoroughly cleaning your machine without damaging it can get a bit tricky.

Deep Clean Your Mattress With A Steam Cleaner

You spend a lot of time with your mattress and yet you probably don’t clean it all that often. (If only we could throw it in the washing machine.) If you’ve got a steam cleaner — mop or handheld device — put it to use getting your mattress like new.

Clean Your Brick Fireplace With Cream Of Tartar

Cleaning up a soot-stained fireplace can be a daunting job. There are commercial cleaners available, but they can be kind of harsh. Why not try a safer, cheaper route first?

How To Clean Your Grill With An Onion And A Fork

Video: While this trick will not make your grill like new — unlike scrubbing with steel wool and soap until your hands bleed — it is good enough and painless. Just cut an onion in half, stick a fork on it, and start rubbing it up and down the grill over the heat until all the residue falls off.

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