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The Best Way To Clean Leather, Suede And Textured Sneakers

Knowing the right way to clean your shoes helps them last longer and keeps them (and you) looking good, especially considering how expensive nice shoes can be. Here’s the best way to clean leather, suede and textured sneakers.

Why You Should Skip The Pre-Rinse Before Loading Your Dishwasher

Most of us are in the habit of rinsing our dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher. Aside from saving time and water, there’s another reason to skip the rinse: it could actually keep your dishes from getting clean.

Remove Berry Stains From Clothing With A Boiling Water Flush

A handful of berries is a great snack, but one dropped berry or thoughtless wipe of your juice-covered hands can leave your clothing stained. If you act quickly, a little bowling water can keep the red stain from setting in your favourite garments, even whites.

Make Living With Slobs Easier By Declaring Clean And Messy Zones

Video: You may not like living with a slob, but nobody likes living with a cleaning nag either. Dedicating specific parts of your home to be either clean or messy areas will help both of you reach an agreement.

The Essential Supplies You Need In A Basic Home Cleaning Kit

There’s an endless number of cleaning products out there, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep a home looking nice. These are the only essentials you need.

Winterise Your Barbecue To Protect It From Insects And Moisture 

When the temperature drops and you aren’t barbecuing outdoors any more, it’s time to prepare your barbecue for a few cold months under cover. Here’s how to make sure it will be primed and ready to fire up in the spring.

Speed Up Your Cleaning Routine By Picking A Room And Staying In It

It’s easy to get frazzled cleaning your home, especially when you’re short on time. If you want to streamline your cleaning process, you need to pick a room and stay in it until it’s done.

Why Your Home Stinks And How To Fix It

From fried fish to a filthy litterbox, most smells in your home are fairly easy to pinpoint. There are, however, more insidious aromas that linger and seem impossible to eliminate, no matter how many bottles of air freshener you unleash. To keep these odours from taking over your home, first you have to identify them.

The Surprising Things You Can Safely Wash In Your Dishwasher

Just because that fancy washing box in your kitchen is called a dishwasher doesn’t mean that’s the only thing it can wash. You can also clean things like gardening tools and plastic toys with it.

Use An Upright Glass In The Dishwasher As A Dirty Dish Indicator

If the people in your household do a good job of scraping or rinsing off their plates before sticking them in the dishwasher, it can be hard to tell when the dishes inside are clean or dirty. A small, upright glass makes for a great indicator.

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