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Clear Out Clutter By Thinking Of Every Possession As A Relationship

Most of us have way too many things. It’s only after decluttering that we realise the psychological effect of all our possessions, as if we have thousands of relationships tugging at us at all times.

This Video Explains How You're Picking Up Glass Wrong

Picking up broken glass is dangerous. Doing it wrong can be even worse. If you’re picking up the pieces by reaching for a broom, or grabbing shards with your bare hands, check this video out to learn the right way.

Remove Odours From Your Entire Home By Simmering Vinegar

We’ve talked about how leaving out a bowl of vinegar can deodorise a room, but what if there’s a smell that’s taken over your entire house? Simmering that vinegar on the stove can maximise its reach and odor-eating power.

How Often You Should Wash Your Clothes, Based On Science

Most often, washing your clothes is as simple looking at them (or smelling them), and making a judgement call. However, it’s not just about that obvious stuff, Brit Lab takes a look at all the gross stuff your body produces that you can’t just use the smell test for.

Add Baking Soda Or Vinegar To The Washing Machine To Avoid Allergy Problems

Many of us have sensitive skin and might actually have allergic reactions to laundry soap. To avoid this, try adding a cup of vinegar or baking soda to the wash.

This Video Explains All The Ways You're Washing Your Hands Wrong

You’ve probably been washing your hands for so long that you assume you’re an expert at it by now. Who wouldn’t? However, as this video points out, most of us could still use a few pointers.

Top 10 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Avoiding And Getting Rid Of Clutter

Dealing with clutter is a constant battle for many of us. Clutter can creep up on us, it drains us mentally even if we’re not directly thinking about the clutter, and it wastes our time and money. A binge decluttering session won’t be enough to keep clutter at bay forever; we’ve got to change our mental habits. Here are ten new ways of looking at clutter.

De-Stink Mason Jars With Salt

Even glass mason jars can pick up odours over time. Fortunately, you already have what you need to de-stink them right in your kitchen.

Soothe Hot Pepper Hands With A Mild Bleach Solution

Working with hot peppers can leave your hands a bit fiery, sometimes for hours. Next time you brave the peppers without gloves, reach for the bleach.

Fix Scratches In Wood Furniture With Olive Oil And Vinegar

Got a piece of wood furniture that’s all scratched and beat up? Fear not. Olive oil and vinegar can rescue it from that sad state.

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