CHOICE Doesn't Get The Difference Between Renting And Owning Media

Consumer advocate CHOICE has consistently argued that Australians get a raw deal when it comes to digital media. Unfortunately, the crux of its argument often consists of comparing entirely different products, which diminishes intelligent discussion on an important issue.

Study Confirms Mentioning Weddings Will Ensure You Pay More

A shadow shopping study by CHOICE has confirmed what anyone ever involved in planning a wedding has long suspected: merely mention the word “wedding” and the price will go up.

Aussie Gamers Are Still Being Ripped Off At The Checkout: CHOICE

Consumer watchdog CHOICE has launched a fresh investigation into local video game pricing. In a verdict that will surprise no one, it found that we’re still paying artificially high prices compared to the US, with some PS4 titles receiving markups of nearly 50 per cent. Here’s a look at some of the worst offenders.

Lowering The GST Threshold For Online Sales Would Cost Australians A Fortune

One of the main arguments against lowering the level at which GST is applied to online sales is that the cost of actually collecting that tax is likely to be higher than the amount of revenue collected from it. A new study by Choice confirms that, and suggests that the cost of some items might almost double.

Why Adding GST To Online Sales Won't Create A Level Playing Field

The push to add GST to all online sales made to Australians — not just those which cost more than $1000 — appears to be gaining momentum. The argument is that we need to create a “level playing field” for Australian businesses, but when the price difference for some goods is already as high as 200 per cent, the idea that increasing overseas costs by 10 per cent by adding GST will cause a change in buying habits is frankly laughable.

Ecoeggs Takes Out 'People's Choice' For Shonkiest Product Of 2013

Ecoeggs has been crowned the shonkiest product of the year by the people of Australia, courtesy of a nation-wide poll by consumer advocate group CHOICE. The lesson here is that if you’re going to call your eggs “free range” and charge customers a premium, you shouldn’t treat your poultry like tinned chickens of the sea. But according to the company, it’s all just a big beat up.

Shonky Awards 2013: CHOICE Shames The Worst Products Of The Year

From life-endangering baby’s dummies to hotlines that charge customers to complain, these are the dodgiest Australian products of the year as nominated by consumer watchdog CHOICE. As an added bonus, this year CHOICE is letting the public vote for their “favourite” offender. Read on and cast your vote!

VoIP Use On The Rise

A new CHOICE survey has found that over half of Australians are taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as a low-cost alternative to traditional telco offerings.

Why Free-Range Eggs Cost More But Don't Help The Hens

We’ve frequently made the point that the definition of free-range eggs is somewhat elastic, even before deceitful producers start misusing it. New research by CHOICE reinforces that you’ll definitely pay a premium for ‘free range’, even if the provenance of those eggs is far from clear.

Why Spotting Fake Goods Online Can Be Tricky

One of the risks of shopping online is that your hunt for a bargain can lead you to purchase counterfeit goods. A recent shadow shopping exercise by CHOICE demonstrates that the differences aren’t always hugely apparent.