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Hide Your Electronic Clutter In A Clever Vase-Turned-Charging-Station

Gadgets are great but nobody wants a hallway table littered with charging gadgets and cables. This novel hack turns an opaque vase into a secret charging station.

Build A Greener Charging Station

Most device chargers aren’t particularly energy efficient. The bulky black boxes slowly suck energy even when you’re not charging, but this novel charging station ends that waste.

Make Your Own Super Cables For A Streamlined Charging Station

A single cable has never been all that big of a problem in the clutter department. It’s when you start adding cable after cable that things get ugly.

Outlet-Hanging Charge Station For Your Small Gadgets

If a full-sized charging station is overkill for your single mobile phone or iPod, try this smaller gadget cradle that mounts neatly on a wall outlet. Craft blog Zakka Life put together a simple tutorial for making a cradle that’s perfect for single, regularly-charged items—the kinds of things you dump out of your pockets upon returning home. The DIY project pictured here is made from a bottle of lotion. Assuming you have a similar empty bottle from your own bathroom, the only cost is the few minutes you’ll spend making it. The tutorial at Zakka Life has step-by-step pictures and more information about how to make it work for your wall. Cellphone Holder for Charging [via Unclutterer]

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