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Make A Simple DIY Gift Box Out Of A Sheet Of Poster Board

Video: With just a few folds, you can turn a sheet of poster board or thin cardboard into a DIY gift box.

Make Your Own Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

One of the biggest surprises at this year’s Google I/O was the reveal of Cardboard, a simple virtual reality headset that uses your Android phone. Now you can make one at home.

Make Your Own HDTV Antenna Using Aluminium Foil And Cardboard

HDTV antennae for over-the-air signals don’t exactly cost a lot of money, but if you’re the DIY type and would rather make your own than buy, all it takes is some spare cardboard, aluminium foil, glue, and a little time to put it all together.

DIY Print-And-Fold iPhone And iPod Touch Dock Looks Great

Design site Dessine moi un objet (Google translates that to “Draw me something”) has shared an impressively attractive and simple iPhone and iPod touch dock. Oh yeah, and they’ve included an excellent printable template.

DIY Cardboard Pinhole Cameras

National Science Week is nearly over, but here’s one more project to try out over the weekend: a print-it-yourself on cardboard pinhole camera.

Build A Sturdy DIY Cardboard Laptop Stand

We’ve put cardboard to good use as a laptop stand once before, but if that corrugated stand just didn’t seem quite sturdy enough to trust with your laptop, this alternate version offers a more robust alternative.

DIY Cardboard Wallet Looks Way Better Than You Would Think

We’ve featured DIY wallets of all kinds, made from anything from moleskines to duct tape, but this “hand-stitched” cardboard wallet looks impressively, well, leather.

Recycle IKEA Flat Pack Boxes

IKEA’s flat pack philosophy might mean goods are cheaper and they fit in your sedan, but they also leave you with some seriously large cardboard boxes at the end. Is overfilling your recycling bin the only solution?

Top 10 Cheap But Great Cardboard Creations

Kids can turn a cardboard box into nearly anything. So can adults, actually, and they’ve got better, sharper tools to make them. Here are 10 projects that use cardboard for inexpensive but reliable DIY creations.

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