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Kick Off A Great Presentation By Showing Visuals Before You Explain Them

When you’re giving a presentation, a little mystery goes a long way. If you want to grasp your audience’s attention, start off your presentation with some visuals that get them thinking.

The Problem With 'Don't Take It Personally, It's Business'

The traditional advice to “not take it personally, it’s business” can be kind of problematic. It suggests you should just chalk up your experience to the perils of professionalism, rather than process or learn anything from it so you can grow.

What Motivates People To Start Their Own Businesses?

While it can be a rewarding experience, striking out on your own to start a business can be tough and daunting as it comes with a lot of uncertainty. The potential instability of not having a steady stream of income is what usually scares people away and yet there are many driven individuals determined to be their own boss. So what makes people want to do it? Here’s what we know.

See How Much Unproductive Meetings Actually Cost With This Calculator

A lot of meetings end up being a complete waste of time, but that wasted time also means wasted money. This calculator will show how much an unproductive meeting really costs.

When Building Your Professional Network, Don't Forget To 'Network Down'

Building a real professional network is a valuable way to get ahead and you can do it without being sleazy. One key way to do that: don’t just “network up” to people above you.

Being A Creative Doesn't Mean You're 'Bad At Business'

Every creative struggles when it comes time to sell their skills. At best, it feels like “selling out”, and at worst it seems like business is just a world you’ll never understand. Neither could be further from the truth.

Microsoft Resurrects OneDrive Unlimited Storage Plan For Business Customers

There has been more changes with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service with the vendor bringing back the Unlimited storage option for selected business users. This marks the third time the company has tinkered with OneDrive plans in the past two months.

Don't Bet On Your Business To Fund Your Retirement

If you own your own business and business is good, your plan might be to fund your retirement by selling your company someday. But as Entrepreneur writer Sujan Patel puts it: your business isn’t a retirement plan.

How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone

While email has certainly destroyed the fax machine, most of us still need to send one, maybe two faxes a year to weird, outdated institutions. Thankfully, you can do it with nothing but your smartphone. Here’s how.

Why Listening To Customers Beats Looking At Competitors

Online retail has become a very competitive space, far more competitive than it was ten years ago. When I first started my online-only furniture store Milan Direct we were told many times that selling furniture online wouldn’t work. If we’d listened to those people instead of the market that was crying out to buy furniture through an online channel, then I wouldn’t have found success through my online business.

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