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Create Professional-Looking Gmail Signatures With The Google Drive Suite

Google Drive has everything you need to create the ultimate desktop office suite, but it has some other creative business uses as well. Using Google Drawings and Google Docs you can create great looking Gmail signatures to jazz up your emails.

Five Megatrends Keeping IT Business Leaders On Their Toes

In a recent study by Tech Research Asia for NetApp, 468 business and IT leaders across Australia and New Zealand were asked what “megatrends” they thought would be the most disruptive to their businesses in the long run. While these trends do bring challenges for government and private organisations, they present a wealth of opportunities as well, especially for the IT industry.

What Does Alphabet Spell For Google?

Yesterday, Google birthed Alphabet Inc. which became the umbrella organisation for a collection of companies. Google is now one of the subsidiaries under Alphabet’s wing and has acquired a new CEO, Sundar Pichai. That’s a lot of change for one of the most influential companies in the world. Here’s more on what the overhaul means for Google.

Eleven Important Lessons From Salesforce's Most Successful Salesman

A little-known man named David Rudnitsky is credited for kicking off Salesforce’s success in the enterprise space which eventually led the software-as-a-service company to the US$50 billion business it is today. Rudnitsky left an indelible impression on the company and its CEO Marc Benioff as he used 11 rules to guide him on how to do business. He is still the most successful salesman to have ever worked at Salesforce. Here are his tips.

Tinder For Business Is Becoming A Reality

Tinder is about go from dating app to business networking tool. Swipe right if you like this idea.

How To Stop HiPPOs Trampling On Your IT Projects

Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. When it comes to getting IT projects off the ground, “HiPPOs” can be just as lethal. Here’s how to tame the high-level execs in your company who get in the way of your work.

How Business Apps Help Improve Productivity And Reduce Costs

So who’s unsure about using apps in the workplace? We’re not talking about your public transport or wine app, but apps designed to help your business improve productivity and reduce costs. There is an app for almost every business need, and if you ignore them you risk being left behind while your competitors surge ahead.

Five Simple Rules For Small Business

Starting, managing and growing your business will likely be one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever face. But the rewards are clear. Financially, and if all goes to plan, for your lifestyle. Here are some tips, tools and ideas to help you strategically consider your day-to-day cash flow and your goals for future growth.

Australia's Business Tablet Market Set To Explode In 2013

The use of tablet computers among Australian businesses is set to increase by at least 50 percent in the next 12 months, according to a new survey from market research group Roy Morgan. However, some industries continue to drag their feet.

Can Viewster's Free Video-On-Demand Service Beat The Torrent Pirates?

Can anyone make money by giving stuff away? We speak to Viewster CEO Kai Henniges about the challenges of running a video-on-demand service in a turbulent sea of free, illegal online content.

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