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Why Listening To Customers Beats Looking At Competitors

Online retail has become a very competitive space, far more competitive than it was ten years ago. When I first started my online-only furniture store Milan Direct we were told many times that selling furniture online wouldn’t work. If we’d listened to those people instead of the market that was crying out to buy furniture through an online channel, then I wouldn’t have found success through my online business.

Set Your Freelance Rate With An Emotional Pricing Scale

When figuring how much you should charge for your freelance services, you probably use practical strategies and tools to come up with a rate. Author and coach Mark McGuinness suggests linking your price to feelings.

Spice Up Presentations By Adding A Villain, Victim, And Hero

Presentations can be dreadfully boring if not executed well, but the Harvard Business Review points to one easy approach that will spice up any presentation: use a villain-victim-hero framework.

Don't Just Wait For An Offer, Research The Other Side Before Negotiating

You might have heard that it’s best to let the other side make the first offer when negotiating. However, if you only find out what they want at the table, you may be at a disadvantage. Instead, research first.

Avoid Challenging Authority To Get Your Ideas Past A Difficult Manager

A difficult boss can make it hard to get your ideas heard. If you want to make your ideas heard, frame your pitch in a way that avoids sounding like it’s a challenge to their authority.

What Will Enterprises Be Spending Their Money On In 2016?

Analyst firm Gartner has predicted that IT spending in Australia will reach $80 billion in 2016, which is a modest 2.8 per cent increase from 2015. So what will businesses spend their IT dollars on? We find out.

Why Big Businesses Are Lapping Up Microsoft's Surface Pro 4

Usually, businesses are the last to adopt any kind of new gadget, given that they actually rely on laptops, tablets and smartphones to make money and can’t risk any first-day adoption glitches. Not so with the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s upcoming laptop-tablet hybrid.

Create Professional-Looking Gmail Signatures With The Google Drive Suite

Google Drive has everything you need to create the ultimate desktop office suite, but it has some other creative business uses as well. Using Google Drawings and Google Docs you can create great looking Gmail signatures to jazz up your emails.

Five Megatrends Keeping IT Business Leaders On Their Toes

In a recent study by Tech Research Asia for NetApp, 468 business and IT leaders across Australia and New Zealand were asked what “megatrends” they thought would be the most disruptive to their businesses in the long run. While these trends do bring challenges for government and private organisations, they present a wealth of opportunities as well, especially for the IT industry.

What Does Alphabet Spell For Google?

Yesterday, Google birthed Alphabet Inc. which became the umbrella organisation for a collection of companies. Google is now one of the subsidiaries under Alphabet’s wing and has acquired a new CEO, Sundar Pichai. That’s a lot of change for one of the most influential companies in the world. Here’s more on what the overhaul means for Google.

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