How Much Money Should Be In Your Emergency Fund?

We’ve talked about the virtues of having an emergency fund. However, as finance blog The Simple Dollar highlights, money in an emergency fund is money that’s not in your investment portfolio. So how much should you keep in it?

Calculate Your Net Worth While Budgeting To Maintain Perspective

Keeping track of your budget and getting out of debt can feel overwhelming. There’s one number that can help put things in perspective, and that’s our personal net worth.

Don't Let Financial Comfort Become Complacency

Things are going well. You’ve been working at your job for a while, and you’ve got things down. Your finances are are in order too. In fact, things are mostly set to automatic, and you’re enjoying the ride. Welcome to the comfort zone. You may be in trouble.

How I Kept Saving Money Even During A Job Loss

A few months ago, I lost a job. It was a first for me. To recap, a high-paying client let go of the majority of their freelancers, which included me. I felt rejected, but I quickly came to terms with it. It’s business. However, since I’d been focusing 90 per cent of my work life on this client for the past couple of years, I consequently lost 90 per cent of my income when I lost the job.

Map Out Financial Security With The Financial Planning Pyramid

When you’re trying to plan for your financial future, you’re going to get a lot of advice from people who may not be in the same place as you. Figure out which stage of planning you need to focus on with the above Maslow-like pyramid.

Tell Us Your Favourite Money-Saving Tip?

We all like to save money, especially when we find a clever new way of doing it. We’ve shared all kinds of ways to save money, but now we’re curious to hear from you.

How Big Numbers Short-Circuit Your Brain And Your Finances

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your brain is just not evolved to process big numbers. In our journey from hunter-gatherers to wage slaves, homo sapiens never quite evolved the mental machinery needed to efficiently process the high numbers we typically face when doing things like buying cars, taking out mortgages and saving for retirement.

Stop Trying To 'Keep Up With The Joneses'

If your friends overeat, you’re more likely to overeat. If your friends are active and sporty, you’re more likely to be active. And if your friends like to spend money, you’re more likely to spend too.

If You Have A Variable Income, You Need A Variable Savings Plan

Managing your money is tough enough when you know exactly what you’ll be making each month. When your income is variable, you have to deal with an extra layer of complexity. That’s where this tip for a variable savings plan comes in handy.

HomeSlice Tracks And Splits Bills, Chores And Supplies For Roommates

iOS/Android: Instead of a messy whiteboard to keep track of chores, a fridge notebook to list groceries and a spreadsheet to track bills, make life easier for yourself and your roommates with HomeSlice, a free and cross-platform app.