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The Most Common Budgeting Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

It’s not too hard to build a basic budget. A few tips and tricks can help you make it really solid. But even a good budget can go awry. There are a handful of mistakes that throw people off, but the good news is: these mistakes are easy enough to fix.

Make Tough Financial Decisions With The Help Of An Emotional Balance Sheet

There are a lot of financial decisions that come down to so much more than numbers. Sometimes the emotional benefits of something far outweigh the financial ones, and an emotional balance sheet can help you determine that when things get tough.

How To Fix Your Debt When The System Works Against You

Your bills are too damn high, your income sucks and debt traps are everywhere. Mastering your finances isn’t easy, but here’s the thing: if you actually want to improve your financial situation, focusing on these injustices, even though they’re real, won’t help. Taking control, on the other hand, can help more than you probably realise.

You Need A Budget's New Web App Runs In Any Browser, Switches To A Subscription Pricing Model

You Need a Budget has long been one of the most popular personal finance tools around, and now it’s launching a new web app that comes with a new pricing model.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Nursing Your Holiday Spending Hangover

Santa is gone, the decorations are down, and chances are, you’re feeling the sting of your holiday spending. If it crept up on you, your budget is strained, and now you’re worried about your finances, you’ll want to come up with a plan to recover.

What Is Your Best Affordable Gift Idea?

Buying gifts can wreak havoc on your holiday budget, but having a list of inexpensive present ideas stops you from overspending. What are your best affordable gift ideas?

The Civilization-Inspired Budget Gives You Instant Feedback On Your Spending Habits

Budgets tend to be boring, one-size-fits-all affairs that are incredibly tough to stick with because they don’t really scale with you. Blogger Alex Recker and his wife were looking for their own solution, and drew on the game Civilization to find their answer.

Make A More Realistic Budget With These Rules Of Thumb For Irregular Expenses

Budgeting is pretty easy when you have regular income and regular monthly bills, but don’t forget to plan for non-monthly expenses. NerdWallet tells us how much we should set aside for things like car maintenance and other necessary expenses.

Streamline Your Budget With These Excel Shortcuts

There are plenty of awesome online tools to help you manage your budget, but there’s nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned Excel, either. And these shortcuts can help make your spreadsheet budgeting a little easier.

All The Ways Being Single Saves You Money

A reader recently asked me what sort of life strategies are useful for a single person who is already on the road to financial independence. I’m lucky to be married with a family, but it got me thinking: If I were suddenly single again with no wife or children and had my current financial state, what would I do?

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