Write Down Every Time You Spend Money To Trick Yourself To Save More

Saving money isn’t easy; in fact, we’re wired not to do it. Fortunately, little mental tricks, such as forcing yourself to document when you spend money, could help you from overspending.

Compile A Bare-Bones Budget Alongside Your Normal One

Budgets tend to allot cash for everything that we spend in a month. While a zero-sum budget is fantastic, it also helps to create a bare-bones budget at the same time. You can then compare between the two.

Decide If Debt Is A Good Or Bad Decision With Two Simple Questions

Debt is a part of life, whether we like it or not. Sometimes, it’s helpful or necessary, and other times it’s life-crippling for no good reason. You can figure out which one a particular decision is with two quick questions.

Only Borrow Money For Things That Increase In Value

Most of us decide whether or not we borrow money for something based on whether or not we can afford to pay it off soon. Business author Seth Godin suggests a different paradigm: try to only borrow money when the thing you’re buying increases in value.

Avoid Being 'House Poor' By Learning To Be Patient

You may not have heard of the term “house poor”, but you probably know what it means. The family that owns a three-bedroom house but can’t afford to pay their credit card bill. There’s a difference between being poor and being “house poor”, and it’s possible to avoid with a little patience.

Zero Out Your Accounts Every Month To Enforce A Zero-Sum Budget

A zero-sum budget is an excellent way to reduce your spending and save more. Personal finance blog Money Crashers suggests taking this to the next level by emptying your main accounts every month.

Use Gift Cards To Stick To Your Entertainment Budget

Everyone has a budget to stick to, and it’s important to set a little aside for entertainment. A great way to avoid overspending is to buy gift cards for yourself.

Why You Need To Hear The Same Financial Advice Over And Over

When you really break it down, a lot of financial advice turns out to be the same. Spend less, save more and reduce expenses. So, how do so many articles continue to get written on the topic? We need to hear it repeatedly.

Have Financial 'Date Nights' To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Few people enjoy talking about money, and it’s one of the most common arguments between couples. Financial planner Kelley C. Long suggests that a regular financial “date night” could improve your relationship with money and your partner.

How To Stop Fighting About Money With Your Significant Other

Money is the thorn in many couples’ relationships. More than half of couples argue over money, and money disagreements are the number one reason married couples say they divorce. If you and your partner don’t always see eye to eye about your finances, take a look at these strategies that could help end the conflict once and for all.