Use Gift Cards To Stick To Your Entertainment Budget

Everyone has a budget to stick to, and it’s important to set a little aside for entertainment. A great way to avoid overspending is to buy gift cards for yourself.

Why You Need To Hear The Same Financial Advice Over And Over

When you really break it down, a lot of financial advice turns out to be the same. Spend less, save more and reduce expenses. So, how do so many articles continue to get written on the topic? We need to hear it repeatedly.

Have Financial 'Date Nights' To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Few people enjoy talking about money, and it’s one of the most common arguments between couples. Financial planner Kelley C. Long suggests that a regular financial “date night” could improve your relationship with money and your partner.

How To Stop Fighting About Money With Your Significant Other

Money is the thorn in many couples’ relationships. More than half of couples argue over money, and money disagreements are the number one reason married couples say they divorce. If you and your partner don’t always see eye to eye about your finances, take a look at these strategies that could help end the conflict once and for all.

How To Create A More Effective Debt Pay-Down Plan

With the new year well under way, and with many still reeling from Christmas debt, it’s no surprise that many resolutions revolve around paying off debt. If you are among those who want to pay down debt in 2014, you should make a plan. A good plan can help you pay off debt faster and save you money overall — especially in interest.

How To Better Manage Your Freelance Income

Freelancing is rewarding, but it is not for the faint of heart. Yes, you get to do work you love and you get to do it on (mostly) your own terms. You also have play roles you may not enjoy so much, like marketer, sales person and bookkeeper, some of which we’ve talked about before. And one of the biggest challenges in freelancing is managing an irregular income.

How To Teach Young Kids Budgeting Habits Early On

Teaching your kids to work within a budget early on in their lives pays off for them down the road. Even when very young, kids are ready for the basic idea, and including them in your own budget planning as they get older helps them develop good habits from the start.

The Biggest Money Mistakes We Make, According To Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s most successful investors, has offered us plenty of sage advice in the past. Today’s lesson on money mistakes is as simple as it gets but bears repeating.

How Much Money Should Be In Your Emergency Fund?

We’ve talked about the virtues of having an emergency fund. However, as finance blog The Simple Dollar highlights, money in an emergency fund is money that’s not in your investment portfolio. So how much should you keep in it?

Calculate Your Net Worth While Budgeting To Maintain Perspective

Keeping track of your budget and getting out of debt can feel overwhelming. There’s one number that can help put things in perspective, and that’s our personal net worth.