Use A 'One Month Ahead' Budget To Adjust For Irregular Income

Setting up a budget is easy when you’re making the same amount of money every month and your expenses are fairly regular. It’s trickier when your income fluctuates. Get one month ahead on your bills and you’ll have more control.

Remember 'Money Is Permanent' To Curb Spending Habits

Splurging on meaningless things is too easy to do. Determine which transactions are really important by remembering you have a finite number of dollars to spend in your lifetime.

Pennies Is A Colourful, Gesture-Based Way To Track Finances

iPhone: Tracking budgets and finances isn’t really supposed to be fun, but Pennies is an app that makes the process a little more bearable by using intuitive gestures and a bright colour scheme.

Avoid The Phrase 'I Can't Afford' To Maintain Control Of Your Finances

Managing your money has a lot to do with control. It helps to feel in-charge of your financial plan, even if that plan includes paying off debt. Stephanie of Six Figures Under says she avoids the phrase “I can’t afford” for precisely this reason.

Apply All Your Bonuses To Principal When You Have High-Interest Debt

Tough talk time: Bonuses feel really great when your job doles them out. They may even be a nice reprieve from otherwise stressful budget constraints. But if you’re in debt and you spend a bonus on something else, you’re usually hurting yourself.

Keep Track Of Your Hourly Wage, Even If You're Salaried

If you’re lucky enough to have a salaried job, you probably don’t think about how much you make per hour. But film producer Christopher Pollock says your hourly wage is more important than your annual earnings, no matter what.

Schedule A Date Night With Your Finances To Make Saving More Enjoyable

I’ll be honest. Even I scoffed at this one at first. Planning your budget, paying bills and allocating your income for investments are super-boring words. Sitting at a desk with a spreadsheet open is also dreary. Make it a little less tiresome by changing the ambiance.

Observe The 'Burger Flipping' Rule To Keep Your Spending In Check

Financial independence is a fancy phrase that essentially boils down to “Money doesn’t rule my life.” While some might interpret that as being rich, it can also be as simple as living within the means that could allow you to take any job. Even flipping burgers.

Measure Your Cash Flow By How Much You Keep, Not How Much You Earn

Most of us know (or can easily calculate) how much money we make a year. But there’s another number that matters much more to your personal finance: how much of that you get to keep.

Include A 'Fun Fund' In Your Budget To Help You Stick To Your Financial Goals

We’ve mentioned that one of the reasons personal budgets fail is because people don’t remember to give themselves some spending money for entertainment or leisure purchases. Instead of trying to guess how much you’ll spend every week or month on fun, set up a “fun fund” you can add to or drain depending on your mood.