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Opener For iOS Opens Web Links In The Right App

iOS: When you come across a link in Safari, you usually have to copy and paste that link to use it in another app. Opener allows you to open it directly from Safari into the app of your choice.

Swipe Along The Navigation Bar To Switch Tabs In Chrome

Android (5.0+): In Lollipop, Google introduced a new style of tab management that treats individual Chrome tabs like distinct apps. If you have on-screen buttons, you can switch between related tabs by swiping along the navigation bar.

Don't Trust A Web Site's Seal Of Approval

Chances are you’ve come across “seals of approval” on web sites at some point in your web browsing life. Whether it’s a a Norton Secured Seal, or the TRUSTe Certified mark, they seem like a good thing to watch out for. How-To Geek points out how wrong that is.

Ask LH: Will Incognito Mode Save Me At Work?

Hey Lifehacker, If I’m working in incognito mode and using an app like Omegle or Chatroulette, can my employer track the chat?

In-App iOS Browsers Are Insecure: Use Safari For Sensitive Browsing

iOS: In-app browsers like you find on Twitter or Facebook on iOS are great when you just want to browse content. But Twitterrific developer Craig Hockenberry shows off an exploit that allows any app to grab sensitive data that you type into it.

How To Make Browsing The Web On Your Phone Suck Less

No matter how big the screen or how effective the software, web browsing on your smartphone just doesn’t match the ease of browsing on a computer. It’s never going to be perfect, but it can be a lot better. Here’s how to make browsing on your smartphone suck less.

Imagus Is A Hover Zoom Replacement To Enlarge Images On Mouseover

Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari: Hover Zoom, the tool that previews full-size images when you hover your mouse on a thumbnail, has recently been embroiled in controversy over issues of malware and privacy. Imagus is a worthy replacement that works on several browsers and across most popular websites.

Ask LH: Why Doesn't Chrome Show Search History Snippets Anymore?

Hey Lifehacker, On my Chrome browsing history it used to show a small extended snippet of some content from the page that was visited underneath the title of the page in the history list. That has since stopped happening and I’d like to get it back. However, I don’t know what it was called and don’t know why it was occurring in the first place! Any advice?

Ask LH: How Can I Make Grey Text More Visible?

Dear Lifehacker, What can I do to counteract the current trendy habit of making text on web pages pale grey? My eyesight is slipping as I get older, I’m having trouble deciphering it. Are there any settings or software that fix this? Thanks, Grey Away

Text Browser Is A Google Apps Script That Makes The Web Text-Only

Sometimes it’s nice to browse a clean text version of a site. Text Browser is a Google Apps Script that renders any page in a text-only. It also works as a proxy so you can view pages that might otherwise be blocked.

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