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Opera's Power Saving Mode Cuts Battery Drain For Longer Laptop Browsing

Windows/Mac/Linux: Opera has rolled out another update to its browser, this time introducing a power saver mode that supposedly gives you a 50 per cent boost in battery run time.

A Screenshot Tour Of Vivaldi, The New Power-User Web Browser

Bored of Chrome? Sick of the fact you can’t customise Safari? Wish Firefox was just a little better? Vivaldi, a new web browser built on Chromium, wants to tap into your distaste for boring, modern, everyman browsers with a highly customisable, power-user browser. Let’s see how it stacks up.

Chrome Now Shows All Your Extensions By Default, Puts Hidden Ones In The Menu

How many extensions do you have installed in Chrome? If you’ve forgotten about some of them, Chrome’s update today will remind you.

How To Stop Videos From Auto-Playing In Four Popular Browsers

Whether it’s a music clip on YouTube, a Flash ad on a news site or the latest viral sensation on Facebook, most videos you come across on today’s web want to get going without any input from you — and that can cause problems with bandwidth as well as audio output you weren’t expecting. Here’s how to tackle the issue in your browser of choice.

Windows 8 And Internet Explorer 8, 9, And 10 Are No Longer Supported, Upgrade Now

It’s the end of the line for Windows 8.0 and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. With Microsoft pulling support on them today, it’s upgrade-or-get-hacked time.

Browser Fairy For Mac Sets Rules For Which Links Open In Which Browser 

Mac: If you care about privacy, then you might prefer to use more than one browser. Perhaps you have use something like Firefox for all your social media, Chrome for anything that requires Flash, and Safari for general browsing. Browser Fairy is an app that allows you to set rules so links are always opened in your browser of choice.

Chrome's Data Saver Mode On Android Now Loads Pages Even Faster By Blocking Images

Android: Google has updated its Data Saver mode in Chrome to remove most images when loading a page over a slow connection. This keeps image-heavy sites from eating up all your data and speeds up your web browsing.

Firefox Is Finally Available On iOS

iOS: If your browser of choice is Firefox and you also use an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably been frustrated by Firefox’s absence from iOS. Today, that frustration has ended.

H264ify Stops YouTube From Draining Your Laptop's Battery Life

Chrome/Firefox: YouTube doesn’t run very efficiently in Chrome and Firefox. In fact, How-To Geek points out, it’s a battery hog. You can get around this problem with the h264ify extensions.

Adblock Browser Arrives On iOS To Block Ads On The Go

iOS: Adblock’s standalone browser arrived on Android a few months ago and today it’s on iOS. As you’d expect, it blocks ads and tracking.

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