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Browser Speed Tests: Chrome 24, Firefox 18, Internet Explorer 10, Opera 12.12

Windows 8 is out with a new version of Internet Explorer, Firefox has boosted its JavaScript power and memory usage, and Chrome has been slowly improving its speed. How do the new versions stack up against each other? We found out in our latest round of browser speed tests.

How We Test Web Browsers

Lifehacker regularly runs browser speed tests to see which browser runs the fastest in real-world situations. This is how we currently test browser performance.

Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 4, IE9, Chrome 11 And More

It has been quite a month for browsers, with Internet Explorer and Firefox both dropping big new versions, and Chrome and Opera continuing their regular improvements. We tested all these browsers’ startup and tab-loading times, JavaScript powers, and memory use for your fast-minded enjoyment. Update: With 32-versus-64-bit IE 9 results.

Browser Speed Tests: IE9, Firefox 4 Beta, Chrome's Crankshaft, Opera 11 Beta

Google’s got a new “Crankshaft” in its bleeding-edge Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 is out to prove its modern mettle, Firefox 4 is nearly complete, and Opera’s adding extensions. It’s a good time to put these browsers head to head.

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