Ask LH: Why Do Mobile Data Packs Have An Expiry Date?

Dear LH, Why is it that mobile data packs (for mobile phone plans or use with tablets) have an expiry date? Data allowance won’t spoil in the fridge, so what gives? Some plans let you roll data from month to month, but the long-life ones don’t. Is this fair? Is it legal?

Top 10 Places Worth Moving To For NBN Access

Future plans for the National Broadband Network (NBN) are anything but certain — the only way to be sure you’ll gain access to a fast fibre connection is to move to a location where it already exists. Here are 10 suggestions for places that might be worth the journey.

Planhacker: Australian Unlimited ADSL2+/NBN Broadband (July 2014)

If you’re a video addict, then “unlimited” broadband plans can be appealing — but who offers them and who has the best deal? This Planhacker guide rounds up all the “unlimited” ADSL2 and NBN plans we could find so you can choose the right one for you.

Who Needs A 1TB Broadband Plan?

It’s a familiar complaint: you’re only part way through the month and you’ve already used up your download limit, leaving you with either a slow shaped connection or big excess usage fees. But just how large an allowance do you need? Is 1TB more than enough for most of us?

Ask LH: How Can I Change Broadband Providers Without Hassle?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m a developer transitioning to working for myself from home, but my Internode ADSL is no longer up to scratch. I used to get 3.5Mpbs, now I’m below 1.5Mbps due to the declining quality of my line which Telstra refuses to fix.

NBN Rollout Maps Go Interactive: Are You On There Yet?

NBN Co has updated its rollout maps with a new level of detail showing where preparation work for FTTP rollouts is occurring.

Optus' New Data Sharing Mobile Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Optus has updated its mobile plans today, including a new option to share data from your main plan with other devices without paying an ongoing extra fee. Does that make sense? Planhacker investigates.

Cisco: NBN Is 'Moving In The Right Direction'

Fans of the Coalition’s vaguer and vague plans for the National Broadband Network (NBN) aren’t exactly thick on the ground. But I’ve run into one during my visit to Macau: Cisco APJ president Irving Tan.

Ask LH: Is There A Way To Speed Up Google Drive Uploads?

Hey Lifehacker, I was helping a friend, who has horribly slow internet, sync files to her Google drive folder. She had large media files that take forever and completely stall the process. Is there a better way to upload large media to Google apart from moving to an NBN-friendly location?

Telstra's New Wi-Fi Network: Everything You Need To Know

Two years after closing off its previous Wi-Fi service, Telstra is once again going to start running Wi-Fi hotspots — and it wants to use your home ADSL connection as part of it. How will that work and what will it mean for customers?