How To Import Instapaper Or Readability Articles Into Pocket

There are a lot of great bookmark-and-read-later services out there, but if you want to switch from one to another, you probably want to take your old articles with you. Here’s how to import your old Instapaper or Readability articles into Pocket.

Pocket's 'Send To Friend' Shares Articles Between Pocket Users

Pocket is one of our favourite ways to bookmark and read things later. Now, you can send articles straight to your other friends that are using Pocket. No email, Facebook or other networks necessary.

Brow Adds Browser Bookmarks To Spotlight Search

Mac: By default, Macs show Safari bookmarks in Spotlight with full previews and search, but that search functionality doesn’t extend to Chrome or Firefox. Brow is an app that adds all your bookmarks to Spotlight.

Holmes Is A Robust Search Engine For Bookmarks

Chrome: You’ll find plenty of tools out there to help you manage your browser’s bookmarks, but you need a solid search tool if it’s particularly unruly. Holmes is an extension that quickly searches for keywords in all of your bookmarks.

Evernote Business Lands In Australia: Is It Worth Getting?

Cloud software provider Evernote is gunning after Australia’s CEO wallets with the launch of Evernote Business; an SMB-flavoured version of its popular “share anything” application. The new app provides a range of interesting new features, but is it worth $11 per user, per month?

Secure Bookmarks Password-Protects Your Bookmarks

Chrome: We all have plenty of reasons to password-protect bookmarks. Maybe you don’t want others to see what you are checking out on a daily basis, or you are secretly shopping for a gift. Secure Bookmarks password-protects your bookmarks to keep them away from snoopers.

Bookmark Specific Gmail Pages For Quicker Access

When using Gmail, you usually need to head to your Gmail inbox in order to compose a new message, view your drafts, or visit another part of your inbox. notes that you can actually bookmark these pages for quicker access.

Bookmarx Adds Keyboard Shortcuts To All Your Bookmarking Actions

Chrome: If you rely a lot on bookmarks, then you probably have lots of different folders and sites in your browser storing all the amazing stuff you come across. If you want to speed up this process, Bookmarx is a Chrome extension that adds a few handy keyboard shortcuts to make bookmarking a breeze.

Bookmarks Tagger Organises Your Chrome Bookmarks Easily With Tags

Chrome: If you prefer to use the built-in bookmarking feature in Chrome instead of an external service, you know that bookmarks can get out of hand pretty quickly. Bookmarks Tagger is an extension that allows you to tag your bookmarks so you can find them easily.

Pocket For Mac Brings Offline Bookmarks To Your Desktop

Mac: Pocket has released a desktop client of its popular read-it-later app. Much like its mobile and browser siblings, the desktop app has full offline reading support and an easy-to-read text-only layout.