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Save To Google Is A Pocket-Like Chrome Extension For Saving Articles

Chrome: Not content with letting Pocket have the spotlight, Google has introduced a new extension called Save to Google that allows you to save articles to read later.

Tab Organiser Groups Your Open Chrome Tabs By URL

Chrome: If you keep lots of tabs open in your browser window, it can be a minor pain to find one when you need it. Tab Organiser is a Chrome extension that helps you maintain them a little better.

Linkpack Organises Bookmarks Into Folders, Makes Sharing Dead Simple

iPhone/Chrome: We certainly don’t have a shortage of bookmarking services to choose from, but while the likes of Pocket and Instapaper are great in their own right, they’re not perfect for everyone. Linkpack bridges the gap between the two, at least a little bit.

Linky Dink Collects Links From You And Collaborators Into A Single Daily Newsletter

Keeping a big, running list of links related to a project is always a bit tough, but Linky Dink is a simple little tool that allows anyone on a team to share links in a non-obnoxious way.

Google Reverts To Old Chrome Bookmark Manager

Google has backflipped on its revised bookmark manager for Chrome, reinstating the classic version instead.

Feedhuddler Sends RSS Feeds Straight To Pocket

Pocket is a great bookmarking service, but you have to add articles to it manually. If there’s a blog you always want to read stories from, Feedhuddler is a simple web app that sends everything that pops up in the RSS feed over to your Pocket account.

Get The Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

The newest version of Chrome features a fancy new bookmark manager and interface that’s all about thumbnails. If you’re not a fan of that snazz, Techdows points to a flag you can switch to get the old interface back.

Five Sites Every Small Business Should Bookmark

Looking for small business advice and tips that are relevant to Australians? Make sure these five sites are on your list.

Google Releases The New Chrome Bookmark Manager Extension

Chrome: It was formally known as Google Stars — before it was pulled from the Chrome Web Store. The Bookmark Manager extension relaunches today and brings a selection of new features to make your bookmarks more powerful.

How To Use Technology To Get Through Your Reading List

The internet is full of brilliant articles you haven’t read. So is your read-it-later app of choice, whether it’s Pocket, Readability, Instapaper or any other. Here’s how to finally tackle that reading list, with a little help from technology.

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