This Muppet Video Reminds You That Blu-ray Really Can Be Better

Sometimes when you’re repurchasing a cherished movie on Blu-ray which you have previously owned on DVD and which your parents once taped for you off the TV, you wonder whether it’s worth the investment. This video — showing the picture quality differences for the recently-issued Blu-ray of 1979 classic The Muppet Movie — shows us that there really can be benefits in upgrading.

Ask LH: Can I Get DRM-Free Movies And TV Shows Without Pirating?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to build an awesome media centre and download digital copies of my movies and TV shows, but everything is riddled with DRM these days. I don’t want to pirate shows. Is there any legal way to get DRM-free movies and TV on my media centre?

Autorip Rips Movies As Soon As You Insert The Disc

Windows: Autorip is a utility that automates the process of ripping DVDs and Blu-rays. The software detects when you insert a movie and immediately starts the ripping process.

What Is UltraViolet And Why Should You Care?

UltraViolet (UV) is a cloud-based video distribution service designed to give you instant access to your entertainment library via any device you see fit. The main selling point of UV is that all your purchases will be stored under the one account, regardless of the retailer, media player or hardware platform you happen to be using at the time of purchase.

Briefly: Dick Smith Unloads Blu-rays For $5, Google Trends Adds YouTube Only Searches, Hacker Turns Raspberry Pi Into An Amiga

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Dick Smiths unloads Blu-ray movies for $5, Google Trends adds YouTube only searches, turn your Raspberry Pi into an Amiga .

Dealhacker: Buy Two Blu-rays, Get One Free At Big W

From now until 24 February, Big W is offering a buy-two-get-one-free deal on all Blu-rays and DVDs. The site claims there are no exclusions, which presumably means you could snap up three Blu-ray box sets and only pay for two. [Big W via OzBargain]

Dealhacker: Movie Sales At JB Hi-Fi, Big W And Target

Looks like a good week to update and expand your movie collection. There are Blu-ray and DVD specials happening at JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Target.

Five Best DVD Ripping Tools

If you want to take your movies with you on the road or ditch your physical discs to save space, you’ll need to rip them first. Thankfully, there are plenty of great utilities designed to make the process easy and give you files that are playable on any device you choose. Here are five of the best, based on your nominations.

iTunes 1080p Versus Blu-ray: Surprisingly Close, But Not Perfect

Apple has started loading the iTunes Store with higher-quality, 1080p versions of movies, and despite the fact that they’re nearly 1/10th the size of their Blu-Ray counterparts, Ars Technica found that the quality is almost as good. Sharpness and colour reproduction were just about on par, though iTunes lost a bit of detail in grainy shots and had lots of issues with dark gradients (at least in the one movie they tested).

This Is The Best Thing You Didn't Know Your Blu-Ray Cases Did

I’ve always wondered why Blu-Ray cases had that annoying flap on the side. All they seem to do is make the case harder to open. Here’s how to fix that (without just breaking it off).