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Best Of 2012: Australia

It’s a Lifehacker tradition to round up the biggest Australian stories at the end of each year. Which Aussie posts drew the biggest audiences in 2012?

Best Of 2012: Food

Eat, drink and be merry — and efficient. Our Best Of 2012 series continues with our most popular food and kitchen posts for the past year. One clear lesson: we like burgers and coffee.

Best Of 2012: Broadband

We’re looking forward to faster speeds from the NBN, and we’re increasingly keen on mobile broadband via 4G. Today’s instalment in our Best Of 2012 series highlights the most popular broadband stories of the year.

Best Of 2012: How-To Guides

The core of Lifehacker is how to do stuff better, and nothing conveys that better than today’s Best Of 2012 post, rounding up our most popular how-to guides.

Best Of 2012: Ask Lifehacker

We always welcome reader questions for Ask Lifehacker. Today’s Best Of 2012 post highlights the most popular questions we dealt with over the year.

Best Of 2012: Top 10 Lists

We regularly round up our best tips into Lifehacker Top 10 lists. In today’s Best Of 2012 post, we’ve rounded up the most popular roundups from the year gone by.

Best Of 2012: Wallpaper

Fancy a change of desktop? Throughout the year, we offer wallpaper collections and advice on where to find awesome designs. Here are the most popular choices from 2012 in our ongoing Best Of 2012 series

Best Of 2012: Money

Not spending needlessly means more funds for the things you enjoy. Our Best Of 2012 series continues with our top money-saving posts from the year.

Best Of 2012: Travel

Throughout 2012, we’ve shared travel tips to save you money and make hitting the road more enjoyable. In today’s Best Of 2012 post, we round up Lifehacker Australia’s ten most popular travel stories.

Best Of 2012: Linux

Our Best Of 2012 series continues with a roundup of the most popular Linux posts from throughout the year. From the best distributions to the reasons why Linux hasn’t been more widely adopted, we have you covered.

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