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How Android Doze Works, And How To Tweak It To Save Your Battery

Your smartphone does so much that it feels impossible to get through the day on a full charge. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Android’s Doze feature, introduced in Marshmallow and refined in Nougat, keeps battery drain low when you’re not using your phone. Here’s how it works, and how to make the most of it.

4 Signs Your Computer Battery Is Dying

Unfortunately, computers don’t last forever. The most common area of a laptop that generally fails first is the battery. Battery failure can occur at any time and sometimes without warning. Other times you have some pre-warning signs that you can look out for so you can upgrade before your computer becomes unusable. For those who own a laptop, there are ways to find out if your battery needs replacing. Let’s take a look at the different signs to watch out for.

The Bottom Line On Whether You Should Charge Your Phone Overnight

Spoiler, the answer is yes: If your battery needs charging, go ahead and charge it overnight while you sleep. The reason it’s even a question has to do with outdated battery technologies, old fears solved by modern smartphones and other concerns this Android Authority video addresses in good order.

Make Your Own Micro USB Cable To Charge Your Phone From Another Phone

Ever find yourself with a dead smartphone battery when your friend has a full charge? Make Magazine shows you how to make your own USB cable that will allow you to recharge your phone from another phone.

Opera's Power Saving Mode Cuts Battery Drain For Longer Laptop Browsing

Windows/Mac/Linux: Opera has rolled out another update to its browser, this time introducing a power saver mode that supposedly gives you a 50 per cent boost in battery run time.

Use Greenify's Aggressive Doze Mode To Save Even More Battery On Android

Android (6.0+): Doze mode on Android Marshmallow is a miracle worker that can extend your device’s battery by a ton, whenever it’s been sitting still for a long time. Greenify can crank those savings up even further.

Tesla Powerwall: 2016 Pricing Number Crunch and Payback Times

Back in May, 2015, we crunched the payback figures for the Powerwall, based on an assumed Australian cost and example electricity prices. Now there are local installed costs available, we have broken out the calculator and gone over the figures. The question is, can the Powerwall give a decent payback time?

Quickly Get To Your Phone's Battery Stats With This Shortcut

Android (5.0 and up): Android has a pretty powerful tool that allows you to see what’s been using your phone’s battery since it was last charged. If you’re using it often, this shortcut makes it easier to get to.

Doze Brings Marshmallow's Battery-Saving Feature To Older Androids

Android 4.1+: Doze is one of the best new features in Android Marshmallow, which stops apps from using the network when your phone is idle. But if your phone still doesn’t have Marhsmallow, this app will bring the feature to older phones.

Facebook's Latest Update For iPhone Fixes Two Major Battery Drains

iOS: If you use Facebook on your iPhone, you’re probably used to terrible battery drains. While we wouldn’t count on this suddenly changing, Facebook is fixing two major problems that were chipping away at your charge.

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