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Myth Debunked: Why Charging Your iPhone Overnight Doesn't Destroy The Battery

For years so-called tech experts have claimed that keeping your phone charging overnight and juicing up your device when it’s still got plenty of battery left could be really bad for it. But charging your iPhone overnight isn’t going to destroy the battery or cause any other damage to your handset, according to editor and tech author Jesse Hollington.

What's The Best Way To Keep Your Smartphone Charged?

It’s inevitable at some point that your smartphone will run a little low on juice. Which strategy is best for keeping your power topped up?

Get More Battery Life From Your Chromebook With Guest Mode

Chromebooks have a crazy long battery life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run out eventually. If you need a few extra hours on your Chromebook, log in as a guest.

Ask LH: What Are The Most Battery-Efficient Ways To Contact People With My Phone?

Dear Lifehacker, After a full day of use on my Android smartphone, I am often left with very little battery but still have important messages to relay to family and friends. What is the most battery-efficient way to get them across before my phone goes dead? Calling, texting or WhatsApp?

Apple Is Replacing Some Defective iPhone 5 Batteries

Does the battery life on your iPhone 5 suck? There’s a small chance that might be because Apple sold you a defective unit. Here’s how to find out.

Chameleon Changes Window Colours Based On Battery Level, Time Of Day

Windows: Chameleon is a free Windows utility that changes window colours based on the weather, the time of day, or battery level. When you’re working on your laptop, this give you an obvious visual cue when you need to plug in without having to constantly check the system tray icon.

Google Chrome Kills Battery On Windows Faster Than IE Or Firefox

If you are on a Windows laptop, you might want to shut your Chrome and use Firefox or Internet Explorer when you need to conserve power. Chrome has a core problem that causes it to consume more battery than other browsers, Forbes says.

Auto Pilot Mode Puts Your Phone In Flight Mode When You Lose Signal

Android (root ): We all know that switching on flight mode is a great way to save battery in low signal areas, but it only works if you notice before your phone dies. Auto Pilot Mode helps by switching it on when you’re out of a coverage area.

Web Browser Battery Usage Compared

Window weblog 7Tutorials has done another round of its web browser battery usage tests. The results are pretty much the same as usual: Internet Explorer keeps your computer running longer.

System Lens Shows You What's Eating Your Mac's Battery

Mac: Got an app or two running down your battery? Never really sure what it is? System Lens pays attention to active processes and how much they utilise the CPU. It warns you of the greedy ones so you can keep an eye on what’s killing your battery.

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