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What Small Businesses And Startups Can Learn From IKEA

IKEA is more than just a retailer of cookie cutter furniture. Behind the company’s huge success lies simple business philosophies that catapulted it into a household name; its furniture and lifestyle goods can be found in homes around the world. Small businesses and startups can learn a thing or two from IKEA that will help them grow.

Hackers Show Off Linux And Super Mario Bros On The PS4

Twice a year, the GeekPwn carnival is held around the world. It’s a security geek contest for smart devices, and is often a place for white-hat hackers to show vulnerabilities in devices like smart cameras, mainstream routers and smart devices.

At the latest GeekPwn event, a PlayStation 4 curiously made an appearance. And you know what else popped up? A working version of Linux, Super Mario Bros, and more importantly, version 4.01 of the PS4 firmware..

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio: A Super-Powered All-In-One PC

Microsoft just announced a brand new all-in-one PC called the Surface Studio. This isn’t some under-powered plasticky do-your-kids’-homework desktop PC, though: it’s a 28-inch Core i7-powered behemoth with a ridiculously high-resolution screen and a massive amount of computing and graphics power. It’s meant for hardcore creative types, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lust over it as well.

The PlayStation Network Is Still Down

Parts of the PlayStation Network — including games, apps and sign-in pages — currently aren’t working in Australia. The problem appears to be occurring in multiple territories and Sony is investigating the situation. Here’s what we know so far.

Briefly: Weird '70s Horror, Dying Pokemon GO, Sony Xperia XZ Review

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the weirdest horror movies from the 1970s, how Niantic Labs is slowly killing off Pokemon Go, Sony Xperia XZ Australian review.

Hump Day Deals: Aldi Christmas Sale, 20% Off At Bing Lee, Free Westworld

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: half-price DJ controllers from Jb Hi-Fi, 20% off at Bing Lee, Aldi’s big Christmas food sale.

How To Watch Microsoft's Special Surface Event Tonight

Microsoft will be lifting the curtains on new Surface devices at a launch event tonight. It’s being held in the US, but for Aussies who are keen to see the new products as soon as they’re announced, here’s how you can watch the event in the comfort of your own home.

Strict Speed Limits Actually Make You Worse At Driving: Study

Enforcing strict speed limits on our roads is bad for road safety because it is a distraction to drivers and makes them less aware of hazards. This is the chief finding from a new study by the University of Western Australia (UWA). Can we just go full Autobahn already?

Five Common Travel Scams And How To Avoid Them [Infographic]

Travelling overseas is prohibitively expensive — which means deals and special offers are in hot demand. Unfortunately, this has given rise to a range of online scams designed to rob travellers of their hard-earned money. This infographic lists five common travel scams you need to watch out for.

Ask LH: What Camera Should I Buy My Son To Learn On?

Hiya Gizmodo! My 15 year old son has really started getting into photography — it has quickly become one of his favourite subjects at school. I’d love to get him a decent camera (under $1000) that can grow with him and his skills, for a few years at least. What’s the best direction to go in? Cheers, Mum

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