Australian Stories

Elderly Australians Still Aren't That Keen On Mobile Phones

Mobile phone ownership is near-ubiquitous in Australia — if you’re under 65. After that, it turns out people are a lot keener on the old-fashioned land line (Internet connection optional).

Mobile Apps Still Beat Mobile Sites: Gartner

There’s no doubt that building a functional mobile site avoids the pain of having to build specific apps for multiple phone platforms. The big problem? End users would still much rather have an app.

Gravity: How Dell Workstation Tech Enabled Its Award-Winning Visual FX

Behind the scenes, there’s a cutting-edge visual FX connection behind Gravity, Iron Man 3, Edge of Tomorrow and the opening sequence of Skyfall. That link: British FX house, Framestore. Among major Hollywood studios, the firm has become synonymous with stunning visuals, and now has operations in New York, LA and Montreal. Here’s a look at the tech under its hood.

How To Cancel Your 'Catch Of The Day' Account

Last week, Catch Of The Day admitted to a data breach involving the loss of usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords and credit card data. What’s more, it waited three whole years to disclose this information to customers. If you’re as annoyed with the company as we are, you’ll want to cancel your account. Here’s how.

Briefly: 100 Calorie Winter Snacks, Quakecon Steam Sale, HTC Desire 816 Review

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Steam throws annual Quakecon computer game sale, 100 healthy winter snack ideas, the ten most ridiculous 1980s music videos.

Partner Rejecting Your Sexual Advances? An 'Excuses Spreadsheet' Is Unlikely To Help

Here’s a life hack for the suicidally brave. A husband fed up with his wife’s diminished libido recently decided to keep a spreadsheet of all of the excuses she gave for not having sex. He then emailed her the damning litany to highlight just how often she had knocked back his sexual advances. If your partner never seems to be in the mood lately, maybe you should follow his example.

Why Data Matters More Than Devices

Because individual mobile devices are often expensive, the focus for individuals is frequently on physical security. While this is understandable, it’s utterly meaningless from a business perspective.

Send 'Thank You' Photos Of Your Kid Opening Presents (Instead Of Doing It At The Party)

Kids’ birthday parties are essentially a trial by fire for new parents. As if the legion of boisterous children wasn’t bad enough, you’ve also got to deal with unpredictable weather, party games that invariably don’t work and baking a cake that looks like a cartoon character (as opposed to a malformed blob.) But arguably the most stressful moment is the whole “pressie opening” fiasco — especially if you have an unruly kid. Here’s a simple tip to make things run a little more smoothly.

These Uncharted Waters Have Not Been Chartered

Uncharted waters is a common phrase used to describe unfamiliar territory. Don’t make the mistake of writing unchartered waters instead.

Ask LH: Is It Illegal To Rip Bluray Discs I Paid For?

Hey Lifehacker, I would like to know what the law says about this situation: I bought a Blu-ray disc and now I want to make a digital copy of it so I can put it on my home media server. Is it illegal for me to download a copy of the movie, even if I have already bought it?