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What To Do With Your Hacked Yahoo Account

Yahoo just announced that it was the victim of a devastating state-sponsored hack that resulted in the personal data of half a billion users being breached. If you’re a Yahoo user, your account may have been comprised.

Deals: These Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Pack Power And Portability

We choose headphones for their comfortable frames, but their bulk makes them difficult to store on the move. Thankfully, the FRANKLIN Bluetooth Headphones remedy this issue with their foldable design.

How To Calibrate Your TV And Make It Look Better

So you’ve just bought yourself a new TV. Whether it’s an entry level HD TV, a state-of-the-art 4K panel or something in-between, the second you set it up, there are a few small tweaks that you can do to make it look better than it already does. You can spend zero dollars on this or you can spend a couple of hundred, but the result that you get will be a noticeable improvement.

There Is Literally No Excuse For Plugging In An Unfamiliar USB Stick

Earlier this week, the Victorian Police issued an alert about malware-laden USB thumb drives being found in residents’ mailboxes. The idea of distributing malware through USB sticks isn’t new and yet research has found that many people would plug in a USB drive that they find in a public place. This kind of attack is known to be used by attackers to gain access into corporate networks by luring careless employees into plugging in booby-trapped USB sticks in their work computers. More education is needed to warn end-users about the dangers of USB sticks found in public spaces.

Survey: A Majority Of IT Leaders Think They Can Keep Hackers Out

Australian organisations battle with cyberattacks on a daily basis and it’s common wisdom that it’s near impossible to keep attackers out. But a recent survey shows that a majority of IT decision makers in Australia believe they can prevent hackers from breaking into their corporate networks. Here are the details.

Credentials From 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Stolen In 'State-Sponsored' Hack

It’s official: Yahoo has confirmed the credential information from 500 million user accounts were stolen after a data breach that occurred in 2014. The company has said i the breach was a result of a “state-sponsored” hack. Here’s what you need to know.

Apple iPhone 7 Review: It's The Best One Yet

The iPhone 7 looks nearly identical to the 6s, and that’s because from the outside, it almost is. However, beneath the hood are a host of tiny evolutions that combine to make this a worthy successor. In fact, it’s the best iPhone ever.

Briefly: No Man’s Sky Dilemma, Flat Earth Troll, North Korea's Web

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: NASA’s latest Saturn photos, No Man’s Sky and the power of saying “no”, North Korea accidentally leaked a list of its websites (all 28 of them).

Child-Abducting Clowns Are Mostly A Figment Of Your Imagination

By now, you’ve doubtlessly seen the news reports about creepy clowns that are causing widespread panic across America. If the stories are to be believed, these sinister face-painted funsters have been popping up all over the US to menace secluded hikers and entice kids into unmarked vans. If you suffer from extreme coulrophobia, you’re probably losing sleep over this. But there’s no need to worry. We explain why there’s no need to panic. (Yet).

Lovehacker: My Girlfriend Wants Us To Be Poly

Dear Lovehacker, My girlfriend of five months has asked how I’d feel about our relationship opening up (i.e. — becoming polyamorous) though she hasn’t fully specified what that means for us yet. I don’t think I could really define myself this way, and I’m really not sure how this will affect our relationship moving forward. What should I be bracing myself for, best and worst case, and is it fair or selfish of me to consider this a dealbreaker?

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