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App Deals: Smartphones Are Making Physical Whiteboards Redundant

Today’s best deals include Meter on Android, Whiteboard on iOS and Sengoku Jidai on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

It's A National Tragedy: Toobs Have Been Discontinued

We regret to inform you that the Smith’s Snackfood Company has stopped making Toobs. The tangy tomato crisp — a favourite of Lifehacker — will no longer be sold due to a slump in sales. Worst Friday ever.

The Pros And Cons Of Automating Network Security

The automation of IT is on the rise, as noted by Gartner earlier this week as organisations increasingly opt to use intelligent systems that obviate the need for human intervention. But security is a touchy area when it comes to automation. Sure, there are probably a lot of repetitive tasks that security professionals would love to hand over to machines but they are reluctant to relinquish control. We take a look at the pros and cons of automation in network security.

Driving Tips From A Professional Stuntman

Driving is an everyday part of life for most Australians. Whether it be commuting to and from work or doing weekend trips, we innately call on our driving abilities to get to our destinations and keep us from danger. But do you know some of the vital skills that could save your life when you get in trouble on the roads? We spoke to a professional stunt driver to find out what they are and got behind the wheel of a sports car for some stunt driving advice.

Five Tips For Writing A Killer Resume And Cover Letter

You can have all the qualification and skills for your an advertised job but distilling that down into a few pieces of paper can be stressful. We have some advice to help you write up a resume and cover letter that will aid you in your quest for your dream job.

Briefly: Terror Toyota, Netflix Price-Hike, Dastardly Dictators

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Why the Toyota Hilux is strangely popular with terrorists, what’s inside the amended “Netflix tax”, the 23 most ruthless leaders of all time.

NASA Is Reportedly Making An Announcement Tomorrow That Will 'Change Everything'

NASA is at it again! The US space agency is teasing the world about a major scientific discovery that could be revealed as soon as tomorrow. This time, the “planet” in question is Pluto and the news is expected to be huge. According to NASA, it will change everything — everything — we know about the solar system. (Blimey!) Here’s what you need to know to catch the event live.

WhatsApp Chat Logs, Photos and Videos Can Now Be Backed Up To Google Drive

If you’re like me and use WhatsApp on a daily basis, chances are you use the messenger app to swap funny stories, photos and videos. It would be a shame to lose any of that content for whatever reason. The good news is, thanks to a partnership between WhatsApp and Google, you can now back all of that up onto Google Drive.

All The Useful Products Google Has Killed Off Since 2006 [Infographic]

When Google Reader was discontinued, it broke the hearts of journalists, bloggers and news hounds everywhere. Before that it was Google Talk. Before that; Google Labs. In fact, the search juggernaut has killed off a significant number of useful products in the name of profitability and progress. This infographic marks the passing of every significant product and service: from 2006 to present.

Ask LH: How Can I Find A Holiday Place With Decent Tech?

Hey Lifehacker, As a single dad with teenagers who are perpetually glued to their devices, choosing our annual Christmas holiday destination is always a challenge. The trouble is, our usual beachside options can’t match the superfast internet and widescreen TV we have at home!

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