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What IT Pros Get Wrong On Their Resumes

Even if you’re invited to apply for a role rather than hunting it down, you’ll need to submit a resume as part of the process. Our sibling publication Business Insider has rounded up ten of the most common mistakes techies make when compiling a resume.

Ask LH: Are My Long Network Cables Slowing Me Down?

Hey Lifehacker, Cable question: Currently I am using a 7-foot Cat 5e cable from the router to the ethernet wall jack in the bedroom upstairs. I want to use a 100-foot cord. I need to run it out the upstairs window, across the porch roof and down into the window on the main floor into my office. We lease, so drilling holes and feeding it downstairs is not an option. The room where it is now is directly above the room it needs to feed into. What I’m wondering is: does longer cable equal slower speed?

Lessons About AWS

It’s almost a given that after completing a major project that you’ll wish you had done something differently. A recent post by Rich Adams at Weblinks covers a bunch of rookie errors and advanced options that will help you optimise your AWS deployment.

Ask LH: How Should I Handle A Second Job From Overseas?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently was lucky enough to land a contractor job as a remote QA tester for a company in Canada. My questions are to do with tax. I will be paid for the hours I put into this job on top of my normal income. What forms will I need to fill out? And will I be able claim the costs of my consoles, home internet connection and other expenses associated with it?

Why Microsoft Is Dumping Support For Windows 8.1

In a move certain to raise the ire of users of Microsoft’s Windows operating system the software giant has announced that next month it will cease support for Windows 8.1. But that operating system is barely eight months old and already an upgraded version of the Windows 8 system that failed to impress many users since its release in 2012. Microsoft has this month already killed off support for the long-lasting Windows XP system, so why is it ending support for Windows 8.1?

mResell Is A New Marketplace For Your Old Apple Gear

As we upgrade our systems or expand our networks, we inevitably end up with a few spare bits and pieces. Australian macworld magazine has teamed up with European reseller mResell to create a local market for used Apple equipment.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s deals include Winterland on Android, Word Up Dog on iOS, and GuitarKit on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Is Anyone Really Using Passbook?

Smartphones can potentially replace lots of the scraps of paper we carry in our wallets. Apple’s Passbook app could potentially reduce the amount of clutter we carry even more by holding information about loyalty programs, discount vouchers, boarding passes, event tickets and other bits and pieces. But has it worked?

Ask LH: Can I Get Decent Wi-Fi With A Router In A Cupboard?

Dear Lifehacker, My parents have an issue with their home Wi-Fi. The router is situated in a cupboard and this means reception is often patchy. However, I’d like to keep this location as there are also ethernet cables routed from the cupboard to other rooms. Is a wireless access point my best solution? Any recommendations?

Briefly: Video Game Movies, The Lower-Fibre NBN

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including overdosing on video game movies, more changes at NBN Co, and why cinema tickets are so expensive.