ask the readers

Do You Check Email Immediately After Sex?

We’re all relatively glued to our phones, and in many of our jobs email is a critical communication tool. A new study by the folks behind MyMail revealed something interesting — nearly 10% of us check our email immediately after sex. Does that sound like you?

How Do You Stop People From Stealing Your Food From The Shared Fridge?

Lunch (and other food) thievery seems to be a rampant problem in many offices and other places with a communal fridge. You could use a thief-deterring, fake, mouldy sandwich bag, or lace your food with laxatives, but maybe there’s a less extreme method. What’s yours?

Is Android Wear Enough To Get You Interested In Wearables?

Recently, Google announced the first commercially available Android Wear devices. So far, wearables haven’t been too useful, but is Android Wear enticing to you?

Do Step Counts Motivate You?

In a recent article for the New Yorker, David Sedaris describes his loving relationship with his Fitbit and how it motivates him throughout the day. So, we want to know, do you feel step shame? Do those step counts actually motivate you to leave the house and walk?

How Can Lifehacker Help Improve Your Life?

Most of us are not leading our ideal lives. We aren’t happy with the money we make, we spend too much time at the jobs we don’t like, and we give in to daily stressors far too easily. But these things aren’t the reasons we’re unhappy — they’re the symptoms.

Who Needs A 1TB Broadband Plan?

It’s a familiar complaint: you’re only part way through the month and you’ve already used up your download limit, leaving you with either a slow shaped connection or big excess usage fees. But just how large an allowance do you need? Is 1TB more than enough for most of us?

Copying Data From NAS To NAS

I recently acquired a new NAS. My first taks was moving data from my old NAS to the new one. But it wasn’t as easy as I expected

What's The Best Advice You've Ever Received?

Follow your dreams. Stop caring about what most people think of you. Don’t marry that person. We’ve all (hopefully) received valuable advice in our lives. What’s the best you’ve been given so far?

If My Hotel Room Doesn't Get Cleaned, What Should Happen Next?

So this is entirely #firstworldproblems, but I’m curious to see what readers think: I came back to my hotel room in Houston today and found an apologetic note, explaining that the room had not been serviced because of a staff shortage.

Do You Sleep Near Your Phone?

We all know we should avoid screens before bed and checking our email in the morning, yet many of us sleep with our phones right next to us. Do you?