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Should Parents Lie About Santa To Their Kids?

This is a tough time of year for parents who subscribe to the “always be honest” rule of parenting. Is perpetuating the Santa myth bad for kids or good?

What Does It Take To Be A Developer (Other Than Coding)?

Coding is the biggest focus for most aspiring developers, but the truth is it takes a lot more to be a professional in the field. So we want to know: what else does it take to be a professional developer?

Do You Have A Financial Goals Timeline?

Most of us have a budget for our finances, and we may even have goals for what we’d like to save or pay off. But fewer of us have planned out exactly when we hope to achieve those goals.

Do You Have A Best Friend At Work?

Many of us keep our work and personal lives separate; we might have acquaintances at work, but we probably don’t have close friendships. However, at least one psychologist says that having a close friendship at work can make us more productive.

Do You Still Use A Third-Party Keyboard On iOS?

Everyone was pretty excited about third-party keyboard on iOS, but it doesn’t seem like that many people out in the real world actually use them. So, we want to know, do you use a third-party keyboard?

Should You Always Wear A Suit To A Job Interview?

Conventional wisdom holds that you should dress sharply for a job interview, and that often involves wearing a suit. But that might not always be the best choice.

Would You Take A Job For The Free Massages?

Tech companies like Google and Twitter are legendary for the perks they offer employees. But is it worth taking a job that offers free massages if you’re going to be in the office for 16 hours every day, coding like a maniac between bowlfuls of organic muesli?

How Comfortable Are You With Discussing Money?

Conventional etiquette tells us it’s rude to talk about our money. You don’t ask people how much they make; you don’t talk about how much you earn. But some argue that being more open about money is a good thing — it leads to better financial habits. We want to know how comfortable you are with this topic.

When Job Referral Fees Go Wrong

Many employers offer a bonus to staff members who help find suitable candidates to fill vacancies, paying out large sums if a suitable candidate is found and hired. It’s a great idea when it works — but it can mess up your personal life if it doesn’t.

What Apps Do You Have Push Notifications Enabled For?

Push notifications can be evil — they tend to distract us while also killing the battery on our mobile devices. So we’re curious about your perspective: what apps are worth having push notifications enabled for?