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What Necessary Adult Skills Were You Never Taught Growing Up?

When you’re young, you spend most of your time getting an education to help prepare you for being an adult. And yet some things slip through the cracks. What weren’t you taught that you think you should have?

The Impact Of Qantas' Strict New 'Smart Casual' Rules Will Be Minimal

Qantas don’t want your stinking thongs no more. From April 1 (no joke), it will begin more strictly enforcing its “smart casual” rules in Qantas Club and Business lounges. Does this mean the end of miners hanging out waiting for their FIFO connection? Not quite.

Touch Screens: The Future Of Computing Or A Despicably Clunky Fad?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to have a finger-free experience on modern computer displays. Most Windows-based laptops now come equipped with inbuilt touch screens as standard. It’s the only control method for the vast majority of smartphones and tablet PCs. Even desktop monitors and all-in-ones are getting in on the action. But are touch screens actually an improvement on traditional navigation? Or are we all being force-fed something truly awful? Here’s what Ashton Kutcher has to say on the subject. Yes, that Ashton Kutcher.

What Wedding Gifts Do You Use The Most (And Least)?

Coming up with the perfect unique gift for one person is hard enough, let alone finding a gift for a couple. To help us figure out the best wedding gifts, tell us what presents from your wedding you and your partner use the most.

Do You Dine Out On Valentine's Day?

Two of our favourite food sites, The Kitchn and Serious Eats, explain the many reasons why you shouldn’t dine out on Valentine’s Day. Here’s their reasoning, but will this convince you?

How Do You Help Yourself Fall Asleep?

When you’re having a hard time falling asleep, many of us just toss, turn and whine about it. There are better ways to fall asleep fast though, so we want to hear your tricks.

How Do You Save Money On Pet Care? 

Owning a pet can be expensive. Vet bills are often surprisingly high, and food, toys and litter can quickly add up. We want to know: what are your tips for saving money on pet care?

What Kind Of Spending Makes You Happiest?

You don’t need money to be happy. But studies do show that spending your money on certain things can make you feel satisfied. So how exactly does your spending affect your happiness?

How Hard Would It Be To Document Your Job?

Efficient management relies on well-understood and well-documented processes, but the reality in many workplaces is that crucial tasks are often only fully understood by a single employee. If you were to quit your job tomorrow, how many processes would have to be documented so that someone else could take over your role?

Where Do You Work Most Productively?

Do you get more done working at the office, at home, on the road or in a cafe?