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How Do You Stay Productive During 'Wasted' Time?

We’re all stuck in places that make us wait. It’s easy to get bored and do nothing, but that time — if planned well — can be used productively. How do you make use of this otherwise “wasted” time?

Are Those New ATM Number Pad Covers Driving You Nuts?

We’re all used to being told to cover our hands when using automatic teller machines (ATMs), which prevents rogue cameras from seeing you enter your PIN. Some banks are now taking it a step further, with a rubberised cover over the top of the number pad. I understand the reasoning, but it makes ATMs much more painful to use.

When Is It Worth Keeping A Job You Hate?

We’ve talked quite often about when it’s time to quit a job you hate. However, there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons to keep a job you can’t stand — especially if it might lead you to that job you’ll love.

What Conveniences Are You Willing To Pay For?

We’re all about being frugal here at Lifehacker, but sometimes convenience is worth the price. Maybe cooking just isn’t in the cards for you and eating out is worth the cost. Or perhaps you enjoy the time you save having your laundry done for you.

How Do You Discipline Your Children?

Every family and child is different, and so there’s no one “right” way to help kids learn responsibility and modify their behaviour for the better. What method(s) do you use?

What Should Lifehacker Look Into At Cisco Live!?

For the next three days, I’m in Melbourne for Cisco’s annual Cisco Live! conference. What issues should I dig into while I’m here?

Do You Self-Censor At Work?

Acting naturally at your workplace is always a bit tough. You want to present a professional demeanour, and often that comes at the cost of censoring yourself. So we want to know: do you self-censor at work?

How Do You Take The Agony Out Of Cleaning And Make It Fun?

Few people love to clean, but we all have to do it sometimes. We’ve shown you how to speed up your laundry and automate your other chores , but what about making them fun? What do you do to take the agony out of cleaning?

Which Job Perk Would You Like The Most?

Many tech employers offer pool tables, arcade machines and other perks to make the workplace more appealing to potential staff. But that’s just the tip of the perkberg. How about free FitBits, anniversary sneakers or $2000 worth of holiday accommodation?

Do You Prefer Laser Or Inkjet Printers?

Laser printers used to be expensive, but now you can pick them up for the same price as a low-end inkjet. On top of that, you rarely have to replace toner and even the low-to-mid-range models come with nice features such as Wi-Fi and duplex printing.