ask the readers

What Kind Of Spending Makes You Happiest?

You don’t need money to be happy. But studies do show that spending your money on certain things can make you feel satisfied. So how exactly does your spending affect your happiness?

How Hard Would It Be To Document Your Job?

Efficient management relies on well-understood and well-documented processes, but the reality in many workplaces is that crucial tasks are often only fully understood by a single employee. If you were to quit your job tomorrow, how many processes would have to be documented so that someone else could take over your role?

Where Do You Work Most Productively?

Do you get more done working at the office, at home, on the road or in a cafe?

How Do You Teach Your Kids About Money? 

Learning some basic personal finance concepts at an early age can help kids make better financial decisions as they get older. But how do you teach these concepts as a parent?

This Is Why Having A Separate Alarm Clock Can Still Be A Good Idea

Over at Gizmodo, Luke reports that Optus managed to stuff up its network time signal for Queenslanders, switching their phones to daylight saving time and ruining many a banana bender morning. At moments like this, I can’t help thinking there’s a lot to be said for an old-fashioned alarm clock rather than using your phone.

What Would You Like To See From Apple In 2015?

Apple is a constant magnet for rumours about its plans for 2015 and beyond. What products would you like to see it release in 2015?

What DIY Home Projects Are Worth The Money Saved?

Many home projects are complicated and time-consuming enough to call in a professional. And some projects are surprisingly simple and worth tackling on your own. We want to know: what home improvement or renovation projects are worth doing yourself to save some cash?

How Will You Keep Your Financial Resolutions?

It’s important to have a good plan in place when tackling resolutions. This is definitely true for financial goals, because it’s easy to feel out-of-control with money. What are your financial resolutions? And how you plan on keeping them?

Do You Ever Use The Robes In Hotels?

One of the markers of a fancier hotel is the presence of robes for you to lounge around in (complete with label reminding you not to steal them). But how many people ever get around to taking them off the hanger and wearing them?

What Does It Take To Be A Developer (Other Than Coding)?

Coding is the biggest focus for most aspiring developers, but the truth is it takes a lot more to be a professional in the field. So we want to know: what else does it take to be a professional developer?