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How's That Standing Desk Working Out For You?

Some of us have switched to standing or walking desks to avoid the possible damaging effects of sitting all day. But these desks may not be a cure-all, for a few reasons.

How Do You Get Feedback From Your Partners? [NSFW]

In the comments section to our recent guide to cunnlingus, many of you talked about the fact that different women like different things when it comes to oral. Of course, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so it’s important to get feedback from your partner about what they like. Today we want to talk about how you go about getting that input.

How Do You Save Money On Social Outings?

Having a social life often costs money. Even if it’s possible to hang out with people you like without spending money, the social pressures can still lead to that result. So, how do you save money?

How Often Do You Have Family Meals?

There are tons of benefits to eating together, whether with family, friends or your partner. Do you usually eat with others or on your own?

Customer Service Reps: How Can People Get Better Service From You?

It can be a pain to deal with customer service, but it’s probably more painful for them to deal with unruly customers all day long. If you work in customer service, tell us how people can get better, more efficient service from you.

What Is Your Go-To Meal To Use What's In Your Fridge?

Some days, you just don’t have the time to go to the supermarket, or the money to order delivery, no matter how empty the fridge is. So, what’s your favourite bare-pantry recipe?

What Relationship Advice Do You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self?

Heartbreaks. Lust. Love. It takes years, if not decades, to gain wisdom about relationships. Come share with us what you’ve learned.

How Much Quality Time Do You Actually Spend With The People You Love?

The other day, at 1:30 in the morning, I peeked into my daughter’s bedroom to check on her before heading to bed, and realised I had spent maybe 15 minutes the day before actually conversing with her. The same for the day before that.

What Are The Worst Porn Moves To Try In Real Life? [NSFW]

Last month we covered how to have a healthy relationship with porn. A lot of you showed up in the comments to talk about your personal relationships with porn, and how it has affected your sex lives. It should come as no surprise that porn can contribute both positively and negatively to real-world sex.

What Do You Wish Other People Knew About Your Occupation?

We all form ideas about what it’s like to work in particular jobs or occupations, but we can’t really know until we actually do those jobs or hear the secrets from an insider. So, tell us, what are the things others might not know about your job?