ask the readers

What Do You Think Are The Most Overrated Sex Acts?

In our last post, many of you told us that you think shower sex is overrated. You shared stories about sore muscles, sprained ankles and soap in all the wrong places. Today, we want to know more!

Would You Be Happy Having Your Child's Birth Filmed In VR?

Samsung’s latest publicity stunt involved filming a live birth to transmit to a Gear VR headset in order to reunite a husband and wife during one of life’s precious moments. Is that something you’d be comfortable with?

Which Debt Repayment Plan Worked Best For You? 

Paying off debt is a huge win. Huge, but not easy. The key to making it work? Devising a strategy that works with your habits. We want to know which debt repayment strategy helped you most, and why.

How Do You Keep Your Boss From Interfering With Or Ruining Your Work?

You don’t have to have a micromanaging boss or one that’s truly crazy to experience the friction between having a boss and getting good work done. How do you keep your boss (or manager or client) from messing with your work?

How Do You Start A Breakup Talk?

When you know that it is time for your relationship to end, you have a tough conversation ahead. If you want to stay friends with your soon-to-be ex, the talk can be even more difficult to navigate. What is the best way to begin this talk?

What's Your Most Regrettable Purchase?

We’ve all bought stuff we later realise is a complete waste of money. We kick ourselves, we learn a lesson or two, and then we move on. What’s your most regrettable purchase, and what did you learn from it?

What Necessary Adult Skills Were You Never Taught Growing Up?

When you’re young, you spend most of your time getting an education to help prepare you for being an adult. And yet some things slip through the cracks. What weren’t you taught that you think you should have?

The Impact Of Qantas' Strict New 'Smart Casual' Rules Will Be Minimal

Qantas don’t want your stinking thongs no more. From April 1 (no joke), it will begin more strictly enforcing its “smart casual” rules in Qantas Club and Business lounges. Does this mean the end of miners hanging out waiting for their FIFO connection? Not quite.

Touch Screens: The Future Of Computing Or A Despicably Clunky Fad?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to have a finger-free experience on modern computer displays. Most Windows-based laptops now come equipped with inbuilt touch screens as standard. It’s the only control method for the vast majority of smartphones and tablet PCs. Even desktop monitors and all-in-ones are getting in on the action. But are touch screens actually an improvement on traditional navigation? Or are we all being force-fed something truly awful? Here’s what Ashton Kutcher has to say on the subject. Yes, that Ashton Kutcher.