ask the readers

What Do You Wish Other People Knew About Your Occupation?

We all form ideas about what it’s like to work in particular jobs or occupations, but we can’t really know until we actually do those jobs or hear the secrets from an insider. So, tell us, what are the things others might not know about your job?

Have You Ever Fallen For A Financial Scam?

From phony debt collectors to fake tech support calls, financial scams abound these days. Some of them are obvious, but others are pretty sophisticated. If you’ve ever fallen for a financial scam, tell us about it.

What Is Your Number One Item To Bring On A Road Trip?

Road trips are a fun — and cheap — way to travel. When planning your perfect road trip, you have a lot to think about, beyond the essentials. What is the top item you make sure to take with you for a great road trip?

How Big Is Your Emergency Fund?

The topic of emergency funds seems to be harmless enough. But there’s actually quite a bit of debate over them. Experts don’t always agree on how big an emergency fund should be, or even where that money should be parked. We want to know what your emergency fund looks like.

How Did You Find Your Lost Pet?

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking, scary experience. But the good news is a surprisingly high percentage of lost cats and dogs are recovered. If you found your lost pet, we want to know how you did it.

The Worst Job Interview Horror Stories

Nothing kills the excitement of a possible new job like a terrible interview. Last week we asked you what your worst job interviews were like, and you delivered. Here are the most nightmarish experiences, as told by you.

Tell Us Your Worst Job Interview Experiences

Job interviews have the potential to either be exciting, hopeful experiences, or be a complete disaster. What was your absolute worst job interview experience?

How Do You Balance Work And Life?

Finding the right balance between work and life is tricky. We’d like to hear how you do it.

What Should The Maximum Size For An Email Attachment Be?

Office 365 now allows you to define policies limiting the maximum size of email attachments. But just how big is too big?

Do You Lock Your Phone With A Passcode?

We all know you should protect your phone with a passcode or lock pattern, but that doesn’t always seem convenient. So be honest: do you lock your phone?