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How Did You (Or Someone You Know) Recover From A Rut In Life?

Sometimes, everything in life feels like it’s going wrong. You feel demotivated, lost, unhappy, and you have no idea where to start turning it around. Have you — or anyone you know — ever managed to turn things around and get out of a major rut in life? We want to hear from you!

What Weird Things Do You And Your Partner Always Argue About?

Sure, many couples fight about the big things — money, child-rearing and what kind of car to buy — but it’s the little things we argue about that can be more irritating. What do you and your significant other bicker about?

Why Not Tracking Holidays Could Backfire For Employees

Virgin founder Richard Branson has copied an idea from Netflix: not formally keeping track of when staff members take holidays, and letting them make their own decisions about when they need a break. While that sound generous, we have a nasty suspicion it could backfire.

Do You Still Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Jailbreaking iPhones has been a popular route for people trying to get more out of their iOS devices for a long while. However, Apple keeps adding features previous only available to jailbreakers to iOS when new versions emerge. So we want to know: do you still care about jailbreaking?

How Do You Deal With Having A Different Sleep Schedule To Your Partner?

Everyone has different sleep schedules. Some of us are early-to-bed types, others prefer to stay up late. Sometimes, you’ll meet someone with a completely different schedule than you. So, we want to know, how do you deal with that kind of inconsistency with a partner?

Do You Know How Much Your Boss Earns?

Speculation about salaries is a common topic of workplace chatter. And there’s one topic that often stirs up particular emotions: how much does the boss earn?

What Should Lifehacker Investigate At Data Center World Asia Pacific?

Data Center World is one of our favourite IT industry events, and we’re looking forward to covering the Asia-Pacific Symposium event in Melbourne from 1-3 September. It’s still not too late to register and attend, but if you can’t make it, we’d love to know what data centre issues you’d like to see covered.

What Historical Productivity Tips Would You Like To See?

It’s fun sometimes to tap into the past and look at productivity tips from people in history. While you can’t always recreate those tips for yourself, it’s nice to know exactly how others got things done. So, we want to know: which historical figures would you to see tips from?

Do You Check Email Immediately After Sex?

We’re all relatively glued to our phones, and in many of our jobs email is a critical communication tool. A new study by the folks behind MyMail revealed something interesting — nearly 10% of us check our email immediately after sex. Does that sound like you?

How Do You Stop People From Stealing Your Food From The Shared Fridge?

Lunch (and other food) thievery seems to be a rampant problem in many offices and other places with a communal fridge. You could use a thief-deterring, fake, mouldy sandwich bag, or lace your food with laxatives, but maybe there’s a less extreme method. What’s yours?