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Ask LH: Can I Upgrade The Processor In My Phone Or Tablet?

Hi Lifehacker, My tablet’s screen and battery are still great, but the dual-core processor is getting long in the tooth. Is there any way I can either upgrade the processor, or get it to draw on the much more powerful processor in my phone?

Ask LH: Can I Access All My Messaging Services With One App?

Hi Lifehacker, Is there a messaging app which connects all other messaging apps? I know many people using WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts or just plain SMS. Is there an app in which I can connect them all?

Ask LH: Which Private Health Insurance Should I Get?

Hey Lifehacker, I am overwhelmed by the options available for private health insurance. I am confused over which type of cover would be the best and cheapest to choose from. My partner and I are planning for a baby by next year end so I would want an insurer that would cover the pregnancy charges as well.

Ask LH: How Can I Improve My Maths?

Hey Lifehacker, Since I was a child I have disliked maths. I devoured books like they were going out of fashion, but I always had trouble when it came to numbers. I had a tutor during high school, and it was their opinion that I had missed something critical in the early years of high school maths which had made the later years very difficult.

Ask LH: How Can I Choose The Right Paint To Use?

Dear LH, I have lots of painting work that I need to do on an old house, both internal and external. The range of options and advice from different people on paints to use is wide and varied. Any cheat sheets you’ve come across or other advice?

Ask LH: Can I Use Two-Factor Authentication Overseas?

I want my email and the rest of my digital life to be secure, so I like the idea of two-factor authentication. The problem is I travel a lot. When I am in Europe or the US, I don’t use my Australian phone because I don’t want to pay for roaming, and because I may be away for months at a time.

Ask LH: How Can I Use An NTFS Drive On A Mac?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve made the switch to a MacBook Air and I have one problem — trying to open (with write access) a NTFS-formatted hard drive. Given this is one of the most common formats for Windows PCs, I’d hope there might be a simple, free solution. Any suggestions?

Ask LH: How Should I Track Tax Receipts On My Phone?

Hey Lifehacker, What is the best way to keep track of tax claims and receipts? Do I need to hold onto my paper receipts or can I just use my smartphone? If I decide to go fully digital, what are the best mobile tools and apps?

Ask LH: How Can I Manage My Wife's iPad Photos?

Hi Lifehacker, I recently purchased my other half a DSLR camera for Christmas. She doesn’t have a laptop or PC, and I’m not sure we could warrant buying a computer for the purpose of touching up photographs. She does have an iPad Air, and I’m contemplating purchasing a single-bay NAS for photo backups (which will sync to my own NAS for redundancy).

Ask LH: Can I Buy A Smartphone That Doesn't Link To The Cloud?

Hey Lifehacker, My iPhone 4 is about to die and I will be looking for a replacement phone soon. I have a few privacy concerns with linking a smartphone device to a cloud account and would like to know what your thoughts are on the best “offline smartphone”. Currently my iPhone is not using iCloud, syncs to an offline contact list/calendar with my MacBook, and uses a standalone IMAP mail server.