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Ask LH: How Deep Does A Grave Have To Be In Australia?

Hey Lifehacker, What is the law in Australia in regards to human burial? Is it really mandatory for it to be six feet under? And does it have to be in a cemetery?

Ask LH: What Should I Do When Goods I Ordered Online Never Got Delivered?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently bought a GoPro 4 from an online retailer (BecexTech). It never arrived and I have been stuck in a seemingly endless loop of emails with BecexTech customer support blaming Australia Post and refusing to refund the purchase. Australia Post tell me they never received the item in the first place, BecexTech tell me Australia Post have lost it. Someone is obviously wrong (or lying). How can I force BecexTech to refund my purchase?

Ask LH: What Can I Do With My Old Plasma TV?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m moving to a new house in a month and plan on upgrading my TV. I’m currently still using my big, heavy, power-hungry Panasonic Plasma (funded with my Kevin 07 $900!) So I’m wondering: what does everyone do with their old big-screen TVs?

Ask LH: What's The Cheapest Way To Buy An iPhone On Telstra?

Hi Lifehacker, I want to change back from an Android to an iPhone 6. I am a Telstra fan and have no intention of going with another network. I am also a fan of finding the best possible price or deal. Is there anywhere that offers Telstra iPhone plans with any kind of discount or added incentive?

Ask LH: Is Internet Addiction A Real Thing?

Dear Lifehacker,

Is it possible for someone to actually be addicted to the internet? I mean, we all love our phones, and maybe I check mine whenever it buzzes, but is that the same as being addicted to alcohol or drugs? I’ve heard of people being so addicted to video games that they forgot to eat or feed their kid. How much of it is real psychology and how much is technophobic hype? Sincerely, Glued to My Gadgets

Ask LH: What Is The Right Vaccination Schedule For My Child?

Hey Lifehacker, With all the talk of vaccines and immunisation in the media, what child vaccinations are a one-off and which ones need to be boosted or reapplied to protect themselves and others?

Ask LH: Will House Of Cards Season 3 Ever Reach iTunes?

Hi Lifehacker, Now that Netflix is available in Australia, will House Of Cards Season 3 be released to iTunes? I am travelling Australia throughout 2015 with my family and do not have enough bandwidth to stream it via Netflix.

Ask LH: Can I Be Refused A Refund For Accommodation?

Hey Lifehacker, We have paid a non-refundable deposit for some accommodation for 10 people for a weekend away in July. But now we need room for 18, which they can’t accommodate, but they want to keep our $500 deposit. Is this fair? Is this legal?

Ask LH: Why Will My Tablet Only Show Half The Screen?

Hi Lifehacker, I have an Xperia Tablet Z and recently noticed the screen went black half way down. I have not dropped it and my screen has no cracks or scratches. The rotate feature works and I can see half of the screen at a time depending on how I rotate it. When I take a screenshot, I get a picture of the full screen. I tried a factory reset to no avail. What could cause this?

Ask LH: Why Is Regional Broadband So Much Worse?

Dear Lifehacker, After looking at changing internet service providers and the choices that are available in the market, I’m wondering why the quality of available packages for regional areas differ so much from our city counterparts. We pay more, we have fewer choices and the speeds aren’t as good. And how is it that one company can charge $90 for a 300GB package while another charges $50 and offers unlimited data?