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Ask LH: How Does Facebook Know Who My Old Friends Are?

Is there a way to work out where Facebook gets its “suggested friends” lists from? I recently started getting some very specific suggestions which Facebook could only know if it had access to my SMS messages from some years ago. I have no common friends with them and these people are no longer part of my life for a reason. I’m worried that these people may be seeing me as a suggestion too which I absolutely don’t want.

Ask LH: What Are The Best Plants For An Office?

Dear Lifehacker, We are looking for some indoor plants for our office in Melbourne CBD. Unfortunately, none of us are horticulturally inclined. Would you be able to share some info on what makes good workplace foliage? We want something that looks cool but isn’t too hard to maintain.

Ask LH: Is It Worth Switching Credit Cards For Better Rewards?

Dear Lifehacker, Should I change to a different credit card just because it has a better rewards program? I currently have no credit card debt but swapping cards takes effort. Are the rewards different enough to justify a switch or are they all pretty much the same?

Ask LH: What Will Happen If I Keep Using My Samsung Note7?

Dear Lifehacker, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Note7 before the worldwide recall. According to the reports, the “exploding” issue has only affected a tiny, tiny fraction of customers. In Australia, there’s been three incidents out of 50,000+ phones, which works out to less than one percent. I’m a big fan of this phone and want to keep using it. If I charge my phone on a fire-proof surface and keep a close eye on it, what’s the worse than can really happen?

Ask LH: How Can I Avoid Filler Words Like 'Um' When I Talk?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a tendency to use a lot of filler words when I talk, like “um” and “like”, and I’ve recently realised how bad it sounds, especially during presentations at work. How can I train myself to eliminate these from my speech?

Ask LH: How Stringent Are Virgin's Hand Luggage Rules For International Flights?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m from the US and will be visiting Australia in November for business. I have 4 domestic flights on Virgin Australia and I plan to travel light (backpack + 1 personal item). I’ve spent lots of time trying to find a carry-on bag that meets VA’s size guidelines. The bag I’m looking at is slightly over their size requirements. So I’m wondering: how strictly do they enforce them? Should I try my luck or look for a smaller bag?

Ask LH: What's The Most Effective Place To Position Toilet Cleaners?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a strange but real question: What is the optimal location to position toilet cubes or other cleaners on the side of toilets? Do they do anything other than change the colour of the water blue? Are the ones you stick to the side of the bowl any better than the hanging caged ones?

Ask LH: Can My Landlord Ask That I'm Not At Home For Inspections?

Dear Lifehacker, My new landlord has made some odd requests that don’t really sound right, like wanting me to be out during inspections. My question is, is the owner of a property you are renting allowed to ask that you are not at home during an inspection?

Ask LH: What's A Useful Tool For Collaborating On A Writing Project?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m collaborating with a friend on a writing project and are wondering if there is an online cloud app that would allow us to work together on material. We are after something that would allow real time communication as well as the ability to post ideas and pages for proofing. Any suggestions?

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Clean A Mouse Pad?

Dear Lifehacker, What is the best way to clean my mouse pad with the least amount of downtime? It’s one the expensive side ($20+) so I don’t want to ruin it or replace it.

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