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Ask Lifehacker: Can I Still Contest A 'Final' Fine Demand In Court?

Dear Lifehacker, my husband recently received a final notice from SDRO for an offence from 5 years ago for parking his motorbike in his residential area for longer than allowed. He didn’t receive any notice on the spot and moved house soon afterward (he updated his address on the RTA website.) He never received any notice whatsoever, until now. Because it was a final notice he was no longer eligible to contest it in court.

Ask LH: Why Do Digital Music Companies Keep Ripping Off Australians?

Dear Lifehacker, It just so happened that I had my US proxy on while looking at Google Music. The Ultimate Santana album price read $6.99. Meanwhile, the Australian region price was $16.99 from the same exact service. This is same for whole long list of great albums. What gives?

Ask LH: How Can I Sync My Various Macs?

Dear Lifehacker, We live in a world with multiple computers for one person, but I am having one issue. How can we keep everything in sync? I would like to work on my Mac at home. Close it, go to work and open my (different) Mac at work. I want the same configuration (yes, I do have some tendencies…), same files, same everything where I left off at home. Any suggestions?

Ask LH: Can A Former Cancer Sufferer Get Life Insurance?

I had Cancer 17 years ago, treatment went perfectly and I have been clear since. However, now it seems impossible for me to get life or accident insurance, which leaves a big burden for my family if something should happen to me. Is there any way I can get life insurance? I have had letters from doctors, but I always end up rejected on applications. Thanks, David

Ask LH: Are These Old Atari Chips Worth Anything?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a collection of chips belonging to old Atari game carts. (Photo attached.) My dad’s friend used to work for Atari as a developer of Atari games and he gave these chips to us. Do you know if it is worth anything? I have 11 games.

Ask LH: How Can I Watch Sydney Or Melbourne TV Stations From Regional Areas?

Dear LH, I’ve just moved to the border of Vic and NSW, and wondered what I need to access either Sydney or Melbourne TV stations (using the cheapest solution available). The house I’ve bought has a Foxtel satellite dish if that helps? I’m finding country TV very, very limited. Can you assist? A Farm Potato

Ask LH: Can I Be Sued For Using A Copyrighted Photo On My Blog?

Hey LH, I recently received what could be described as an extortion letter from Dun & Bradstreet on behalf of Getty Images. I work in a school where we have a website dedicated to providing newsletter content to our parents. In one edition of the newsletter, I used a generic image that is apparently rights managed by Getty. I’ve since been asked for an outrageous $915 fee for using a 400px image.

Ask LH: Which Super Fund Should I Join?

I’m 21 and I want to open a superannuation fund that will give me the best benefits and security, rather than letting each of my employers start new super funds for me. What should I be looking for – no fees or more interest? Which company has the best superannuation scheme?

Ask LH: Are 13-Inch Laptops Suitable For Programming?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m thinking about buying a new laptop for programming (primary web development) and my eyes have fallen on the Dell XPS 2015 (1920×1080). It seems awesome in every aspect, but I am a little bit worried about the 13″ screen. The resolution seems fine, but 13 inch seems really small (I’ve only used 17″ and 15″ laptops.) Long story short: Is 13″ Full HD too small for programming?

Ask LH: Is It Legal To Make My Own Crossbow?

Dear LH, I have been recently watching YouTube videos on how to make homemade crossbows and dart guns and stuff like that. My question is: is it legal to make homemade crossbows and dart guns in Australia? Thanks, Aussie Rambo

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