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Ask LH: How Long Do I Need To Keep My Dead Dad's Tax Records?

Dear Lifehacker, How long is it necessary to keep documents for deceased relatives? My father has been dead for years, but I still have boxes and boxes of his tax papers that I’m not sure what to do with?

Ask LH: Can I Still Contest A 'Final' Fine Demand In Court?

Dear Lifehacker, my husband recently received a final notice from SDRO for an offence from five years ago for parking his motorbike in his residential area for longer than allowed. He didn’t receive any notice on the spot and moved house soon afterward (he updated his address on the RTA website.) He never received any notice whatsoever, until now. Because it was a final notice he was no longer eligible to contest it in court.

Ask LH: Why Does My TV Reception Suck At Certain Times Of The Day?

Dear Lifehacker, My digital TV signal works fine most of the time. However, it conks out between 8am and 5pm during particular months of the year. What gives?

Ask LH: Do I Need Telstra To Stream The State Of Origin?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to watch the State of Origin online as I have no TV at work. I am not a Telstra mobile customer so I CANNOT watch it using NRL Footy Pass. How can I watch it online in Australia? Arrrrgh, help me! There is nothing on the internet that clearly describes how to get it. I’d like to watch the games on my laptop, preferably for free.

Ask LH: My Manager Exploited Me, What Can I Do?

Dear Lifehacker, I am a software developer from India, working and studying in Sydney since 2015. I’ve run into a situation where my ex-employer refuses to pay my final paycheck and I want to know if I could get my dues cleared up quickly? I had been working for my Australian employer in his Indian firm for 1.5 years (I have all the necessary documents and salary slips to prove that). Last year, I decided to come to Sydney for higher education which is where the trouble started.

Ask LH: Are There Any Websites That Can Help Me Vote Below The Line?

Dear Lifehacker, I like to vote below the line for the senate and number all the boxes. This is so I can make sure certain candidates will never get my vote even with the shady preference deals going on. Last election I used Below The Line to plan my ballot in advance so that on the day, all I had to do was transcribe this onto the paper. However, this handy web app doesn’t appear to be available this election. Is there a similarly easy yet functional way to prepare?

Ask LH: How Can I Switch From Teaching To IT?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a recent mature-age graduate who has worked in many different fields but not the field I’ve studied (IT). Therefore I have no work experience in the field except for the university projects and assignments that I did. I currently work in a different field altogether (teaching) which was also part of my double degree, but there are minimal chances of getting a full-time job there. How do I get my foot in the door for IT jobs if I have no commercial experience?

Ask LH: Do I Need To Show ID To Buy Alcohol If The Seller Knows My Age?

Dear Lifehacker, The other day I attempted to buy wine from a bottle shop but forgot my ID. The cashier refused to serve me point-blank. The thing is, this person went to the same high school as me and they definitely know I’m over 18. In other words, she was just being a dick to me for no reason! Is this discrimination?

Ask LH: Are There Any Good ANZ MoneyManager Alternatives?

Dear Lifehacker, I have been using ANZ’s free MoneyManager for the last couple of years. It offers the ability to consolidate my financial accounts into one location. This can be sliced and diced and visualised to help me manage my money and make smart financial decisions. Sadly, ANZ is ending this application at the end of July. What similar options are available in Australia that can interrogate my disparate financial accounts and provide pretty graphs to help memanage my money?

Ask LH: Why Can't I Get AnyDVD To Work On Windows 10?

Dear Lifehacker, I just put Windows 10 on to my computer and now AnyDVD doesn’t work. Is there any way to fix this issue? I use it to watch movies purchased overseas and the other DVD-playing programs on my computer refuse to play the discs. I would like to have it back on my computer (I have a lifetime subscription). Is there any remedy you know of that doesn’t involve buying more software?

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