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Ask LH: How Can I Prepare Myself For Extreme Food And Sleep Deprivation?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m about to go on an extreme exercise regime unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It involves as many as five days of complete food and sleep deprivation following a couple of weeks of pre-fatigue training. How can I prepare myself for this exercise? Thanks, Mister Masochist

Ask Lifehacker: Do I Have To Report Income On My App Sales?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m developing a paid app to be published on Google Play (my first paid app). I am wondering what do I have to know about? For example, tax and the likes, I cannot seem to find a lot of guidance on this aspects online, would you be able to help me? (And yes, I am in Australia.)

Ask LH: Which Netflix Region Has The Best Anime Library?

I’ve been using Getflix as suggested by your site, and only recently discovered how to change regions. Enjoying the better European regions so far, but as a big Anime Fan, which Netflix region can I find the biggest library of Anime?

Ask LH: Is Uber Black A Legit Chauffeuring Service?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m a heavy Uber user (2-3 times a day) but I use the Black service of hire cars (HC plated). Are these cars in the same legal grey/black area that UberX is? Or are they somehow legal/insured because they’re HC cars and limousine services doing work on the side?

Ask LH: Which Folding Keyboard Should I buy?

Is there a decent folding keyboard out there? I want something that will lie unnoticed in my rucksack or that I can jam in a pocket when heading out to a cafe, but which I can do some serious typing on with my iPhone or iPad when I need to.

Ask LH: What Are The Best Sites For Cheap Android Phones?

Hi Lifehacker, Where are the best places to buy a second-hand or refurbished Android smartphone? And what are the best sites for buying cheap new models?

Ask LH: Is It Legal To Transfer VHS Tapes To DVD?

Hey Lifehacker, My hobby is collecting old VHS tapes bought from op shops, but I don’t want to ruin the tapes by watching them repeatedly. Is it legal to transfer the tapes to DVD? Similarly, is it legal to transfer cassettes onto CD? The answers online seem to conflict wildly.

Ask LH: What Happens To The Bond When The House I Rent Is Sold?

Dear Lifehacker, We don’t have a lease on the hour we are renting. Our landlord is now going to sell the house that we are in. What happens with the bond once she sells the house? Does she keep it or return it?

Ask LH: Can I Watch International Soccer Without Paying For Foxtel?

Hey Lifehacker, Now that the real football season has come to an end (“soccer” as most folk here call it), I am looking at my options for the upcoming season. I subscribed to Foxtel Play fit to get my EPL, Championship and A-League fix, but I’m not particularly keen on paying for a bunch of additional channels that I will never watch.

Ask LH: Which Smartwatches Are Available In Multiple Sizes?

Dear Lifehacker, I am quite a small guy with a very small frame, and that means I have small wrists. I’d love to get a smartwatch but I’m worried that the wristbands and faces will look ridiculous and/or won’t fit. Any recommendations for a more compact smartwatch?