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FlowHome Turns Your Android Home Screen Into A Useful, Personal Stream

Android: If you’re a little tired of your phone’s default launcher, FlowHome is an alternative that puts favourite apps a tap away. It also transforms your home screen into scrolling tiles of useful information, updates from inside your favourite apps, and its notifications come with as much information as they need to be useful.

Alfred Remote Triggers Alfred Actions From Your iOS Device

iOS: Alfred is best known as a supercharged application launcher. However, if keyboard shortcuts aren’t always your thing, the new iOS app controls all your Alfred action from a remote app.

App Launcher Puts Google's Shortcuts Menu In Your Chrome Toolbar

Chrome: Google’s app launcher menu has become ubiquitous across Google products, and it’s actually pretty handy. If you’ve ever wanted it outside of a Google site, this Chrome extension gives you what you want.

Spots Is A Chrome New Tab Page And Android Launcher All In One

Android/Chrome: Spots for Chrome is a customisable new tab page, SMS synchroniser and Android Launcher all in one. The integration of SMS, search features and the bookmarks is what really makes Spots stand out.

Nova Launcher Adds A Searchable App Drawer And New Animations

Android: Nova, our favourite Android Launcher, just got some cool updates. It brings sexy new transitions and an app drawer search feature for the power user who simply has too many pages of apps to navigate.

Better Open With Improves Android's App Chooser With Delayed Defaults

Android: One of the coolest things about Android is that you can choose which default app you use to open certain types of links. However, this can also get convoluted if you want to have choice in the future or don’t like the extra step. Better Open With improves this experience.

Solo Launcher Is A Gesture-Controlled, Easily Themed Launcher

Android: There are plenty of Android launchers around. Despite the intense competition, Solo Launcher manages to stand out by having a lot of the same features as Nova or Apex, while still being free, and adding some sweet gesture controls.

A Beginner's Guide To Effortless, Mouseless Computing With Alfred

Ever wanted to take control of your Mac without taking your hands off your keyboard? Alfred’s an app launcher and utility that makes that possible. With just a little bit of setup and know-how, you’ll be able to use Alfred to search for anything, anywhere, move around files, control software and more without ever lifting your hands off your keyboard.

Yahoo Makes Its Smart Home Screen Available To Everyone

Android: We had barely finished handing out invites for Aviate when Yahoo bought the company behind the intelligent home screen that adapts to your habits. Now it’s back, sans the invite requirement, for Android phones.

App Directory: The Best App Launcher For Mac

Over the years, Macs have had lots of options when it comes to app launchers. Alfred is our pick because it manages to balance features with usability. Anyone can pick it up and start using it, and there’s plenty of room for expansion if you want to dig deeper into automation.

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