Weekly Wallpaper: Show Your Apple Pride

OK Windows guys, move over. It’s time for the Apple camp to get some love. Show your affection for your Macbook on your Macbook while you Macbook on your Macbook with these Apple wallpapers.

Ask LH: If My Phone Gets Replaced Under Warranty, Will It Be Upgraded?

Hey Lifehacker, I saw yesterday’s question about warranty repairs for older iPhones, and I have a related issue. I have an iPhone 4s, and the contract doesn’t finis until April 2015. If Apple stops making the iPhone 4s when the “iPhone 6″ comes out later this year, how can I get a replacement if the phone stops working under warranty?

Ask LH: Can My iPhone 5 Be Fixed Under Warranty?

Hey Lifehacker, I purchased an iPhone 5 when it came out in Australia on a Telstra plan back in 2012. Unfortunately, something seems to be off with the charging contacts (perhaps they’ve been eroded away) now because whenever I connect my Lightning cable, I need to wiggle it around and get it just so in order to get a charge going. I’m worried that the problem will continue to get worse so I was wondering if there was some king of statutory warranty I could hold Apple or Telstra to in order to have my iPhone fixed?

Like Google, Getting To Apple's Developer Conference Is A Lottery

So many people want to go to Google I/O that Google is selecting from interested participants at random. Now Apple is adopting the same approach for its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event.

How To Get iWork For Free Even If You Have An Older iPhone, iPad Or Mac

Apple announced last October that its iWork suite would be free for new iPhone, iPad and Mac buyers — but not for existing owners. But as one Australian buyer discovered, Apple’s advertising of the products as “free” in some contexts means you might be able to score a free copy under Australian consumer law even with an older device.

The New Australian Apple App Pricing: How Much More You'll Pay

Apple has hiked up prices for apps in Australia across the board for both iOS and Mac users. Here’s what you’ll pay now. (Goodbye, 99 cent app. We’ll miss you.)

How Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Started Their Career As Hackers

There is some controversy about what we mean by the word “hacker”. Historically, and as far back as the 1960s, a hacker was someone who was an expert programmer. But today, it is a word generally used to describe someone involved in illegal activity using computers.

Fnd Searches The iTunes And Mac App Stores Simultaneously

Searching through iTunes or the Mac App Store isn’t always the best experience. If you’d prefer to do those searches on the web, Fnd lets you search through both of Apple’s stores quickly from any device.

Just How Secure Is Apple's TouchID?

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is one of the most notable features of the iPhone 5s, but it’s not a perfect security solution. Just how does it compare to a standard password?

Delete Old DRM Copies Of iTunes Music And Download DRM-Free Versions

If you purchased any music from iTunes between 2003 and 2009, you downloaded tracks with digital rights management (DRM) embedded in them, which means you can’t easily transfer them. Apple has since stopped using DRM, but old files may still include it. Wired shows how to update your music library with the new, DRM-free versions.