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Manually Add RSS Feeds To Apple News

It doesn’t really seem like Apple News has taken off nearly as much as Apple likely hoped it would, but if you only visit a handful of web sites, it’s actually a pretty solid RSS reader if you know how to use it right.

Apple Xcode 7.3 Beta Adds Interactive Playgrounds Support For Swift Developers

Apple has released Xcode 7.3 Beta 3 and has made improvements to its Swift testing environment, Playgrounds. Developers can now click, drag and interact with user interfaces and see how their code will perform directly in the testing environment. Here are the details.

Why Is Apple Killing Customers' iPhones?

Over the weekend, you may have read reports about Apple “bricking” multiple iOS devices that had undergone third-party repairs. According to the Guardian, customers who elect to fix their damaged iPhones through unauthorised repair providers have been receiving an “Error 53” message which renders the device useless. Apple has since issued an official statement to address the mounting furore. Apparently, it’s a deliberate “security feature”. Should we be grabbing our pitchforks?

How Much Data A FaceTime Call Uses

FaceTime’s a great way for iPhone users to make video calls. But have you ever wondered how much data gets eaten up by these electronic tête-à-têtes? The guys from Calling All Geeks ran some numbers and the results may surprise you.

Every App That Apple Has Tried To Kill

Apps die — often. It’s all part of the technological circle of life where alpha predators in multi-billion dollar dens feast on more vulnerable, less cash-infused prey. And one company that has always had an insatiable T. Rex-level hunger is Apple.

Chrome For IOS Is Now As Fast And Stable As Safari

iOS: Way back in the old days of iOS 8, Apple allowed third-party browsers access to a bit of software that allowed them to be just as fast as Safari. Google Chrome has finally taken advantage of that.

MailButler Bundles A Ton Of Plug-Ins That Make Apple Mail More Useable

Mac: Apple Mail is fine for most people, but if you really need a powerhouse email client, it falls short in many ways. MailButler is a set of plug-ins that makes Mail a bit more powerful.

Pro Tablet Showdown: iPad Pro Vs. Surface Pro 4

Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 look a lot alike. Both are big tablets, both connect to slim keyboard covers and both offer a stylus for drawing and note-taking. But after spending some time with these potential laptop replacements, I found that they’re really quite different, particularly when it comes to productivity.

All The Hidden iOS Gestures And Shortcuts You May Have Forgotten

iOS is packed with a ton of useful gestures. Some of the best are the ones that are useful when you need them, but that you don’t use every day. Here are a few of our favourite under-the-radar gestures and shortcuts that are just what you need, when you need them.

All The Best, New Features Coming In iOS 9.3

Apple’s iOS 9.3 introduces several new useful, interesting features, including a F.lux-like screen temperature changer based on time of day, password locks for notes and new shortcuts. Apple rarely does anything big with its incremental updates, but this time it’s different.

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