iOS 8.0.2 Is Out, But We'd Give It A Minute

A day after rendering iPhones unusable with a badly-designed iOS 8.0.1 patch, Apple has released iOS 8.0.2, which claims to fix the problems caused by that update as well as sorting some other iOS 8 issues. Our advice? Give it a day or two before you try to install the latest version.

Fix iOS 8.0.1 Upgrade Issues By Disabling iCloud And Resyncing

If you made the upgrade to iOS 8.0.1 today on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus before Apple pulled the release, you might have noticed that your Touch ID and cell service have suddenly stopped working. Instead of waiting for Apple to release a fix, iMore found a workaround that will get you back up and running again.

Be Careful With iOS 8's New Private Browsing Mode In Safari

iOS 8 is packed with great new features, and an updated private browsing mode is one of them. As Redditor ILiketoSpooner points out, private browsing mode is not really as conveniently private as it used to be.

Ask LH: How Can I Find Out Which Carriers Have iPhone 6 Stock?

Hey Lifehacker, Is there an easy way to check iPhone 6 availability by carrier?

Downgrade From iOS 8 To iOS 7.1.2 While You Still Can

If you’re not a fan of iOS 8, you want your jailbreak back, or you just made the upgrade on your 4S and it’s not working so well, you can still downgrade for a short amount of time. iDownloadBlog shows you how to do it.

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 8

iOS 8 launched this week, and with it came a slew of improvements and new features. Before you get to playing around with it for yourself, here are out guides to basic new features, the new Messages functions, hidden features, keyboards, and everything else.

Learn How To Switch From Android To iPhone With Apple's Guide

Unsurprisingly, Apple would like to help Android users move to the iPhone. Ahead of the iPhone 6 going on sale, the company has released an in-depth guide to moving your content from your Android phone to the iPhone.

Everywhere In Australia Opening Early To Sell You An iPhone 6 Or iPhone 6 Plus

If you want an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and haven’t already pre-ordered one, the only way to get your hands on one on launch day, Friday 19 September, will be to hit an Apple store or a phone retailer. Here’s a complete list and map of all the stores that are opening early to sell the device.

Top 10 Secret Features Of iOS 8

Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS, it includes a handful of cool hidden features that weren’t highlighted in the official announcement. Here are the 10 best secret features in iOS 8.

Do Not Enable iCloud Drive In iOS 8

Mac: iOS 8 is here and it comes with a heap of awesome features. One of those features is a new, better version of iCloud dubbed iCloud Drive. But don’t enable it yet.