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How To Get A Refund On Accidental Purchases In Any App Store

Earlier this year, a California court ruled that Facebook had to refund parents for their kids’ accidental in-app purchases. If you’ve been there, or you’ve accidentally purchased an app you didn’t want yourself, the good news is most digital stores offer some kind of refund policy. Here’s how to get your money back.

Google Duo Vs Apple FaceTime: What's The Difference?

Google has released a video chatting app called Duo to rival Apple FaceTime. But unlike the case of Instagram ripping off Snapchat, Duo isn’t just a carbon copy of FaceTime. Here’s how Google has set Duo apart from Apple’s popular iOS video calling feature, for better or for worse.

Radio Silence Stops Mac Apps From Phoning Home, Now Shows You Traffic In Real Time

Mac: We were big fans of Radio Silence when it initially launched several years ago because it was one of the easiest, cheapest way to keep an eye on Mac apps secretly phoning home. A recent update makes Radio Silence a bit easier to use, and it now shows you traffic in real time.

Apple's Advice To Big Companies When Dealing With Mistakes

In late 2012, Apple came out with its own navigation app: Apple Maps. The company used it to replace Google Maps on its iOS devices. Unfortunately, Apple Maps paled in comparison to Google Maps and was heavily criticised when it was first launched. Apple CEO Tim Cook reflected on how the company dealt with the Apple Maps mistake and what other big businesses can learn from it.

Add A Merge PDF Button To Your Mac's Right-Click Menu

Mac: Merging a few PDFs together on a Mac is as simple as dropping them into Preview, but if you merge a lot, it’s still a tedious process. Jacob Salmela shares an Automator action that adds a merge PDF button your right-click menu.

Temporarily Speed Up A Time Machine Backup With A Terminal Command

Time Machine is a great service for backing up your computer, and by default it doesn’t use much CPU power to do it. That’s great most of the time, but sometimes you need to get stuff backed up as soon as possible. Defaults-Write points out the Terminal command for doing so.

Lumen Automatically Adjusts Your Mac's Brightness Based On Screen Contents

Mac: An app like F.lux is great for adjusting your screen’s temperature, but not everyone wants to stare at an orange screen just to make it more readable. Lumen’s a tool that automatically adjusts the brightness without fudging around with the temperature.

Google Docs, Slides And Sheets Now Support Split Screen On iPad

iPad: One of the big appeals of split-screen multi-tasking on the iPad was the ability to write and browse the internet at the same time. However, apps have to get updated to support the feature. Google’s finally rolled out updates for Docs, Slides and Sheets to do just that.

Use Your Mac's Built-In Summarize Feature To Shorten Long Blocks Of Text

If you have a lot of text files on your computer, distinguishing between them can take a lot of effort. Over on How-To Geek, they remind of us the oft-forgotten feature in OS X called Summarize.

Pro Tablet Showdown: Surface Pro 4 Vs 12.9-Inch iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 look a lot alike. Both are big tablets, both connect to slim keyboard covers and both offer a stylus for drawing and note-taking. But after spending some time with these potential laptop replacements, I found that they’re really quite different, particularly when it comes to productivity.

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