How To Hide Apple Music

Apple’s made Apple Music front and centre of the new iOS 8.4 Music app, which means it’s annoying if you don’t want to use it. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to switch off.

iOS 9 Can Delete Apps To Make Room For OS Upgrades

Not enough space for an iOS upgrade? Not a problem with the latest build of iOS 9, which will shuffle away apps to make room, and then reinstall them when the upgrade is done.

My Smartphone Doesn't Need To Be Revolutionary

In the last month, both Apple and Google had press conferences showing off their new operating systems. Both were met with a resounding “meh” followed by outcries that Apple’s just an imitator these days. Here’s an unpopular opinion: I don’t care.

iOS 9 Will Feature Ad Blockers

iOS 9 developers will have access to an API that can block web content, giving rise to the possibility of mobile ad blocking software for Apple’s upcoming software update.

Ask LH: Is The iPhone 5 Still Worth Buying?

Is the original iPhone 5 worth buying in 2015? I’m looking for a phone to replace my fourth-generation iPod and to finally upgrade from a flip phone, but I don’t want to spend a fortune. Any thoughts?

Briefly: E3 Game Demos, GoT Colouring Book, The Fall Of Apple

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Game Of Thrones colouring book, the shady world of E3 demo creation, how Apple went from innovator to imitator.

Everything Apple Announced At WWDC 2015 That Actually Matters

Apple’s 2015 WWDC developer conference included a heap of product announcements, including iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, watchOS 2 and its new music streaming service. It was a long conference, so let us sum it up for you.

Australian Apple Music Pricing: No, Not $9.99 A Month

As expected, Apple used its annual WWDC developer event to officially launch Apple Music, its Spotify/Pandora knock-off subscription music service. And while that service will cost $US9.99 a month (with a three-month free trial) in the US, that price won’t translate across to Australia.

Spark Is A Customisable iPhone Email App With Powerful Smart Filters

iPhone: There’s no shortage of email apps for the iPhone, but none of them are perfect. Spark is a new email app that does a lot right.

Apple Upgrades Watch OS To 1.01

Along with the predictable performance upgrades, Apple Watch OS 1.01 also brings better Siri integration and improved health tracking ability.