Apple Upgrades Watch OS To 1.01

Along with the predictable performance upgrades, Apple Watch OS 1.01 also brings better Siri integration and improved health tracking ability.

Apple Upgrades 15" MacBook Pro and iMac, Skips Australia Tax

Apple has upgraded its MacBook Pro and iMac lines overnight with faster storage — but no sign of Intel’s Broadwell lines. The good news here is that there’s no real price premium for buying them in Australia.

Ask LH: Should I Buy A Refurbished iPhone From The US?

Hi Lifehacker, After finally exhausting the useful life of my iPhone 4S, it’s time to upgrade. I’d like to buy a refurbished iPhone 5S from the US, where they are between half and two-thirds the price in Australia. As long as the phone is (carrier/ factory) unlocked, are there any compatibility issues I should be aware of? And is this a good idea to start with?

Mac Attack: Older Macs And iPhones That Apple Will Stop Repairing Soon

Got an older iMac or iPhone? Pretty soon, Apple will stop offering you repair options.

How To Set Up Your Child's Smartphone

If you’ve given your child a smartphone it’s wise to set it up so it’s safe and secure. Here’s how to do just that.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Will Be On iTunes As Soon As The Final Episode Is Over

We know lots of Australians are still annoyed that they can’t go back to the halcyon days of Game Of Thrones Season 3, when episodes went on sale on iTunes straight after broadcast. But at least this year you won’t have to wait too long to get those official digital copies of Season 5 if you want them.

YouTube Support Ending For Older Mobiles

Bad news, YouTube users: If you use an older iPhone you’re going to have to start browsing the popular video service with a browser.

How Much Does The iPhone 6 Cost Across The World?

In Australia we like to whinge about the cost of smartphones because of the ‘Australia tax’, but how do we rank compared to other countries? A new study comparing the costs of goods and services around the world includes a ranking of what you’ll pay to buy an iPhone 6 outright.

Turn An Arduino Into An Apple II, Because You Can

You probably don’t need an Apple II to speak of. But that’s no reason not to do something if the mood strikes you, which is surely the mentality behind this particular project.

No Surprise: Apple MacBook Isn’t Very Repairable

Apple’s new MacBook may be a miracle of engineering (if you believe the hype), but don’t expect miracles if you want it repaired.