Ask LH: How Can I Sync My Various Macs?

Dear Lifehacker, We live in a world with multiple computers for one person, but I am having one issue. How can we keep everything in sync? I would like to work on my Mac at home. Close it, go to work and open my (different) Mac at work. I want the same configuration (yes, I do have some tendencies…), same files, same everything where I left off at home. Any suggestions?

Make A Server Rack Out Of 96 MacBook Pros

There are, it has to be said, cheaper ways to build a server. If you really must test a lot of Apple hardware at once though, it’s at least feasible.

Hide Everything But Active Apps In Mac OS X

It’s easy to hide your entire Mac OS X Dock, but what if you want to only see the applications you have open?

Back Up Your Music Before Disabling Apple Music

Apple Music’s deep integration with both iOS and iTunes is handy, but it’s not all rainbows. Over on the Loop, Jim Dalrymple details how disabling Apple Music in iTunes also destroyed about 4700 songs in his iTunes library.

Cupertino Nightmares: 15 Apple Business Practices To Avoid

Apple is one of the most reputable tech companies in the world with some of the highest paid interns. Working there must therefore be a dream job, right? Wrong. Over on the career community site Glassdoor, there are plenty of complaints and horror stories from current and former Apple engineers, developers and project managers. Here are some of their chief bugbears that other businesses would do well to avoid.

Delete Previous Versions Of Files In OS X With This Menu Option

When you create files with most of Apple’s apps (and some third-party ones) it automatically saves several versions of that files so you can easily jump back to a previous version. This is great in most cases, but if you’re sharing your computer, you might not want people to have access. Six Colours points to a somewhat hidden menu to delete those files.

Apple Releases New Public Betas Of iOS 9 And Mac OS X El Capitan

If you’re part of Apple’s public beta program, you can grab the latest beta releases of iOS 9 and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan right now.

Apple's Adding Another NSW Store This Weekend

Apple’s ninth NSW store launches in the Miranda shopping Centre this Saturday, but there’s still no sign of an Apple store for Tasmania or the Northern Territory.

Recover Deleted Files In iCloud From The Web App

Despite Apple’s continued work on it, iCloud is still kind of a mess that’s hard to understand. For example, at a glance using Finder, it seems like you can’t recover hidden files. However, as Six Colours points out, if you hop into the web app (remember the web app?), you’ll find a way to recover deleted files pretty easily.

Apple IIGS OS Updates After 22 Years

It just might be a record, with the OS for the Apple IIGS receiving its first update in more than two decades.