Customise Your Apple Mail Toolbar With Mailboxes For Quicker Sorting

Mac: For those of us still using desktop email clients, folders keep your messages organised. If you add key mailboxes to your toolbar in Apple Mail, you’ll save some keystrokes when sorting your mail.

Apple Makes iWork Free For Everyone

Apple has made the beta version of its web-based iWork suite free for users who don’t own any actual Apple hardware.

Apple Enables Two-Factor Authentication For iMessage And FaceTime

Two-factor authentication is one of the most important security features you can enable. We’ve had it on Apple IDs for a while, but it didn’t work with all Apple services and apps. Today, Apple enabled the feature for iMessage and FaceTime.

iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use Twice As Much Data As iPhone 6 People

The large screen on the iPhone 6 Plus saw it become the most in-demand phone Apple has ever released, but that big display has a darker side. Analysis of mobile traffic by Citrix suggests that iPhone 6 Plus owners chew through twice as much data as iPhone 6 owners.

Why It's So Hard To Get Apple, Google And The Rest To Pay Enough Tax In Australia

It’s no secret that companies including Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and Ikea seem to pay less than their fair share of tax in Australia. Despite booking huge revenues from sales to Australian customers they are able to reduce their profits in this country by shifting profits to tax havens such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands, to name a few.

Stanford's Developing iOS 8 Apps With Swift Course Is Now Available

If you’re looking to get into iOS app development, you have a lot of free options available to you, but few are better than Stanford’s online courses. The university has just released its newest course, which tackles Apple’s new Swift programming language, and it’s available for free.

Pushbullet Arrives For Mac, iOS And Safari

Mac/iOS/Safari: Pushbullet is easily one of the best apps for bridging your devices together. The one hole in its support, however, has been Apple devices. Today that’s over. Pushbullet now has support for Macs, iDevices and even Safari.

iOS Updates Will No Longer Require So Much Free Space On Your Phone

Apple has just released an update to iOS that addresses the common complaint that updates themselves require too much free space to download and install. The update, 8.1.3, also fixes some other bugs, and is available to download now.

If You're Buying A Used iPhone, Verify Its Warranty Before You Purchase

Buying a used iPhone can save you money (I’ve never bought a new one). However, buying secondhand comes with its own issues. Before you buy, make sure to check its serial number at Apple’s web site. It will show you if the phone is covered by a warranty, or if it can be covered by Applecare.

What Would You Like To See From Apple In 2015?

Apple is a constant magnet for rumours about its plans for 2015 and beyond. What products would you like to see it release in 2015?