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Teleport On iOS Uses Uber To Deliver Your Friends And Family To You 

iOS: You can technically hail an Uber for someone else already, but it can be a long, frustrating process. Teleport on iOS makes it super easy to hail an Uber for someone else and have them delivered to you. They don’t have to sign up, download, or pay for anything.

Sidefari Puts Two Safari Windows Side-by-Side In Split View On The iPad

iPad: The split view multitasking feature in iOS 9 is great, but you can’t run two instances of the same app. With something like a web browser, this is kind of a bummer. Sidefari makes that possible.

Master The New Apple TV With These Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts

Whether you’re blown away by the 4th generation Apple TV or not, there are a ton of cool things you may not have realised you can do with it. Here’s how to get around some of the Apple TV’s annoyances and make it your ultimate home entertainment machine.

XcodeGhost Malware Still Alive And Kicking, Now Attacking iOS 9 In The Enterprise

In September, a malware called XcodeGhost was found to have infected a number of apps on Apple’s App Store in China, including popular ones that are used internationally such as WeChat. Apple reacted quickly to mitigate the issue but XcodeGhost has resurfaced and has even been found running on iOS 9 devices in enterprise environments.

How iOS 9's Wi-Fi Assist Actually Works

There were rumblings last month about one of iOS 9’s new features, Wi-Fi Assist, eating into everyone’s data plans. Now, if you’re curious as to why that was happening, Apple’s released a support doc describing exactly how the feature works.

Apple Raises Prices Of MacBooks In Australia

It appears Apple has jacked up prices for its MacBooks overnight by as much as $200. We’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the pricing to see just how more you’re paying for Apple’s range of notebooks.

Use iTunes Smart Playlists To Differentiate Between Apple Music, ITunes Match, And More

iTunes and Apple Music work together in harmony, which is great for some people, but can make it pretty confusing to tell where songs are actually located. Macworld shows off a few easy ways to sort albums using smart playlists.

10 Tips And Tricks To Master Apple Mail On iOS

Apple’s mobile email client has been designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful tips and tricks to be found if you look closely enough.

Disable Pop-Up Character Previews On The iPhone Keyboard

Since it came out, iOS has always had little pop-ups for every key you press on the keyboard. If, for whatever reason, this feature has always bothered you, then you’ll be happy to know you can turn it off in iOS 9.

All The New Stuff You Can Do With 3D Touch On The iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come out yesterday, so it’s time to figure out how to use it. iMore has a great summation of all the new stuff you can with 3D Touch.

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