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App Directory: The Best App Updater For Windows

Wouldn’t it be nice if your Windows programs would all update themselves in the background, without you having to manually download every ding dong update that comes along? There are a lot of programs that will monitor updates for you, but the best we’ve found is Ninite Updater. Here’s why.

App Directory: The Best Web Browser For iOS

While mobile Safari does most of what you’d need from a smartphone web browser, and there are many alternatives that fill in the gaps, we prefer Chrome. Google’s browser offers excellent features, synchronisation and simplicity at no cost.

App Directory: The Best To-Do App For iOS

The iPhone has a remarkable number of iPhone to-do app options, but one of them shines above the rest. Any.DO is our top pick, thanks to its ease of use and smart feature set.

The Best News Reader Application For Android

Android has several great news readers and while many of them have gone by the wayside now that Google Reader is no more, others have stepped up to take centre stage. If we had to pick one that fits the needs of most people and packs in a ton of useful features, it would have to be the free, cross-platform, cross-device syncing Feedly.

App Directory: The Best Virtual Assistant For Android

The number of voice-activated “virtual assistants” for Android has exploded in recent years, ranging from the gimmicky and niche to the genuinely useful and broadly applicable. None of them are perfect, but we think that if you can get it on your device, Google Now’s rolled-in simplicity and array of genuinely useful tools make it the best personal assistant your can get on an Android device.

App Directory: The Best Application Launcher For Android

One of the best things about Android is being able to customise everything about your home screen, which you can do with a third-party application launcher. Android has plenty of great ones, but our favourite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customisability.

App Directory: The Best Video Player For iPhone

Thanks to Apple’s restrictions, you can’t get a perfect video player that handles all formats and performs with the same efficiency as Apple’s built-in Videos app. Nevertheless, PlayerXtreme HD does just about everything you could ask for within the confines of iOS’s walled garden.

App Directory: The Best Comic Reader App For Android

Reading comics, particularly on tablets, is a delightful use of bright, vivid touchscreens. If you’re a heavy reader and want to bring your own files to Android, it’s hard to go wrong with Comic Rack.

App Directory: The Best Comic Reader App For iOS

If you’ve been looking to go digital with your comic book collection, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the comic readers available on the iPhone and iPad. Fret no more: Comic Zeal is the app you want.

The Best Twitter Client For Android

The sheer number of Twitter clients available for Android is staggering, but few of them are actually worth considering if you’re looking for the perfect Twitter client for you. Times have changed, and the best Twitter app for Android has changed along with it. We think that Falcon Pro deserves the nod and is well worth your money if you use Twitter with any regularity.