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Classic Hacks: How To Anonymise Your Phone Number When Making A Call

It’s not just sinister creepers who want to hide their phone number from recipients. Perhaps you’re buying something over the phone and don’t want the business’ marketing department to have your contact details. Or maybe you’re arranging a first date and aren’t entirely sure about the guy yet. Whatever the reason, here’s how to stop your number flashing up on the display of the person you’re calling.

How To Create An Untraceable Messaging Device With An Old Phone

Secret, anonymous messages aren’t just for the dastardly. Luckily, a little privacy isn’t difficult to get. With some effort and a spare phone, you’ll be whistleblowing, protecting your privacy from harassers, and staying anonymous when selling on Gumtree or looking for dates on Match. Here’s how.

Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into The Ultimate Anonymous Downloading Machine

A low-powered home server is one of the best ways to download files using BitTorrent and Usenet, but if you want to minimise legal hassles you need to anonymise your traffic. Here’s how to turn your FreeNAS box into the ultimate downloading machine so you can download safely and monitor its activity from anywhere.

Ask LH: How Can I Stop My ISP From Tracking My Every Move?

Dear Lifehacker, The recent kerfuffle over Telstra storing everyone’s mobile browsing history has renewed my worries over how much information my internet service provider (ISP) has about my online activity. How concerned should I be, and how can I ensure they don’t see everything I do? Thanks, Paranoid Browser

How To Create A Fake Identity And Stay Anonymous Online

You don’t need to have evil motives for wanting to fake your identity or go incognito online; for many people, it’s a matter of privacy and avoiding spammers and scammers. Thankfully, there are a great many tools for staying anonymous online. Here are a few of the best.

Google+ Not Sure How To Handle Traditional Aboriginal Names

One of the more striking local examples of how Google’s real-name only policy with compulsory first names and surnames can seem overly restrictive is when applied to traditional Australian Aboriginal culture, where an individual’s personal name is a single word. Google’s response? It might get fixed eventually but it doesn’t want to talk about it until then.

Should Google Force You To Use Your Real Name Online?

One of the less pleasant aspects of Google’s Google+ rollout has been an insistence that everyone using the service not only have a public Google profile, but also have a “real” first name and last name. It’s not hard to come up with scenarios where that’s not realistic or fair.

Build A Pirate Box For Mobile And Secure File Sharing

PirateBox is a self-contained file sharing device that blankets the area around it with an anonymous and secure file sharing network. Build one and set up a free and anonymous wireless network wherever you go.

Install PHProxy In Your Web Space To Access Blocked Sites

Got some web space you rent for a personal site? Good, then you can likely get around any restrictions your employer, school or other eye-shielding authority have wrongly put in your way with a quick PHProxy installation.

StayInvisble Catalogues Free Proxy Servers To Keep You Anonymous

Looking to add a little more stealth and a little less “Here I am, world!” to your web browsing? StayInvisible not only catalogues free proxy servers but provides tools to test proxies and information about anonymity and encryption.

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