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Should Motorists Be Fined For Closely Passing Cyclists?

Depending on who you ask, bicycles are either bona fide vehicles that deserve equal road rights, or a colossal pain in the arse that should be relegated to the footpath. Here’s some news that is sure to rile up people in the second camp: police in South Australia have started fining motorists who pass cyclists too closely. Under the new laws, a gap of one metre or less can result in a $347 fine and the loss of two demerit points. We’re keen to read your thoughts.

Prevent Photos On OS X From Opening Up Automatically

When you plug in your iPhone, iPad, or just about any SD card with a photo on it, Photos loves to pop open. We’ve shown you how to turn this off on a device-by-device basis, but if you’d prefer a more all-in approach, then a Terminal command is your best option.

The Best And Worst Airlines For Delays And Paying Claims [Infographic]

There are good airlines and there are the many other airlines. This infographic from AirHelp sorts the best from the worst with an emphasis on timeliness and compensatory measures when things go wrong.

The Three Common Strategies Behind Most Scams

Scammers are everywhere using manipulative tactics and snake oils to weasel money out of your pocket. Most of these scams aren’t particularly complicated, and Consumer Reports was able to break them down into three main strategies.

12 Everyday Phrases That People Get Wrong All The Time

Is it “wreck havoc” or “wreak havoc”? Is it “should of” or “should have”? Here are some popular phrases that people say incorrectly all the time.

Undo Send: How To Avoid SMS And Email Misfires

Emails and text messages go off half-cocked all the time, whether it’s a sensitive work message on which you unintentionally copied the whole company in on, or — as in Peter Dutton’s recent stuff-up — a ranty text message that went to the target of your ire rather than to a crony.

Being 'Hangry' Is Real, So Don't Neglect The Snacks

You haven’t eaten breakfast and you’re starting to get snappy with everyone. You’re hangry. It’s not just a joke, it’s a real phenomenon. So, don’t forget to have some (preferably healthy) snacks around if you’re worried about your attitude.

Is It Legal To Slag Off Your Referee For A Bad Call?

If you’ve ever played amateur sports, you know how frustrating it can be to lose a big game due to the bumbling ineptitude of an umpire or referee. Most players understand that bad calls are part of the game and manage to keep their tempers under control. But some morph into Hulked-out John McEnroes, complete with swearing, yelling and shoving. Is this legal?

Shake Up Your Family's Boring Christmas With This Very NSFW Jingle

On Christmas day, you’re probably going to be stuck with your extended family. This means awkward small talk with distant cousins, boring conversations with doddering old aunties and pointed questions about why you haven’t got married/moved out/lost weight yet. In these situations, you need to shake things up a bit. You need to hijack the Christmas playlist. You need to blast out some Crudbump. [NSFW]

Stop Avast From Adding Its Signature Into Your Outgoing Emails

Avast is Lifehacker readers’ favourite antivirus program but it sure can be annoying. A recent update now inserts a footer advertising Avast into your outgoing messages. Here’s how to turn it off.

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