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Disable This Animation To Make Windows 10's Start Menu Open Faster

Windows 10’s new Start Menu is pretty dang useful. That doesn’t matter much, though, if it takes forever to load. If you’re finding the menu a bit sluggish on your machine, you can turn off the open animation.

Five Magpie Myths Debunked

Magpie season is currently in full swing (or should that be swoop?) with dozens of parks and playgrounds descending into avian war zones. But just because something is scary doesn’t mean you should believe everything you hear. Here are five bogus magpie myths that the nation needs to debunk.

How Do Our Broadband Speeds Compare To The Rest Of The World?

Ask the average Aussie to rank our nation’s internet, and most will give a pretty damning assessment. The general consensus is that we pay too much money and receive slower speeds compared to the rest of the world. (Don’t even get us started on the neutered NBN.) But is our internet really that bad? The following infographic compares global internet quality across a range of categories including speed, cost, censorship and ease of access. Australia’s overall report card might surprise you…

View Your iOS 9 Notes On The iCloud Webapp Until El Capitan Comes Out

iOS 9 brought along a new version of the Notes app with a bunch of new features. However, oddly, if you start using it, you can’t sync your notes that use those new features with OS X unless you’re on the El Capitan beta. For now, you can use though.

Ask LH: How Can I Blog About My Crappy Workplace Without Them Finding Out?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m planning on starting a blog mainly to vent about issues surrounding the niche industry I work in. While I won’t be doing anything illegal, it would certainly not go down well with my current employer and clients. Do you have any tips for remaining anonymous?

How To Avoid Turning Into A Jerk When You're Surrounded By Jerks

Working in retail, I still remember one of my worst customers. He went to hand me what I thought was a five dollar bill for a ten dollar product. I politely said, “Sorry, the total is actually ten dollars.” He pulled apart two bills, which I didn’t notice were stuck together, and slowly counted, “Five…ten. Do you speak English? Do you know maths?” I was fuming, but I said nothing. I was, however, short with everyone else that day, until a friend asked, “what’s your problem?” The problem was: I let that jerk turn me into a jerk, too.

The NBN: Why It's Slow, Expensive And Obsolete

After coming to power in the 2013 Federal Election, the Coalition government promised to deliver a national broadband network that would be faster, cheaper and more quickly deployed than Labor’s scuttled fibre-to-the-premises plan. Two years on, what have we got? Regardless of where your politics lie, the answer isn’t pretty.

Glitch In Google Hangouts 4.0 Stops Users From Chatting

Google Hangouts 4.0 is the latest iteration of Google’s messenger app but you might want to hold off updating to it if you haven’t already. Users have reported a glitch in Hangouts 4.0 is preventing them from using the app under certain conditions.

School Nurses Are Bad At Diagnosing Head Lice

If a school nurse says your kid has head lice, they’re probably wrong — and if you got the news from a doctor, be even more suspicious. Head scratching and white dots in the hair are usually not lice — but they’re mistaken for lice more often than you’d think.

Disable The 'Evaluation Copy' Watermark On The Windows Insider Preview

If you’re running the Insider Preview of Windows 10, you might be annoyed by the little watermark that shows up in the bottom right corner of your desktop. This handy little utility will get rid of it.

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