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Silent Site Sound Blocker Only Lets Whitelisted Tabs Play Audio

Chrome: We’ve all been there — you open a site in a new tab, and it starts playing audio in the background. Or worse, you open it in the foreground and it starts a video in some random corner of the page while you read an article. Silent Site Sound Blocker puts an end to that nonsense for good.

How To Totally Disable Widgets On The iOS 10 Lock Screen

iOS: iOS 10 is packed with its share of new features, but the lock screen is easily the biggest change. With that comes a new widget screen that has all kinds of potential to mess with your privacy. Here’s how to disable it completely.

Nine Ways To Cure Jet Lag After A Long Flight

Jet lag is no joke, but you don’t have to resign yourself to suffering. Along with getting some extra sun at just the right time, prepping before your trip, and a good cup of tea, here are a few ways you can beat back the effect of jet lag, whether you’re flying east (when it’s worse) or west.

Use Sierra's Picture-in-Picture Mode On Unsupported Videos With A Double Right-Click

Picture-in-picture video is a cool feature of macOS Sierra, but only a small handful of videos online seem to support it. One big one that’s missing is YouTube. However, iDownloadBlog points out you can force a video into Picture-in-picture with a double right-click.

How To Downgrade iOS 10 Back To iOS 9

iOS: We’re fans of iOS 10, but not everyone’s enjoying Apple’s newest operating system. If you want to go back to iOS 9, you have a limited time window for doing so, so you should do it now while you still can.

How To Discourage Idiot Colleagues On Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day (AKA every office jerk’s favourite day of the year.) If you’re sick of hearing multiple exclamations of “shiver me timbers”, “matey” and “arrrrr!”, you need to take matters into your own hands. Here are some methods to kill vernacular piracy dead.

How To Delete An Obnoxious Sticker Someone Sent You In iOS 10

iOS: Not everyone likes the new features in Messages. So, if you have an annoying friend sending you a million stickers, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s possible to at least remove those stickers, though you can’t stop them from arriving in the first place.

How To Fix iOS 10's Biggest Annoyances

With every launch of a new operating system comes a handful of quirks and annoyances. iOS 10 is no different, but thankfully, most of those quirks are pretty easy to correct.

How To Delete And Reinstall Stock Apps In iOS 10

Since basically the dawn of the iPhone, users have been asking to remove Apple’s stock apps from their iOS devices. With iOS 10, you can finally do it.

Moisturise First To Make Your Cologne Last Longer, Don't Bathe In It

Putting on a little fragrance at the beginning of the day and expecting it to stick around through the day and through an evening event is a bit of a tall order, but Aaron Marino, of IAmAlphaM, has a very simple (and almost obvious) trick to help it last longer — and thankfully it’s not “just apply more.” Moisturise.

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