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What Happens If You Put The Wrong Octane Of Petrol In Your Car

I drive a lot of different vehicles when I need to get around, but I’m always a little worried when it’s time to fill them up. Will something happen if I use 91 instead of 95, or vice versa? Well, this thread at StackExchange answers the question, and long story short, there’s little to worry about.

WhatsApp And Facebook Now Share Data For Ad Targeting, Here's How To Opt Out

Facebook and WhatsApp announced a new data sharing plan that will improve targeted advertising and friend suggestions. If you’re not a fan of the idea of Facebook and WhatsApp cozying up so closely together, it’s easy to opt out.

Top 20 Most Complained About Businesses In NSW

NSW Fair Trading has just launched its Complaints Register to document which businesses in the state have received the most complaints each month. It has released its first lot of results for the month of July. Some notable companies on the register include Apple, Foxtel and Harvey Norman. Find out which companies topped the list.

How Facebook Uses Your Personal Details To Target Its Ads

Say you’re scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed and you encounter an ad so eerily well-suited, it seems someone has possibly read your brain. Maybe your mother’s birthday is coming up, and Facebook’s showing ads for her local florist. Whatever the subject, you’ve seen ads like this. You’ve wondered – maybe worried – how they found their way to you.

Windows Updates May Reinstall Bundled Apps That You Uninstalled

Windows: Windows 10 is mostly a step up from previous versions, but it also comes with a bunch of annoyances. For example, all of the bundled apps that Microsoft includes with it. Or the fact that some users are seeing those apps re-installed after a big update.

Ask LH: How Do I Turn Off Facebook Notifications On My iPhone Calendar?

Dear Lifehacker, Is there a way I can stop getting Facebook birthday notifications from showing up on my iPhone and email calendars? They appear every day without fail at midday and it’s super frustrating, if nothing else. I’ve tried looking onto the individual calendars and can’t seem to find a way to disable Facebook sending its birthdays onto them.

9 'Life Hacks' That Don't Make Your Life Better At All

If you want to improve your life, there are a lot of clever little tricks you can use called “life hacks” to fix problems. Some are great! Some are very, very bad. These are the worst hacks that either don’t work, waste your time, or cause more problems than they solve.

Eye-Fi Reverses Decision, Won't Brick Older Devices

Last month, Wi-Fi enabled SD card maker Eye-Fi announced that it was dropping support for older devices. Good news though, they have decided to make one last bit of software for those older cards so they will continue to work.

The Australian Census Website Isn't Working Again

Well, that didn’t last long. Less than ten hours after its “triumphant” return, the online Census has been knocked offline again. Worst Census ever.

Ask LH: Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Switching On And Off?

Dear Lifehacker, The other morning I switched my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone on after charging it overnight. About one minute later, it switched itself off and rebooted without me touching it. It keeps doing this — shutting down and restarting — over and over again until it runs out of batteries. This has rendered the phone useless. I’ve tried switching data/WiFi off and fiddling around with different settings but nothing seems to work. Please help!

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