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You Should Take Better Care Of Your Phone

Opinion: The 24-month phone contract is dead, writes Phone plans go out of date quickly, leaving their buyers stuck with small data quotas. But there’s also the fact that new smartphones, bundled with these plans, are apparently a Bad Idea — because they can be lost, or damaged, or stolen. It’s that last point that is particularly galling.

Here's All of the Stuff You Can't Take Into Australia

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard made headlines across the globe last week when their bizarre, hilarious and totally excruciating apology video to the Australian government was leaked online. While smuggling living animals into the country is an obvious no-no, our strict biosecurity legislation covers much, much more: everything from noodles to dirty shoes can land expats and tourists in hot water.

Survey Finds Australian Drivers Basically Hate Every Other Driver On The Road

A survey, run by GPS and dashcam maker Navman on 15,561 of its Australian customers, is pretty bleak if you’re a regular user of Australian roads. Almost every single respondent was annoyed by other drivers not indicating, driving too slowly or being lost. And statistics say that you’re probably not a perfect driver, either. Maybe we should all just take a moment to relax, or maybe we should stay off the roads completely.

Hey Apple, It's Time You Replaced Our Cracked Screens For Free

Yesterday afternoon, we attended the Australian launch of the LG G5; an intriguing Android smartphone that boasts a modular design with a host of snap-on peripherals. But arguably the most exciting announcement was LG’s commitment to replacing smashed G5 screens for free — not questions asked. This is something we’re seeing more and more of as smartphone vendors look to win over prospective customers. But so far, Apple has refused to come to the party. What gives?

When Is It 'Not Okay' To Recline Your Aeroplane Seat?

Last week, Australian sporting legend Grant Hackett was ejected from a Virgin flight after an in-air altercation with another passenger. Apparently, Hacket took umbrage at the seat in front of him being lowered and expressed his displeasure by giving the offending passenger a “nipple cripple”. While Hackett’s alleged actions are completely inexcusable, there are definitely unspoken rules when it comes to fully reclining your seat on aeroplanes. We want to hear what you think is (and isn’t) okay.

Australian Busking Laws Explained

Whether you think buskers are cultural assets or irritating beggars, their ability to perform on our streets are largely controlled by council regulations. We look at how the rules surrounding this ancient profession work, and how it affects the livelihoods of buskers in Sydney and Melbourne.

Don't Forget To Stock Up On Original BBQ Shapes This Weekend

Arnott’s is changing the recipe of its Shapes biscuits — and the results are reportedly awful. According to the consensus on social media, the “new and improved” BBQ and Pizza versions have no visible flavouring and lack crunch; essentially robbing them of the brand’s best qualities. Thankfully, there’s still plenty of old stock on supermarket shelves — but it’s running out fast. If you’re an Arnott’s Shapes fanatic, you need to start stocking up and you need to do it now.

Eight Essential Items To Keep Inside Your Car's Breakdown Kit

Everyone has either had a car breakdown or emergency, or will experience it at some point in their lives. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. So it’s extremely important to ensure you’re prepared.

Get Rid Of The Microphone Button On The iPhone Keyboard That You Keep Accidentally Tapping

Even if you have a newer, bigger iPhone, a lot of us still accidentally tap the little microphone icon when we’re trying to hit the space bar. How-To Geek reminds us that you can get rid of it.

Australian Airport Strikes: The Dates You Need To Know

If you’re flying overseas in the next few days, we have some bad news for you: Australia’s immigration and border protection workers are resuming strike action at major international airports around the country. This means your flight will probably be delayed. Here are the relevant dates and times for each Australian airport.

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