How Do You Keep Your Boss From Interfering With Or Ruining Your Work?

You don’t have to have a micromanaging boss or one that’s truly crazy to experience the friction between having a boss and getting good work done. How do you keep your boss (or manager or client) from messing with your work?

Nurofen Busted By ACCC For Dodgy 'Specific Pain' Products

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has instituted proceedings against Nurofen manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser for misleading the public with its “Specific Pain” range of pain-relievers. The colour-coded products were purportedly formulated to treat a specific kind of pain, but were actually identical.

Ask LH: When Is It No Longer Worth Trying To Fall Back To Sleep?

Hi Lifehacker, Sometimes I wake up earlier than my morning alarm. This can be as little as five minutes but sometime as much as an hour. I don’t feel like I get enough sleep on the whole but once I’m awake I can’t help checking the clock. My question is: at what point is it no longer worth me trying to get back to sleep? Is there a point that I might as well just get out of bed?

Ask LH: Do I Need Council Approval To Build My Kids A Cubby House?

I read recently about a guy who got a letter from the council saying that he needed to apply for planning approval of a cubby house that he had built in his backyard over 12 months prior. Apparently it’s the same deal as with a shed, requiring council approval. Why is that the case? Why does anyone building anything on their own property need to ask the council for permission?

10 Signs Of A Toxic Boss

The new boss proved an able negotiator, winning himself an outsize compensation and benefits package. They even bought him a mansion. But at his first and only party for employees, he roped off most of the interior and installed backyard porta-potties. He located his office in a separate building. And before long, his penchant for arriving at meetings late, leaving early and staying just long enough to pronounce his edicts became all too apparent. During his tenure, organisational morale and performance plummeted. In just 28 months, he was gone.

Australian TV Networks Are Sick Of Not Offering HD On Their Main Channels

One of the most frequent complaints we hear about TV in Australia is the fact that the main channel for each network is standard definition (SD), while high definition (HD) broadcasts are only found on secondary channels. Turns out TV networks are nearly as unhappy about that as you are.

Why TV Shows Will Never Ever Run On Time Again

One of the more annoying trends in modern television is the fact that shows in prime time rarely start neatly on the hour or half-hour. The bad news? Australian TV networks have no plans to change that.

Briefly: Jetstar Bali Sale, Kick-Arse Heroines, Kotaku Versus Game Length

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch an amazing montage of heroines kicking arse in action movies, Jetstar return airfares to Bali from $149, get the full unrestricted version of Microsoft OneNote 2013 for free.

How To Turn Off The Annoying Chirping Sounds In The Facebook App

Over the last couple days, an update for the Facebook app on iOS and Android has been rolling out. You may have noticed one very distinct change: weird chirping sounds. Here is how you can turn them off in iOS and Android.

You Can Now Pay For AWS In Australian Dollars

Like other cloud services, AWS is usually paid for by credit card — but since the fees are in US dollars, you can end up getting slugged with conversion fees. You can now avoid that by setting Australian dollars as your preferred currency.