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Streaks Is A Simple Habit Tracker And Daily Reminder For Android

Android: Habits are difficult to adopt, so it’s important not to overload this hard process with a complex app. Technology needs to get out of the way. That’s what Streaks does.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include FireJumpers on Android, Cortex Camera on iOS and Golden Bricks on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

'Stop, Breathe & Think' Customises Meditations For Beginners

iOS/Android/Web: If you’re trying to do more mindful meditation, you may need some help starting out. This app reminds you to meditate during the day and gives you easy suggestions for your first few times.

Which Australian Cities Are Most Attacked By Malware?

New research from online security firm F-Secure has revealed the Australian CBDs that are most susceptible to Android-based malware attacks. Statistically, you could be twice as likely to encounter a threat depending on the capital city you reside in. Read on to see which major cities came out on top.

Bluetooth Finder Helps You Find That Lost Device

Android: Fitness trackers are awesome until you lose them. Bluetooth Finder helps you find lost Bluetooth devices if they are nearby. The app works with peripherals that don’t keep a constant connection to your phone or tablet — which means it isn’t great at finding headphones and other devices that usually stay paired.

Run Android Apps On Your Chromebook (And Windows, Linux Or Mac)

No one likes to be told what to do, so why should your Chromebook follow the rules? Well, it’ll have to abide but whatever physics dictates, but when it comes to running Android apps, there is a way to convince it (and other operating systems) to play ball, if you’re willing to do a little legwork. Well, fingerwork.

Diagnose And Fix Common Errors With Google Play

Ah, the old mysterious error code! You would think it’d be easy for OS, web and software developers to put more helpful information in their error messages, but the truth is it’s not always clear what’s specifically causing an issue. Google Play is no exception, with its fair share of cryptic missive for unsuccessful operations. Fortunately, you can usually fix these problems yourself after being pointed in the right direction.

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Springpad

With all the apps out there to help organise your day, it’s inevitable that some will stay around longer than others. One such tool is Springpad, which managed a good six years. Sadly, come 25 June, it’ll be all over for the online note-taking and info-sharing service.

Test Your Grasp On English With Google 'Spell Up'

English is one of the toughest second languages to spell proficiently. With its cavalcade of exceptions, silent letters and phonetically identical words, it can even trip up native speakers. Google is attempting to make the process a little easier via Spell Up; a free web app that turns English lessons into a game.

Wonder Timer Comes With Presets, Widget And Good Design

Android: Whether you need to set a timer for your eggs or a reminder to call your boss in an hour, Wonder Timer makes it easier than ever. It packages good design with easy functionality to become one of the top Android timer apps.

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