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Non-Nexus Phones Can Now Download Google's Sweet Phone App [Updated]

Android: Last year, Google released its smart dialler app to the Play Store. At the time, they only worked on Nexus devices. Now, however, a ton of recent phones can use them as well.

10 Steps To Create Your First Android App

Building an Android app isn’t as hard as it might seem, as long as you focus on creating a simple app at first. Android Authority shares a tutorial that covers the 10 main things you have to do to develop your first app.

To Round Is A Fun, Bubble-Based Task Manager

Android/iPhone: Not everyone needs their to-dos in a list. To Round takes a totally different approach to organising tasks by putting each task into a bubble.

This Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from last week.

VLC For Android Beta Can Now Browse Your Files On Your Local Network

The VLC app for Android has allowed you to stream videos across your network for a while, but it always required a direct link to the file. Now, the latest beta allows you to browse your folders on shared devices.

When It Comes To Android RSS Readers, Munch Is As Simple As It Gets

We’ve long since moved on from the great purging of Google Reader in 2013, but that doesn’t mean you’ve found a replacement you’re entirely satisfied with. For Android users, a new, minimalist option has popped up called Munch and to top it off, it’s free.

Forest Keeps Your Phone From Being Distracted By Growing A Virtual Garden

Android/iOS: Your phone is distracting. If you have a hard time resisting the impulse to check notifications, Forest helps balance out that impulse with a gamified virtual garden.

Top 9 Ways To Browse The Web Better On Your Phone

Looking up things online is one of the main reasons most of us pay for a data plan, but let’s face it: Surfing the web on a tiny screen with a tiny keyboard can suck sometimes. Here are nine ways to make the experience at least a little better.

Chef's Hat Lets You Bookmark And Organise Recipes From All Over The Web

Chrome/iOS: There’s no shortage of ways to organise recipes you find around the web, but they come and go so quickly it’s nice to see a new one. Chef’s Hat is a bookmarking and snipping tool that saves recipes you find around the web so they’re easy to find — and cook — later.

Snapseed Update Brings Native RAW Support And Editing

Snapseed is one of our essential Android apps, and now it’s getting even essential-er. The latest update brings native RAW photo editing support to the Android app.

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