Cloud Patches: AWS Adds G2 In Sydney, Azure Goes SAP

Last week in cloud computing: AWS gets graphic with G2 available in Sydney and improvements to Elastic Transcoder; a wide range of SAP apps available soon on Azure.

The Best Extensions To Make Amazon More Awesome

Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The site has a utilitarian interface that can be clunky at times. Fortunately, browser extensions can add functionality and simplify some tasks, making shopping on the world’s biggest internet store even more awesome.

Cloud Patches: AWS WorkSpaces Hits Sydney, All The TechEd Azure News

Last week in cloud computing: AWS WorkSpaces finally hits Amazon’s Sydney data centre, while Microsoft announces Azure features galore at TechEd North America.

Cloud Patches: S3 And Route 53 Go Mobile

Last week in cloud computing: AWS updates its mobile apps, added attributes to its Simple Queue Service, and introduces its first professional certification.

Briefly: Piracy Crackdown Imminent, Free Yoga Ebook, RD-D2 Vs. C-3P0

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: Australian piracy crackdown coming “as early as this week”, Kenny Baker vs. Anthony Daniels, get Happy Back Yoga free.

Cloud Patches: Azure Cloud App Discovery, AWS CloudWatch For SWF

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon adds CloudWatch metrics to SWF; Azure previews Cloud App Discovery.

Cloud Patches: DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, Farewell Forefront

Last week in cloud computing: AWS tweaked Elastic Beanstalk, Dynamo DB and Elasticache, while Microsoft clarified future plans for Forefront.

Cloud Patches: AWS & Heartbleed, Azure Goes Multi-Forest

Last week in cloud computing: how Amazon Web Services (AWS) dealt with Heartbleed, and how Azure is extending its directory capabilities.

Cloud Patches: WorkSpaces Down Under, Azure Shifts Monitoring Nodes

Last week in cloud computing: AWS announced a stack of new features in Australia, while Azure shifted its monitoring nodes.

How Amazon's Data Centres Aren't As Green As They Could Be

Environmental group Greenpeace has slammed Amazon for its environmental practices in its latest report on the green credentials of the technology industry. Greenpeace is concerned that Amazon Web services, which provides infrastructure for much of the internet, continues to run its data centres with dirty fuel.