Amazon's New Movie Plans Won't Help Australians Much

Amazon has announced that it’s going to invest heavily in production of theatrical movies that will rapidly shift to its Prime streaming service. Which is great in a fast-tracking sense, but not particularly for Australian viewers.

Cloud Patches: Workplace Join Adds Android, Google Cloud Monitoring

Our weekly roundup of developments on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Patches: Amazon RDS Updates, Docker In Azure

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon added new security options for RDS, Google launched Cloud Trace, Azure adds its first Docker implementation, and more.

Get A 5TB Seagate USB 3.0 Hard Drive For $190

The Australian dollar isn’t what it used to be against its US counterpart, but even with the growing discrepancy, there are still bargains to be had overseas. Amazon tends to be the first place to visit for discount electronics and today is no exception, with the online retailer offering 5TB of external storage for less than $200, delivered.

Cloud Patches: CloudFront Reporting Upgrades, AWS Tag Editor

Apparently, Christmas and the New Year doesn’t stop cloud service upgrades entirely.

Why Crossy Road's Developers Launched On Android Through Amazon

Australian-developed game Crossy Road has been a massive hit on iOS, with over 10 million downloads so far. The game has been released for Android this week, but unusually, it will initially only be available on Amazon’s App Store. Why did the developers go down that path?

Cloud Patches: AWS Glacier Tweaks, Azure SQL Update

Last week in cloud computing: new options for AWS Glacier, Azure SQL preview, and more.

Cloud Patches: AWS Cuts Data Transfer Prices, Azure AD Improves Privacy

Last week in cloud computing: AWS cut prices on data transfer, Azure Active Directory tweaks how it stores mobile phone numbers for two-factor authentication, and more.

Cloud Patches: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Adds KMS Suport, Azure HDInsight Comes To Australia

Last week in cloud computing: Elastic Transcoder goes CMS, HDInsight goes down under, and more.

Cloud Patches: AppStream Covers Windows, StorSimple Arrives In Australia

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon AppStream can now stream just about any Windows application to just about any device (but not in Sydney), Azure StorSimple arrives in Australia, and more cloud news.