Dealhacker: Get $16 Worth Of Free Android Games From Amazon

Attention cheapskate gamers: Amazon is currently giving away eight Android games worth $16, including Wreck-It Ralph, Ski Safari and Sonic Jump. The deal is available for today only so grab the links while you’ve got the chance.

AWS Adds Data Pipeline To Sydney Data Centre

Latest addition to the range of services available in Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Sydney data centre: Data Pipeline, its service that migrates data between different AWS platforms.

AWS Route 53 Improves Health Checks

Amazon’s Route 53 DNS service is well-regarded for its ability to manage complex domain allocations. New features added to the service enable more sophisticated “health checks” to see if your site is up and running.

Amazon Redshift Now Has A Cheaper Option For Small Data Warehouses

Amazon Redshift, the data warehousing service based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, has been available in Australia since last October. Amazon has now introduced a new option, Dense Compute, designed for warehouses less than 500GB in size or where performance is a major issue.

Some Amazon S3 and EBS Price Cuts Are Actually Better For Australia

It’s a pattern that has become familiar: Amazon Web Services (AWS) cuts pricing on a specific service, but customers using the Sydney data centre don’t get the same degree of discounting as in other locations. But Amazon’s latest round of price cuts — for the S3 and EBS storage services — don’t work out too badly.

A Student's Guide To Using The Kindle For Research

The Kindle is great for reading books, but you might not know that it’s also a fantastic tool for students. When used correctly, it can operate as a portable tool to keep all your books, notes and research in one place. Here’s how to turn a Kindle into your new best friend for school or university.

AWS Marketplace Adding Free Software Trials

Looks like Amazon is keen to promote sales of additional software through its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace — you can now test many of the products offered through the cloud service app store with a time-limited free trial.

Amazon Adds Developer And Sysadmin Certifications

Amazon has expanded its range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud certifications, adding new associate-level options for developers and system administrators.

Stupidly Obvious AWS Pitfalls That Trip Up Cloud-Hungry Businesses

Migrating a business onto Amazon Web Services (AWS) or another cloud provider can be a highly complicated process. Then there are the blatantly obvious dos and don’ts that nevertheless trip up an embarrassing number of companies.

Why Cheaper Cloud Pricing Isn't Always A Good Thing

Since Google announced the launch of its Compute Engine in mid 2012, the competition for this lucrative slice of the cloud market has heated up. Amazon AWS, which has the lion’s share of the cloud infrastructure market, has progressively reduced its pricing no less than 30 times in the last 7 years, and this downward cost trend will no doubt continue with Google’s recent drop in its raw compute costs .A race to the bottom on cost has to be a good thing for consumers, universities, governments and business alike, all looking to cut IT costs, right? Well, maybe not.