Amazon Extends Route 53 , CloudFront To Melbourne

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has had a Sydney region since November 2012. Now it is expanding its Australian range, adding an edge location in Melbourne for its Route 53 and CloudFront services.

Cloud Patches: EC2's Burstable New Instance, Azure Web Deploy

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon expanded its EC2 and Route 53, while Azure tinkers with its Web Deploy feature.

Cloud Patches: Developer Tools Ahoy!

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon AppStream enhances its reach, Azure Active Directory adds tenant deletion and free trials, and much more.

Cloud Patches: Azure Status Upgrade, Amazon Elastic Expansions

Last week in cloud computing: Microsoft’s Azure status tracker sees a revamp, while Amazon tweaks its elastic options.

The Amazon Appstore Is Starting To Look More Relevant

Amazon’s Appstore wasn’t even accessible to Australians until May last year, and it has always seemed like very much a secondary player to Google Play. However, two developments this week potentially make it a more interesting distribution platform for Android developers.

Cloud Patches: AWS SNS Goes Windows, Azure AD Proxy

Last week in cloud computing: AWS enhances Windows push notification support, while Azure begins testing its Active Directory proxy.

Cloud Patches: Multiple AWS Mobile Identities, HDInsight For Hadoop 2004

Last week in cloud computing: AWS makes mobile management easier; ; and more.

Cloud Patches: AWS Adds G2 In Sydney, Azure Goes SAP

Last week in cloud computing: AWS gets graphic with G2 available in Sydney and improvements to Elastic Transcoder; a wide range of SAP apps available soon on Azure.

The Best Extensions To Make Amazon More Awesome

Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The site has a utilitarian interface that can be clunky at times. Fortunately, browser extensions can add functionality and simplify some tasks, making shopping on the world’s biggest internet store even more awesome.

Cloud Patches: AWS WorkSpaces Hits Sydney, All The TechEd Azure News

Last week in cloud computing: AWS WorkSpaces finally hits Amazon’s Sydney data centre, while Microsoft announces Azure features galore at TechEd North America.