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AWS Lambda Serverless Compute Offering Set To Be Released In Australia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Lambda service in the Asia-Pacific a while back but its was only available through the company’s datacentres in Japan. Today, the cloud platform provider announced it will be launching Lambda in Australia very soon. Here’s what we know so far.

Amazon's New Kindle Oasis Is $449 Worth Of Luxury Ereader

Amazon has announced a brand new addition to the Kindle lineup. The Oasis is by far the most expensive Kindle around, but it also aims to be the nicest.

Amazon Allowance Helps Keep Your Amazon Spending In Check

It’s all too easy to go over your budget when shopping on Amazon — especially when you factor international shipping into the equation. One thing that might help: Amazon Allowance, the company’s relatively unknown gift card funding program.

Killer Interview Question: Do You Know How To Pronounce The CEO's Name?

This week’s KIQ will require you to do some research because some people (including myself) have confusing names that are hard to pronounce. But it’s important to get your potential new boss’ name right to make a good impression.

The Amazon Kindle Gets A Design Refresh With A New Home Screen, Better Access To Settings

Amazon is rolling out an update to the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage this month that will change the way your home screen looks. Alongside the new home screen, it will also give you better access to common settings and recommendations for books.

AWS Cuts Price On Selected Cloud Services In Australia

With competition heating up in the public cloud sector, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has started the new year with a price reduction on some of its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service offerings in several regions, including Australia. Here are the details.

Amazon Resets An Unknown Number Of Passwords Due To Leak

If you received an email from Amazon today saying your password has been reset, you’re not the only one. ZDNet is reporting that a number of people were notified by Amazon that their password has been reset due to unidentified reasons.

Amazon Storywriter Is A Simple, Free, Auto-formatting Screenwriting Tool For The Web

Screenwriting tools tend to be on the pricey side when it comes to software, but Amazon’s released a free tool called Storywriter that provides a barebones screenwriting tool that saves directly to the cloud.

Cloud Wars Explained: Why Nobody Can Catch Up With Amazon

The market for cloud computing continues to defy all expectations. Even as the startup craze starts to cool in Silicon Valley, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all reported bang-up earnings last quarter, not least because of their big bets on the cloud. What exactly are these companies selling? Who’s buying it? And why is one company that wasn’t even in enterprise technology a decade ago — Amazon — beating the pants off everyone else?

Why I Don't Recommend Buying Sex Toys On Amazon

If you’ve ever been in the market for a sex toy, you may have looked into buying it through Amazon. Amazon tends to have good prices on gadgets, even when you factor in shipping costs to Australia. Sex toys are a different story, though: in fact, most of the time, it’s best to avoid Amazon altogether. Here’s why.

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