Planhacker: Long Expiry Prepaid Mobile Deals

For a mobile phone that is only used very occasionally, a long expiry prepaid deal makes sense. What choices do you have? Planhacker rounds up the offers on the Australian market with 90 days expiry or longer.

Amaysim Hand-Cutting iPhone 5 Nano SIMs

One of the minor annoyances of the iPhone 5 is that is uses the nano SIM format, and replacement SIMs are in short supply if you’re not buying on contract through a major telco. Amaysim has confirmed it won’t have its own branded nano SIMs until November, but the MVNO is offering to hand-cut replacement nano SIMs for any existing customers who have purchased an iPhone 5 outright.

Planhacker: Every Australian Prepaid Mobile Broadband Deal Compared

A prepaid mobile broadband service is ideal if you want occasional internet access while travelling, or just need a backup service when your home or office broadband goes down. Who has the best deals? Planhacker rounds up all the current offers in Australia so you can compare and choose.

How Many 2-Minute Calls Can You Make On Australian Phone Plans?

One of the key requirements under the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code is for mobile phone providers to specify how many 2-minute calls you could make on each plan they offer. That won’t be a requirement until March 1 next year, but we can easily perform that calculation ourselves right now.

Planhacker: Every Australian BYO Contract Cap Plan Compared (Updated)

Prepaid works for casual mobile phone users, but many Australians choose to sign up for a contract plan, either to get better data rates or because they want the cost of their handset subsidised. But which one should you choose? This up-to-date Planhacker listing covers every contract mobile plan (and their month-by-month competitors) available in Australia.

Amaysim's $19.90 Flexi Deal: Does It Add Up?

Amaysim is expanding its range of no-contract phone plan options, adding a “middle ground” $19.90 per month option to its existing pay as you go and $39.90 a month unlimited plans Here’s how it works and what you need to know.

Dealhacker: 40% Off Amaysim Unlimited

Amaysim’s Unlimited Plan is good value even at the full $39.90 price, but right now there’s a sale which offers 40 per cent off the first month for new orders. Just enter the code UNL0540 at checkout. The deal runs until May 24. [Amaysim]

Amaysim Cuts Prepaid Call Rates

Amaysim’s pay-as-you-go call rates were already fairly low at 15 cents per minute with no flagfall, but now they’re a little cheaper. The standard per-minute rate for all Amaysim As You Go customers has dropped to 12 cents per minute from today, and some international call rates have also fallen.

How Australians Waste Money On Calls And Data

We’ve often suspected people spend more money than they should on mobile services, and now there’s some solid proof. New research suggests that 68 per cent of Australians don’t believe they get full value from their contract plans. Despite that, 45 per cent have experienced ‘bill shock’, where their monthly bill is much higher than expected.

Planhacker: iPad SIM Plans March 2012

As we prepare for the expected launch of the iPad 3 this week, it seems appropriate to revisit the available SIM plan deals for iPad owners. Whatever combination of download allowance, network coverage and expiry period you want, Planhacker has it covered.