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Show Chrome's Tabs As Separate Aero Peek Thumbnails

We’ve already shown you how to organise Chrome’s Aero Peek thumbnails, but reader coreyog writes in to show us that that’s not all you can do – you can also see thumbnails for all of your open tabs.

Google Chrome Adds Support For Multi-Tab Aero Peek

Chrome: If you’re in love with the Aero peek feature in Windows 7 and wish it could show you all your Chrome tabs at once, you’re in luck. The feature is now active in the Chrome development channel.

Adjust Aero Peek's Display Speed In Windows 7

When you move your mouse over a taskbar application in Windows 7 or over the outline button in the lower-right corner, previews show up in about half a second. Customise that wait time with a quick registry hack.

Middle-Click To Close Applications From Windows 7's Taskbar

Windows Vista made it easy to close programs by middle-clicking their taskbar button. In Windows 7, however, middle-clicking a taskbar button opens a new instance of that program. The easy-close solution? Middle-click its preview window.

Windows 7 Aero Peek Even Better In Latest Build

We gave you a closer look at Windows 7 Aero Peek a while ago, but the killer new feature has gotten even better in the recently released beta. Here’s a screencast to give you a better idea of what’s changed.

Blue Badge Updated, Enables Aero Peek

The previously mentioned Windows 7 Preview’s feature unlocker tool Blue Badge has been updated to enable Aero Peek in the preview build 6801. Win7 Preview testers, the Blue Badge download is available for 32 and 64-bit systems.

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