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Addappt Is An Address Book That Updates When Your Friends' Info ChangesĀ 

Android/iOS: Updating your contacts every time your friends change their info can be annoying, especially if you don’t know they have changed it. Addappt, on the other hand, is a social contacts app that updates automatically.

Cobook Rebrands As FullContact, Cleans Up Your Messy IOS Contacts

iOS: When it first launched, Cobook was one our favourite address book apps for iOS. Development eventually stopped when it was purchased by FullContact. Now, it’s back, and it works very similarly to the original app.

App Directory: The Best Address Book App For iOS

You have a lot of options for address books on the iPhone, but we like Contacts+ for being a solid option without a lot of bloat. It has heaps of features without being too overbearing or difficult to use.

App Directory: The Best Address Book App For Android

If you’re looking for a smarter way to manage your contacts, Contacts+ for Android is your best option. It brings a number of features to the table that help you quickly get in touch with your contacts and keep up to date with them.

Fruux Syncs Contacts Across Devices, Gives You One Tool To Manage Them

Fruux is a great way to synchronise contacts, calendars and to-dos across devices, but now the service wants to give you a unified place to manage all of that data as well as keeping it up to date on every screen you use. The new Fruux web editor makes it easy to update contact details and keep everyone organised.

Contacts+ Brings Smart, Feature-Packed Contact Management To iPhone

iOS: Contacts+ syncs information from all of your connected services to give you complete contact cards for your friends, organised with big photos of each person. One tap calls them, another gets you up to speed on what they’ve been doing lately.

How To Sync Contacts Between Two Gmail Accounts

It’s hard to get by these days with just one email address. If you want to sync your contacts between all your email accounts, it’s actually very easy to do with a free tool called Soocial. Here’s how.

Delete All Those Annoying 'Recent Recipients' From iOS Mail

Every time you go to type an email address into the iOS Mail app, you get a giant list of everyone you’ve ever contacted that might fit the letters you’ve typed. This can get annoying very quickly. Here’s how to delete those from your phone for good.

Cobook For iPhone Combines Social Data Into A Powerful Address Book

iOS: Cobook is a smart address book that combines your default list of contacts with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn data. It provides you with all the information you want to have in an address book without cluttering up the interface.

Morse Syncs Gmail Contacts With Your Address Book

We often find contact information in the body or signature of an email, but we neglect to add it to our contacts and are forced to search our emails for a phone number or address later on. Morse takes care of that problem by pulling contact information stored in your emails and adding them to your address book automatically.

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