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All The Mobile Phone Frequencies Used In Australia (2015 Edition)

If you’re looking at buying a new mobile device, especially one that’s an import, it’s worth knowing which Australian networks it will support. These are all the frequencies currently used in Australia.

ALDI Mobile Is Slightly Increasing Its Data Allowances

The history of ALDI Mobile has been one in which data allowances for customers have been steadily reduced. So we’re somewhat surprised to learn that some plans are actually going to become a tiny bit more generous from November.

How To Keep Track Of Your Smartphone Data Usage

Worried about going over the data limit on your mobile phone and running up a big bill? With the right apps, you can keep track of what you’ve used and avoid any nasty surprises.

Vodafone Red Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Vodafone has revamped its unlimited contract plans under the Red moniker, promising better voice inclusions, Australian customer support and other enhancements. Here’s what you need to know about how the plans work and what they offer.

Are Vodafone's New Tablet Plans Good Value?

Vodafone has revamped its tablet plans, offering much more data on its standalone plans than its rivals but cutting back a little on choices for prepaid users. Here’s what we like and what we don’t about the new offerings.

OpenSignal Finds The Best Mobile Data And Wi-Fi Connections On iOS

iOS: OpenSignal is a do-it-all toolkit for improving your mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity. Previously only available for Android, iPhone users can now use this handy utility for maximizing their connection on the go.

Ask LH: Does My iPad Need 4G For Travel?

Hi Lifehacker, interested in your thoughts. I’m planning on travelling with an iPad as my main computing device. Is it more cost effective and user friendly to get a Wi-Fi model and take a pocket hotspot, or get a model with a 3G/4G SIM slot and grab a SIM when I’m overseas? Thanks, Pad Thai

How Mobile Network Usage Will Change Your Work Environment

Everyone you know has a smartphone and mobile data network usage is growing hugely, but what do those developments mean for IT pros when it comes to managing and deploying apps and equipment? Here are some key trends to watch out for (including average download speeds for Aussies and how many of us really use 4G) and what they’ll mean for your future projects.

Ask LH: Can I Plug A 4G SIM Into My Router?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently moved house and I have had to make do with using a 4G/3G USB modem for internet access. Is there a way to plug this thing into a Wi-Fi router so it acts like an ADSL modem/router does? I seem to remember devices like this in the past. Thanks, Rerouted

How To Measure Rainfall Using Mobile Networks

A group of Dutch researchers has demonstrated a technique for measuring rainfall by examining disruption to mobile phone signals. As well as providing a potential method for providing more measurements in the future, the study also reminds us of one of the downsides of mobile networks: they can be a bit rubbish during a downpour.

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