What IT Pros Get Wrong On Their Resumes

Even if you’re invited to apply for a role rather than hunting it down, you’ll need to submit a resume as part of the process. Our sibling publication Business Insider has rounded up ten of the most common mistakes techies make when compiling a resume.

How To Share Gadgets Seamlessly In A Multi-Person Household

Not everyone can afford a separate computer or tablet for each member of the family, so you have to learn to share. It’s not that difficult, as long as you set things up right and are willing to cooperate.

Quick Control Panel Adds A Customisable Control Centre To Android

Android: Control Center is one of the better new additions in iOS 7. If you want something like that on your Android device, Quick Control Panel does it for free and lets you customise it to your liking.

The Ideal Status Length Is 100 Characters For Twitter, 40 For Facebook

No one wants to read a social media status that feels like a book. According to Buffer, there might be “ideal” lengths for getting the most responses.

Hide And Show Desktop Icons On OS X With An Automator Service

A cluttered desktop is not only distracting, it can slow down your Mac. If you want to temporarily hide your Mac’s desktop icons, you can do so with a simple AppleScript and Automator.

The Best Extensions To Make Google Maps Even More Awesome

Google Maps is easily one of the most popular and powerful mapping tools on the internet. It doesn’t have to do all the legwork alone, though. Here are some of the best extensions you can add to your browser to make Google Maps that much more awesome.

Clean A Cast Iron Frying Pan With Bamboo Skewers

We’ve previously looked at ways to clean a cast iron pot with salt, but Instructables has a more efficient method that uses bamboo skewers. The abrasive surface of the ends scrapes the pan without taking off the seasoned finish.

Build A Mobile Electronics Prototyping Kit Inside A Suitcase

Not everyone has a lot of space to build their DIY projects, which is why Digital DIY forum member Baldor decided to build one into a suitcase. It includes a set of breadboards, voltage regulators, voltmeters, development boards, and a layer with various cables and power supplies.

Why You Might Want A Beer Cellar In Your Basement

Most people have heard of cellaring wine, but have you considered cellaring beer? It’s actually a fairly common practise among beer lovers, and The Kitchn’s Casey Barber explains how — and why — you might consider starting your own.

Ask LH: Are My Long Network Cables Slowing Me Down?

Hey Lifehacker, Cable question: Currently I am using a 7-foot Cat 5e cable from the router to the ethernet wall jack in the bedroom upstairs. I want to use a 100-foot cord. I need to run it out the upstairs window, across the porch roof and down into the window on the main floor into my office. We lease, so drilling holes and feeding it downstairs is not an option. The room where it is now is directly above the room it needs to feed into. What I’m wondering is: does longer cable equal slower speed?