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Find English-Speaking Hotels And Restaurants In Paris With This App

Android/iOS: If you’re a tourist in Paris, you should learn as much French as you can and make an attempt to speak the language. However, a little respite is nice, and this free app helps you find it. “Yes I speak touriste” helps tourists in Paris find establishments that speak their native tongue.

Frugal Motoring Tips From Two Fuel-Efficiency Experts

John and Helen Taylor hold the world record for more than 40 fuel economy driving challenges. They therefore know a few things about saving a few bucks at the bowser. Currently, the pair are in the midst of a 19,000km road trip across Australia in an attempt to smash their car’s average fuel usage. Read on for their top five bowser hacks.

The Ultimate Bicycle Backpacking Bag

Taking a backpacking trip on a bicycle takes a special set of gear. Over on Pedalling Nowhere, Logan shares his gear list for a five-day trip through the mountains.

'ExcuseMe' Translates 200 Useful Travel Phrases

Part of the fun of travelling to a foreign place is learning the language. Even if you’re not fluent, it helps to keep some useful phrases in your back pocket. ExcuseMe is a free app that makes sure you’re prepared.

Save Money On Road Trips With A Portable Kitchen Kit

When you’re on the road, going from one hotel to the next, eating out can cost you a huge chunk of change. With a portable kitchen kit, you can cook in your room and save that money for something else.

Find Out How Far Your Income Will Stretch Overseas With This Calculator

Personal finance 101 says you should live below your means. This means your lifestyle should cost less than you earn. But what happens if you move to a new country with entirely different living expenses? This calculator gives you an idea of how far your annual income will get you around the world.

Trip4real Helps You Book Travel Experiences In Europe With Locals

Eating, staying, and relaxing where the locals do is the best way to have a truly memorable travel experience. If you’re headed to Europe, trip4real is a new service that can connect you with locals who are happy to show you around.

What Do You Do If An Airline Double Books Your Seat?

The sight of people being confused about which seat they’re meant to be in on a plane is incredibly common. But what do you do if you’ve got the same seat on your boarding pass as somebody else?

Qantas Is Increasing The Check In Buffer Time

From the 5th of August, travellers will need to to check into flights at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

When It's Worth Springing For Synthetic Motor Oil In Your Car

Synthetic costs more, but has many advantages over conventional oil. Not every car needs it, however, so here are some guidelines to help you determine if it’s best for your vehicle.

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