Embrace Looking Like A Tourist To Get Locals' Help

Most of the time, it is hard to completely pass for a native when travelling. If you can’t blend in, embrace looking like a tourist and some locals will be more likely to help you with directions or recommendations.

Ask LH: Can I Move States To Escape A Speeding Fine?

Hey Lifehacker, So I’ve lost my licence in NSW for a speeding fine for going 20 over. I am a Red P plater. Is there any way I can “move” to Melbourne and get a Victorian licence while I’m under 18?

Keep Your Bike's Serial Number Handy In Case Of Theft

Everyone knows a car has its own unique identification number. Fewer might know that most bicycles have them too. Before you take yours out, write down the serial number and keep it somewhere safe in case yours gets stolen.

Tripping Helps You Search Multiple Vacation Rental Sites At Once

Hotels aren’t the only places to stay on holidays. Tripping is a great place to explore those alternatives in one place

Learn Proper Global Dining Etiquette With This Chart

Whether you’re abroad, or going out to a foreign restaurant locally, you need to be sensitive to the dining etiquette of the culture. This chart gives you a broad overview of table manners around the world.

Keep Kids Engaged At Museums By Making Connections To Stuff They Know

If you’ve ever tried to go to a museum with a child, you know it isn’t an easy task to keep them entertained. One way to help them focus is to ask them questions about the exhibits. These questions help the kids make connections with what they’re seeing and keep them engaged.

Skip The Third-Party Sites To Get Cheaper Hotel Rates

Third party sites like Kayak can be helpful when trying to figure out where to stay. But The Daily Beast warns that using a third party site to book may result in higher rates.

Seat Kids Near The Plane's Engine To Keep Them Calm While Flying

Flying with kids or infants can be stressful. An easy way to calm your child is to book seats that are near the plane’s engine so the noise puts them to sleep.

Airport Security: Has Australia's Heightened Terror Alert Changed Anything?

With Australia’s terror alert currently on “high” (but with no “specific” threat) you might think that Australia’s airports would adopt a US-style heavy checking regime. So far, though, that doesn’t seem to have happened.

Reserve Seats In An L Shape To Prevent Your Kids From Kicking Seats

Travel with kids is not an easy process, especially when other passengers shoot you the side eye before you even get your family seated. Take control of the situation when flying and book seats in an L-shape to counteract seat-kicking by your child.