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Make Your Holiday Feel Longer With Some Basic Cognitive Psychology

If you’ve ever had a week-long holiday that felt like it only lasted a couple days, it’s probably because you did a little too much planning and not enough living in the moment.

Use Instagram To Find Places To Visit (And Avoid) On Holiday

One of the best parts of any holiday is finding that unsung local landmark. Perhaps it’s a neighbourhood bar that blew you away, a cultural monument rarely mentioned in travel guides or an amazing burrito from a street cart. Over on the New York Times, Jenna Wortham points out that Instagram is a great tool to find these types of places.

Make The Most Of Long Layovers With Airport 'City Tours'

If you have a long layover, don’t just resign yourself to hours at a gate or overpriced airport restaurant. Check to see if the airport offers their own managed and arranged city tours so you pass the time sightseeing instead.

Avoid Overpacking By Taking Two Bottoms For Every Five Days Of Travel

It’s easy to overpack for a trip when you don’t have some guidelines in place, especially when it comes to clothing. This simple rule of thumb should keep your carry-on from getting stuffed with every pair of pants you own.

Visit Popular Sightseeing Spots In Early Afternoon For Thinner Crowds

Even if you plan your trip to avoid your destination’s busy season, there are just some sites that are so popular they will always have a crowd. Take advantage of the natural thinning around lunchtime so at least you can see the sights with fewer people.

Get Your Tech Ready Before Travelling Solo To Avoid Homesickness

When travelling abroad alone, you typically want to stay connected for safety reasons. There’s another reason to make sure you can reach friends and family, though: Solo travel gets lonely.

These DIY Coffee 'Pods' Make Brewing On The Go Easy

Spring is almost upon us and it’s a good time to start planning some camping trips. You have to get creative when you cook while camping, or anywhere else you may not have a ton of gear. Whip up these DIY coffee packs before you head out to make brewing your morning cup as easy as it gets.

Learn Basic Flight Attendant Lingo With This Handy Glossary

If you’ve ever wondered what flight attendants mean when they say things like “prepare doors for departure” or “cross-check complete”, this glossary explains everything you need to know.

Have A More Enjoyable Staycation By Planning It Out Like A Trip

Staycations are a great way to take a break from work while still saving some money, and they can be equally as enjoyable as a normal holiday. But your days off can turn into a humdrum week of sitting in front of the TV if you don’t plan accordingly.

What Features To Look For When Shopping For A Dash Cam

There’s no guarantee a dash cam will save the day if you’re ever in a car accident, but if you want one just in case, it’s good to know what kinds are out there and how they work. Here’s what you should look for when you shop for a dash cam of your own.

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