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Deals: Save 59% On A Charger That Powers Up To Four Devices At Once

Carry a smartphone, tablet, and more with you on the road? Quickly charge your USB-powered devices at the same time with the High Speed 4-Port USB Universal Car Charger. This convenient device makes travelling a cinch and is available to Lifehacker Australia readers for only $27 AUD [$19.99 USD], a savings of 59% off RRP.

What To Do When Visiting A Smoggy City

Some places are tough to visit because of environmental factors, like air pollution, but that doesn’t have to stop you from crossing a city off your bucket list. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself while still enjoying your destination.

Nexar AI Dashcam Aims To Track And Warn About Bad Drivers

Dashcams are a very handy way to keep a record of any driving incidents, and potentially save a hefty insurance excess. In an effort to make them even more useful, DashCam app Nexar plans to use advanced AI algorithms to recognise bad drivers, and warn other road users. It’s a lofty goal, but not without a few problems.

A Quick Way To Chill Beer In A Hotel Room With No Fridge

Reader Kyle sent in this method to chill beer if you’re on the road, would like a frosty drink, and of course, your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge. Just line up your bottles on the air conditioner unit, fire it up full blast, and give it about fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes.

BookWithMatrix Makes It Dead Simple To Buy Plane Tickets With ITA Matrix

Most deal-hunting travellers have Google’s ITA Matrix in their arsenal. The only problem is, you can’t book flights directly through Matrix. You just get the info, then search and book the flights yourself. Book With Matrix makes it dead simple to do this, though. Just copy and paste.

The True Size Shows You How Big Countries And States Really Are

Most maps you see don’t show Earth according to its true proportions, so it’s easy to get confused over the size of different countries, states and even continents relative to each other. The True Size is an interactive map that lets you see how big or small these places really are.

How To Pack Luggage Like An Experienced Backpacker [Infographic]

If you don’t travel very often, it can be pretty tempting to toss everything into a suitcase until nothing else fits (usually the night before you fly.) However, as any veteran backpacker will tell you, it’s definitely worth putting some time and effort into how you pack your luggage. This infographic from Work The World provides plenty of tried-and-trusted tips from the experts.

Travel Guidebook Showdown: Lonely Planet Vs. Fodor's Travel

Smartphones, Wi-Fi and GPS have made travelling easier, but a physical travel guide is always a smart investment when trotting the globe. Both Lonely Planet and Fodor’s have been around for decades, but it’s time to decide which guidebook deserves that coveted space in your travel bag.

What To Think About When Buying A Pair Of Winter Boots

A good pair of winter boots aren’t cheap, so you want to make sure you buy ones that will protect your feet for a while. Here are the factors to keep in mind when comparing your options.

The Countries Where Your Vacation Dollars Will Go Farthest

Stretching your vacation budget by finding cheap places to travel is great, but if you have a particular spot in mind, this index shows you how to figure out when’s the right time to visit to get the most for your dollars.

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