When Your Turn Signal Indicator Blinks Rapidly, Change Your Bulb

You typically can’t see your turn signal lights when you’re inside your car. However, most vehicles have a subtle way of letting you know when one of your blinkers burns out: the indicator in your dashboard will blink faster than normal.

How To Order A Beer In 22 Non-English Speaking Countries [Infographic]

Beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage by a significant margin. It’s one of the few drinks you can order in any pub on Earth — provided you can speak the language. This infographic from Cheapflights explains how to order a beer in 22 different countries complete with pronunciation instructions.

UberX Just Got Cheaper In Perth And Melbourne

Sorry Sydney, nothing for you today. If you live in Perth however, uberX trips are now up to 20 per cent cheaper, while Melbourne fares have been reduced by up to 15 per cent. The latter comes with a catch — UberBLACK services have gone up by the same amount.

DreamCheaper Automatically Rebooks Your Hotel Room If The Rate Drops

Hotel rates fluctuate often, so it’s hard to know if you really got the best price when you booked. DreamCheaper solves this problem by searching for cheaper prices on the same room and date and then rebooking your hotel reservation.

Google Maps Adds Your Event, Reservation And Flight Results

Android: Google makes it pretty easy to surface your own info within its products. Now it’s extending some of that usefulness to Google Maps. When you’re in the app, you can now search for “my events,” “my reservations” or “my flights” to see results related to your Google account.

Ask LH: Can You Speed Up To Match Speed Limits Before You Pass The Sign?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it legal for me to begin acceleration when a speed increase sign is visible or does it have to be readable? I drive on the Mitchell in Perth five days a week taking the same route. I start in an 80 zone and know exactly where the increase to 100 sign is. When that spot is visible I begin acceleration.

Prepare Your Motorcycle For Winter With Help From This Graphic

Whether you plan on riding your bike in the cold weather, or putting it away in storage, this graphic explains all the preparations you should handle before the cold creeps up on you.

This Table Shows You The Restricted Diet Options For Major International Airlines

While free airline meals are becoming rarer these days across the word, international flights will often still serve them. If you have dietary restrictions, you can use the following table to review all your options for major airlines.

Save Space Packing Your Long-Sleeve Shirts With This Method

When you travel, packing light is important. Here’s a trick to tightly packing your long-sleeve shirts without wrinkling them too much.

Stop Getting Gouged: All The Extra Fees You Can Avoid When Travelling

Travelling is expensive enough as it is without airlines, hotels and other companies surprising you with big fat fees. While the travel industry might enjoy preying on the exhausted, it only takes a little knowledge to avoid these fees altogether.