How To Keep Your Car Windows Frost-Free

For the past two months, thousands of Australians have been waking up to the same tedious morning ritual: removing frost from their car windscreens. Here’s a simple ice-banishing hack that will allow you to sit back and enjoy a coffee before beginning the daily grind.

Ask For An 'Out Of Order' Rate To Save On Hotel Costs

The next time you are looking an inexpensive hotel room at the last minute, try asking for an “out of order” rate for a great deal.

Keep Kids Entertained On Travels With A DIY Portable Activity Kit

When you’re going out, you want to keep your child occupied, but you also don’t want to lug around a bunch of heavy and odd-shaped toys. A good alternative is to custom-make this “portable activity kit” that is colourful, lightweight and compact.

Save Packing Space By Folding Your Socks Like An Army Ranger

If you’re looking for a way to save some more space in your travel bag, YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker shows you how to roll your socks Ranger-style.

The Best And Worst Months To Stay At Hotels Around The World

Staying at a hotel can be one of the most expensive aspects of travelling, especially if you go at the wrong time. Hotel search site Trivago researched the price changes for 46 cities around the world to offer us these travel advice calendars — so you’ll know when you’ll get the best hotel rates.

Ask LH: Can I Lose My Licence For Interstate Infringements?

Hi Lifehacker, my son has a red P plate NSW licence and was booked doing 9km over the speed limit in Western Australia. He was obeying Western Australia P plate laws (which don’t impose a speed limit), but was over the 90km/h speed limit that applies in NSW. Does that mean he will lose his licence in NSW?

How To Make Sure You Don't Run Out Of Power Travelling To The US

I find international travel tedious. While the destination is always exciting, the journey is simply a chore to be endured. Watching a movie on your laptop or browsing the internet on your phone can make the process easier, but this now leaves you open to a major risk: what if your device dies and then gets confiscated?

Google Maps Now Allows You To Measure Distances

Want to know the exact distance between two points? Google Maps will now tell you.

Use The Cost Of Bread, Beer And Milk To Gauge Prices On Holiday

When you’re in a foreign country, dealing with a different currency makes it tricky to quickly tell how much something costs. By remembering the price of everyday staples, you can easily check the relative expense of other items.

Avoid Car Theft With An Attention-Grabbing Paint Job

When you buy a car, you want it to look good, but you can also make it less liable to be stolen. Turns out attention-grabbing colours can deter thieves.