Plane Finder Tracks Your Flight In Real Time

Web/iOS/Android: Plane Finder delivers next-level flight tracking in real time. You open the app to a world map of 12,000+ planes moving in real time, complete with a search feature, so you can see where the flight you’re tracking is at at any moment.

The Skivvy Roll Packs Your Basic Clothing Into One Simple Ball

We’ve shared countless ways to pack clothes effectively, and here’s another one of my favourite methods. The skivvy roll compactly bundles basic clothing items such as socks, T-shirts and underwear in one easy-to-grab ball.

Where Aussies Can Rent The Cheapest Hotel Rooms Around The World

Want to book a holiday without spending a fortune on your hotel room? Here’s what you’ll pay right now for hotel rooms around Australia and around the world, including a searchable interactive map.

Ask LH: Can I Get Around Overseas Tethering Bans?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m going overseas soon, and am considering picking up a local SIM in my destination country. The only problem is tethering is explicitly prohibited by the plan I want to use.

Find Where To Eat In A New City By Trolling Foodies

When you are looking for the best local eats in your travels, forget the guide books. Chef and travel show host Anthony Bourdain says you should go online and troll the city’s foodies for information.

Wear A Wedding Band For Safe Travelling, Even If You Aren't Married

Women are at high risk when travelling alone, even locally. recommends wearing a gold band on your ring finger to deter possible threats, even if you’re not married.

How To Save Money Using The Opal Card

Sydney’s Opal public transport smart card is about to become the default option for a lot more people, with 14 current paper tickets no longer available as of September 1. Here’s how to make the most of it so you can minimise your spend and maximise your value.

Road Trip Planner Is A Cheat Sheet To Plan Your Journey

Road trips are awesome. Planning road trips is not awesome. This new cheat sheet takes some of the pain out of road trips and tells you what you need to know.

Alongways Finds Interesting And Useful Stops Along Your Road Trip

Planning a road trip is rarely just about finding the fastest route between two points. You also have to consider stops for petrol, bathrooms, food or entertainment. Alongways is a Google Maps mashup that lets you type in your origin and destination, and search for anything you want along the way, from “pizza” to “dog parks” and everything in-between.

Ask LH: Will Switching States Speed Up My P-Plates?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a P-plater from Victoria who is now living in NSW. The P-plate restriction in Victoria runs for four years. I wanted to ask whether if I transfer my license to a NSW license I’d escape the last year of my P-plate restriction? Which set of rules apply and what’s the best way to switch?