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Uber Estimate Makes It Easy To Compare Fare Prices

You can get fare estimates on Uber, but it’s a little inconvenient to check estimates for each type of service. Uber Estimate is an easy-to-use tool that gives you estimates for every type of Uber service, from UberX to UberLUX.

The Weird Way Standing (Not Walking) On Escalators Helps Move People More Quickly

It’s the golden rule of crowded escalators: Stand on one side, walk on the other. But passengers taking the escalator in one of London’s busiest tube stations were recently confronted with a weird rule: Everyone must stand. Officials claim it will make stations run more efficiently. But how?

How To Make The Most Of Your Public Holiday

Many people would be surprised to know that Australia isn’t the laid back nation it is perceived to be, with only 63% of Aussies taking all their entitled leave per year. According to Roy Morgan research, the average Australian has stashed away 21 days of annual leave.

Make Sure To Get A Vet's Note Before Flying With Your Pet

You may not know it, but many airlines require a vet’s note before you fly with your pet. Make sure you get one before booking your holiday travel, or find out if your airline’s pet policy requires one. A few extra minutes double checking can save you a lot of travel hassle.

Five Things That Could Happen To You When You Climb A Big-Arse Mountain

At 8848m above sea level, Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. Every year, adventurers all around the world travel to Nepal, the home country of Everest, to go all the way to the top. But the journey is hellish and some don’t make it back alive. One Australian, Pete Wells, managed to reach the summit in 2010 and make it back in one piece. He spoke to Lifehacker Australia about his experience and what to expect if you do want to have a crack at Everest or other high altitude mountains.

Collect Your Value-Added Tax Refund When Souvenir Shopping In Europe

If you’re holidaying in Europe, you can apply for a value-added tax refund on your souvenir purchases there. It’s fast and free, and most travellers leave that money on the table. There are certain restrictions, but the paperwork can be worth it.

Build A Simple Digital Compass For Your Car

A compass is a handy addition for your car so you’ll always know which direction you’re facing without having to rely on GPS. A lot of cars come with a compass built in, but if yours doesn’t, Instructables user DaAwesomeP shows you how to make your own.

How To Stay Warm And Pack Light While Travelling Overseas

Packing light is an art, one that saves you from having to haul around a heavy bag or pay baggage fees. Next time you’re going somewhere with cooler weather, lighten your load by adding more base layers like tights and thermals, rather than bulky sweaters and coats.

Attention: In-N-Out Burger Pop-Up Store Hits Sydney Today

Here at Lifehacker Australia, we love a good burger and we’ve been around the world to sample this delectable treat. One of our favourites comes from renowned US-based burger joint In-N-Out Burger and, much to our delight, it is opening up a pop-up store in Sydney’s Surry Hills today. Here are the details.

Would You Go On Holidays Without Your Significant Other?

Going on holidays with your partner is part of being in a relationship, but a growing number of Australian couples are taking vacations separately, according to a survey by lawfirm Slater + Gordon. Would you take a separate holiday from your husband or wife?

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