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How To Make Flying Or Driving A More Tasty Experience

A lot of you will be travelling during Christmas, which means planes, trains and automobiles and while you are hurtling towards your destination, you will probably get hungry. Eating while on the move isn’t that hard, but eating while travelling in a way that is actually pleasurable can be tricky. Here’s how to make the experience a little more tasty.

How To Fly On Commercial Airlines With Your Pet In Tow [Infographic]

One of the toughest aspects of moving abroad is working out what to do with your pets. Most people opt to give their furry friends up — but what happens when the’re beloved family members you can’t bear to part with? As it turns out, bringing your pet along on the flight isn’t as difficult as you might think. This comprehensive infographic explains everything you need to know — from acclimatising your pet to its airport-approved container to getting the relevant health checks.

The Cruise Lines With The Best (And Worst) Alcohol Policies

Bringing your own alcohol on a trip is a great way to save money, but cruises have a reputation for strict BYOB rules. Before you try to sneak your own liquor on-board, this rundown from Map Happy can help you check what your cruise line’s alcohol policy is.

Google Maps Offline Mode Gets Navigation, Destination Search And More

Android: Google Maps is getting an update today that will add in a ton of information to downloaded offline maps. Beyond just being easier to download, you also get turn-by-turn navigation, location search, and more.

Google Adds Business Holiday Hours To Maps And Search

Nothing puts more of a damper on your holiday spirit than making a last minute run to a store that’s not even open. To help you avoid that, Google Maps and searches will now show upcoming holiday hours for businesses.

This Chart Explains How To Start A Fire In The Rain

Nobody wants to start a fire in the rain, but sometimes you have to. The Art of Manliness put together a visual guide that makes it easy to remember the steps to get a fire going.

Three Simple Ways Eyeglasses Can Help You Survive In The Wilderness

You might think that having to wear glasses is a handicap, but in a survival situation it’s just another tool to work with.

Google Maps For iOS Adds Spoken Traffic Alerts

iPhone: Google’s updated Google Maps for iOS with spoken traffic alerts, which means you’ll get notified of all the upcoming delays on your route while you’re driving.

Some Of The Best Hidden Streets In Ten Popular Tourist Destinations

As awful as “touristy” spots can be, most of us feel obligated to visit the Opera House of whatever city we’re in at some point during our travels. But it’s always nice to see the more tucked away parts of the city. Travel and Leisure compiled a fun list of hidden gems in 10 popular cities for travel.

If You Miss A Flight, See If Your Airline Uses The 'Flat Tire Rule'

Missing a flight can be a huge nightmare. It’s enough to send some customers into quite a tizzy. Before you throw a full-blown fit, check to see if your airline follows the little known “flat tire rule.”

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