Book A 'Microadventure' When You Don't Have Time To Travel

Most people think that travel is something you have to save up for, both time and money-wise. But if you’re lacking in either (or both), consider planning a microadventure — a short, local, inexpensive activity to de-stress.

Ask LH: Should I Contest My Unfair Traffic Fine In Court?

Hi Lifehacker, I have recently been issued a $113 fine for driving in a bus lane in a non-exempt vehicle, to access a driveway on the left hand side of the road. I have written to the issuing Police station to contest this fine but I have been denied. When asked what the officer had written in his brief, I was advised that he had taken leave and the traffic department as well as one of the officers at the station had reviewed my request. Queensland law states that a non-exempt vehicle is authorised to use the bus lane for up to 100m to access a side street or driveway.

Avoid Luggage Mix Ups With A Colourful Bag

If you’ve ever waited at a luggage carousel for your bag, you know how many black suitcases are out there. Prevent a luggage mix-up by making sure your bag stands out.

The Best Spots On A Plane To Avoid Catching A Cold

If you’re flying, you might be concerned about catching something from your fellow passengers. Planes do have plenty of germ hot spots, but you can protect yourself with some basic health tactics.

How To Find A Trustworthy House Sitter

When you’re away for a long time, you need someone to watch your house, plants or pets. Finding a good house sitter you can trust is tough, but key. Here’s how to do it.

How To Travel All Week On Opal For Under $15

NSW’s Opal public transport smart card has a bit of a mixed reputation. While some commuters are better off under the new system, others are spending up to 15 per cent extra on their bus and train fares. If you’re in the latter camp and are based around Sydney, here’s a simple Opal hack that could reduce your total weekly expenditure by as much as $45.

Build And Learn To Use The Perfect Bike Patch Kit With This Guide

If you’re a cyclist, you need a patch kit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a commuter or a weekend warrior, you need the tools and skills to fix a flat if you’re travelling away from home. The Sweethome breaks down the best gear for your kit and shows you how to use it.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Travel To Feel Refreshed

The tired, grimy feeling you get during long trips makes for a exhausting experience. You can use a quick spritz to refresh physically and mentally.

What Can You Claim When Airlines Lose Your Baggage?

If you get on a plane and your baggage ends up being delayed, damaged or lost, who’s responsible: you or the airline? And what rules apply when you’re flying between different countries — even if you don’t have travel insurance?