Ask LH: Will Deleting Cookies Make Air Fares Cheaper?

Dear Lifehacker, Someone recently suggested to me that I should block or delete my cookies before I visit an airfares website, with the argument being that the price increases the more times that I visit the site. Is this true?

Pack Everything You Need For One Night Into A Tiny Roll

Packing for just one night of travel is always a little awkward. Dave Hax shows you how to pack what you need into a tiny roll that will fit in just about any small bag.

Overcome Jet Lag By Skipping A Couple Of Meals

Jet lag can be completely debilitating, and it may take you days to recover. Rather than struggling with fatigue, you might find you can reset your body clock just by missing out on a meal or two.

Ask LH: Is It Worth Buying A Second-Hand Car Used in Mining?

Hey Lifehacker, I would like to know if it is worthwhile buying an ex-mining vehicle (used above ground only)? I am considering purchasing a 2005 Navara for $6500 — RedBook values it at $10000 or more. Any thoughts?

Ask LH: How Can I Keep My Older Car Running Smoothly?

Dear Lifehacker, I have recently purchased a car that is 10 years old and has less than 90,000km on the clock. It runs beautifully and I’d like to try and keep it that way. Besides getting it serviced at regular intervals and not driving like a moron, do you have any tips for keeping it running smoothly? I’ve seen advertisements for the Hiclone and other engine adapters which apparently help improve efficiency. Are they really worth it, or are there specific gadgets that I should keep an eye out for?

Roll Your Tracksuit Pants Like An Army Ranger To Save Packing Space

It’s always good to travel with at least one comfortable pair of pants. If you’re looking a slick, space-saving way to pack them, YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker is back to demonstrate how to roll your trackie daks Ranger-style.

Be Prepared To Say No To 'Oblications' That Destroy Your Budget

Sometimes we receive invitations from friends and family to attend weddings and other social events away from home. We aren’t always prepared for these expenses and may have to say no more often than we currently do. These are “oblications” — obligatory holidays. Over at ReadyForZero, they remind us to budget for these unexpected expenses. They also remind us that we can often say “no”.

Ask Google Now For Directions 'To My Hotel' Or Nearby Restaurants

With Google Now, you can say “Navigate to Home” and it knows where that is. Now, Google has added the ability to use that same feature for your hotel, if you have an itinerary in your email.

Ask LH: What Should I Do If I'm In A Car Accident?

Hi Lifehacker, What’s the procedure if you are in a car accident? And what if the other party does not have insurance?

How To Get A Great Night's Sleep When You're Away From Home

Whether you’re in a hotel on holidays or staying with friends, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed takes getting used to. We sat down with a sleep expert to come up with some tips for a great night’s sleep, no matter where you are or what bed you’re in.