Why A Return Trip Feels Shorter Than The Trip There

We’ve all experienced the weird phenomenon of a trip home feeling like it takes half the time of the trip out. The Washington Post took a look at the science of the “return trip effect” to figure out exactly why that is.

Google Maps Now Warns If Your Destination Will Be Closed When You Arrive

Google Maps is packed to the brim with useful information about the world around you like when stores closed and how long it will take you to get there. Now, the app will combine those pieces of information to warn you that a store will be closed by the time you get there.

US Visa System Plagued With 'Technical Problems'

Planning a trip to the US soon? You may want to allow a little bit more to organise any visas needed, due to an unspecified outage in the US State Department’s processing systems.

Reminder: Travel Websites Are Cookie Monsters

If you’ve saved your annual leave for these colder months to get away for some sun elsewhere, congrats, that’s a good move — and you might save yourself a few hundred dollarydoos by simply hopping over to the laptop next to you.

Prep For Your Next Holiday With This Checklist

Holidays can be stressful affairs, and there’s usually a lot more to do then just pack and go. The Art of Manliness put together a checklist that covers everything from making phone calls to charging your devices.

Lay Cloth Or Cardboard Over Your Windscreen To Avoid Frost

We know some pretty cool ways to avoid frost on your car, including using vinegar to defrost your windscreen quickly. If you scrape your window every morning anyway, a piece of cloth or cardboard may be a better option.

The Case For Making A Goal For Your Next Holiday

Goals and holidays don’t sound like they go together. After all, holidays are all about relaxing and goals usually refer to work. But Harvard Business Review makes a valid point — setting goals for your vacation helps you prioritise what you want to get out of them.

Airbnb's New Pricing Tool Makes It Easier For Owners To Set Prices

Airbnb is a great way to find cheap accommodation if you’re travelling, or to make some cash if you’re a property owner. If you fall into the latter category, the company just released a tool that makes it easier for you to earn more from your rental property.

Ask LH: Can I Reduce Speeding Fines With Community Service?

Hi Lifehacker, I got busted recently for speeding and was fined and handed an instant suspension. Is there any way to reduce the fine or suspension with community service?

Why You Might Actually Want To Use A Travel Agent

If you’re looking to save money, planning your own travel rather than using an agent is generally the best way to go. However, if you have special needs (like health issues or specific sights you want to see or things you want to do) a travel agent can save you time and help you find what you want.