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Is It Legal To Climb Uluru?

Uluru is one of the most iconic Australian landmarks. Located in the Northern Territory, hundreds of thousands of people visit the giant red rock each year to admire its beauty. For the indigenous community and traditional custodians of the area, Uluru is sacred and has great spiritual meaning. While climbing Uluru had previously been a normal tourist activity, doing so is now considered controversial, particularly since high profile incidents involving tourists doing disrespectful things atop the rock. But is any of this illegal? Let’s find out.

25 Of The Most Delightfully Nerdy Holiday Destinations

If you’re looking to make your next holiday more educational, or just want to geek out while you travel, these 25 destinations are definitely worth looking into. Whether you’re an animal lover or Harry Potter fan, there’s something here for everyone.

Places Around The World With Amazing Views For Stargazing

Living in or near a big city has its perks, but one big drawback is the light pollution, which obscures the glorious night sky. The International Dark Sky Association has designated spots around the world as “Dark Sky Parks”, meaning they offer an exceptional view of the stars.

Yelp Makes Planning Pokemon GO Adventures Easier With a PokeStop Filter 

If you and your friends want to find the best Pokemon GO hot spots this weekend, Yelp has added a filter so you know what businesses have a PokeStop nearby.

EatWith Connects You With Locals To Dine With When You Travel

Web: Part of having an authentic experience when you travel is seeing how locals really live, including what they eat. EatWith helps you find local hosts, who range in experience from at-home cooks to professional chefs, who want to cook you a memorable meal while you visit their city.

When To Book A Last-Minute Ski Holiday To New Zealand

There are still a few weeks for ski enthusiasts to take advantage of the winter skill. If you’re sick of hitting the same Aussie slopes, New Zealand has a brace of decent deals on at the moment — but to make it worthwhile, you need to save money on flights. Here’s when you need to book to get the best bang for buck.

How To Poop In The Woods [Infographic]

Sometimes nature makes a local call while you’re exploring it. This illustrated guide explains the proper way to take care of business in the wilderness, and how to keep it from being a problem for others.

Google's New Mobile Updates Make It Even Easier To Find Travel Deals

Google Flights and Google’s hotel search feature are already useful tools for helping you find and book travel, but this week, they announced some mobile updates that will make it even easier to find great deals.

Learn How To Properly Clean And Grease A Bike Chain In Six Steps [Infographic]

The chain on your bicycle can get gunked up with dirt and grime over time, so it’s a good idea to clean it every once in a while. This illustrated guide will show you how.

RunGo Gives Turn-By-Turn Directions For Scenic And Creative Jogging Routes

Android/iOS: It can be tricky to stay on the right path when you’re trying a new running route. RunGo solves that problem with turn-by-turn directions. They offer city tours that pass by scenic and historic locations, and even a few fun shapes, like the Darth Vader face above. You can also create your own.

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