The SOAR App Provides Tools To Help You Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

iOS/Android: Being afraid to fly is pretty common, and a lot of that fear comes from the unknown. The SOAR app on iOS and Android provides you information on flying and airliners from an experience commercial pilot to help make your flight less stressful.

Build A Dedicated Traffic Monitor With A Raspberry Pi

It’s easy enough to pop open your phone and check the traffic conditions around you, but if you’d prefer a geekier approach, Weird-Lab uses a Raspberry Pi to display real-time traffic data on a screen.

Ask LH: Will I Be Forced To Go Back Onto My P-Plates?

Hi Lifehacker, I obtained my P drivers licence in Victoria at the age of 30. I then moved to Queensland 18 months later. Given my age and the fact that I had been on P plates for over 12 months I was given an open drivers licence in Queensland. After only four months in Queensland I now have to move back to Victoria in a couple of months to live permanently.

Roll Your Windows Down Instead Of Using The AC To Save Fuel

When it comes to cooling down your car, it turns out there’s really no more fuel-efficient way to do so than to roll your windows down. Yes, even on the highway.

Take Notes When Unpacking To Make The Next Trip Better

Packing can be a worrisome chore that dulls even the most exciting trip. To make packing easier for future trips, take notes while you unpack from a recent one. Your memories of your trip are fresh so that you can remember and write down anything you’ve learned for next time.

Your Public Transport Options for NYE 2014

New Year’s Eve is a time for gathering together in large crowds for fireworks, parties and general merriment. The best way to manage that is undoubtedly public transport. We’ve gathered up your options for getting there and back for major Australian cities.

Why You Fart More On An Aeroplane (And What You Can Do About It)

Flatulence is common when you’re flying. The BBC explains the science of why we fart more on aeroplanes and offers some tips on reducing this discomfort and avoid being that person passing gas on the plane.

Most Popular Travel Posts Of 2014

Whether for commuting, interstate business trips or overseas pleasure jaunts, a little organisational savvy (and the right tech) go a long way towards making travel more enjoyable. These are the 10 most popular travel posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

The First Parking Spot You See May Be The Most Efficient Spot To Take

When you’re trying to find a parking spot, a common tactic is to spend a lot of time and energy to find the closest spot to the entrance. It’s more likely that taking the first spot you see is really the most efficient approach.

Is It Legal For Australian Pilots To Take Selfies In The Cockpit?

Last week, Quartz published an article showcasing photographs pilots have taken from the cockpit of aircraft to post on Instagram. As explained in the story, by taking these photos — many of which appear to have been snapped during flight, take-off, or landing — pilots are violating the rules of the air. This is certainly the case in the United States and the European Union, for example, but what about elsewhere?