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Survey Finds Australian Drivers Basically Hate Every Other Driver On The Road

A survey, run by GPS and dashcam maker Navman on 15,561 of its Australian customers, is pretty bleak if you’re a regular user of Australian roads. Almost every single respondent was annoyed by other drivers not indicating, driving too slowly or being lost. And statistics say that you’re probably not a perfect driver, either. Maybe we should all just take a moment to relax, or maybe we should stay off the roads completely.

Learn How A Car's Differential Works

How does your car go around corners without screeching tyres? That’s the magic of the differential, a seemingly complex meshing of various gears and splines that delivers separate power to each driven wheel. This pre-World War II video produced by General Motors is actually an incredibly straightforward and informative look at what goes on underneath your car to make it move.

Mapfest Lets You Explore Music Festivals Around The World

If you’re a fan of music festivals, it’s fun to see what they’re like in different cities around the world. Mapfest lets you explore these events depending on when and where you want to travel.

Track How Much Your Luggage Gets Tossed Around With A DIY Logging System

Video: Ever wonder how much your luggage gets tossed around? DIYer Ben Heck created a data logging device that tracks the movement of your luggage.

The Best Time To Book A Hotel For Winter Travel In 25 Popular Destinations

If you’re planning a holiday this winter, it’s time to start planning. In their new report, TripAdvisor reveals the best time to book lodging in 25 popular destinations.

NSW Is Trialing Contactless Payments For Train, Bus And Ferry Rides

If you’re not a fan of Opal, we have some good news for you: NSW Transport has announced plans to trial a new contactless payment system using commuters’ credit and debit cards. This means you’ll be able to tap on and tap off Sydney’s trains, buses and ferries without the need for a ticket or smart card. Hurrah!

Pre-Program A Holiday Itinerary By Seeing What City Passes Cover

City passes aren’t always a good deal, but they can be a stress-free, easy way to build a sightseeing itinerary if you’re in a new, or busy tourist city and need help figuring out what you might want to see.

Eight Essential Items To Keep Inside Your Car's Breakdown Kit

Everyone has either had a car breakdown or emergency, or will experience it at some point in their lives. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. So it’s extremely important to ensure you’re prepared.

Bike Shares Have A Better Safety Record Than Regular City Biking

Even though bike share riders are often helmetless and inexperienced, they have a better safety record than other bike riders. Researchers aren’t sure why, but their guesses may shed some light on bike safety in general.

WINGiT Helps You Find Fun Stuff To Do In Major Cities, Based On Social Media

Web/iOS/Android: It’s easy enough to find cool things to do in any number of popular cities. Often, though, those activities are at least a little touristy. WINGiT helps you explore a city like a local by telling you what’s going on based on millions of social media posts.

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