This Graphic Shows You How A Grape Goes From Vine To Wine

There’s more to making wine than just growing a bunch of grapes, mashing them up and letting them ferment in a barrel. The folks at VinePair put together this simple but informative graphic that shows you the life of a wine grape, from growing on the vine to fermentation to barrelling and bottling.

Hungry? Eagle Boys Has Just Launched A 15-Inch Monster Pizza

Eagle Boys has unleashed the biggest pizza it has ever sold: the imaginatively-titled Family Pizza. Packing 16 slices into a single-15 inch base, it’s more than 50 per cent bigger than an Eagle Boys’ large size. Any pizza can be upgraded to a Family 15 for an extra $5. Well, that’s dinner sorted, then.

Great Gifts For Dads Into Fitness

So it’s Father’s Day this Sunday (September 7), and it’s not too late to pick up an affordable, thoughtful little gadget for the big guy. Here are some great ideas if he’s into fitness, including up to $50 off selected heart rate monitors and fitness trackers from big brands like Polar and MAGELLAN. Dick Smith also has 15 per cent off certain GoPro cameras, bonus gift cards and more.

Quickly Build YouTube Playlists With A Search Shortcut

Playlists are one of the key elements in making YouTube into the ultimate music streaming service. Speed up that process by using a search shortcut.

The Sit-Or-Stand Open Shelving Workspace

Today’s featured workspace not only has lots of built-in organisation and a pleasant natural vibe, it’s also a flexible setup for transitioning between sitting or standing to work.

Energy Drinks Linked To Lethal Heart Problems

According to new scientific research, the consumption of energy drinks can lead to serious heart problems when dancing or exercising. This is because caffeine within energy drinks affects the heart’s ability to contract and to use oxygen which can lead to everything from irregular heartbeat to sudden death.

Ask LH: What's The Right Combination Of Diet And Exercise?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve recently started going to the gym, but I’m finding it difficult trying to find a good workout/diet combination. What’s the best combination for someone aiming to get rid of a bit of fat and putting on some muscle?

This Chart Demystifies Which Cooking Oils Are Best For What

You have a lot of options when it comes to cooking oils. Some are better at certain temperatures, others are best with certain types of food. The folks over at MyFitnessPal have created a chart that helps you pick which oils are best for what kind of cooking you want to do.

The Consumer Rights You Don't Have In Australia

The ACCC’s recent decision to take Valve to court highlighted that we have well-defined consumer rights in Australia which big businesses ignore at their peril. It’s worth knowing what those rights are — but it’s also helpful to know what you can’t do. Here’s a refresher on some of the most common misconceptions.

The Flat Tiles Home Screen

Single-screen home screens are excellent at getting you to what you need without too many taps. This design from My Color Screen user Pitoko/David does it with flair, employing some eye-catching tiles.