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Why The Rent Vs Buy Debate Is Completely Pointless

After saving up for a long time, I recently bought a home, which caught some of my friends off guard. “I thought you were anti-homeownership,” they said, because I think renting is underrated. Even as a homeowner, I still think renting is underrated. That doesn’t mean buying is a bad decision. The rent vs buy debate is just silly overall. It ignores the enormous grey area that exists between the two options.

Before You Throw Something Out, Check If You Can Sell It On eBay

Today I learned that people will buy and sell just about anything on eBay, including empty toilet paper rolls and egg cartons. If you want to make a few bucks, consider what “garbage” you have around your home that others will pay for.

Hump Day Deals: 85% Off Raspberry Pi 2, Nintendo Sale, Cheap VPN

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: Save 85% on Raspberry Pi 2 start kits, get $100 off Sony’s Smart B Trainer Fitness Tracker/Music Player, 63% off Private Internet Access VPN subscriptions.

Ask LH: When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Flagship Smartphone?

Dear Lifehacker, A lot of new “cutting-edge” smartphones have been featured on your website lately. I’m currently shopping for a new phone, but a lot of these products are just hitting the market now. Does it make sense to jump on them right away? When does it make sense to buy versus holding off?

App Deals: Find Out What Music Is Trending Worldwide

Today’s best deals include Hype Machine for Android, Star Wars: KOTOR for iOS and Sunny Hillride for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

View Your Budget As A Circle Instead Of A List To Be More Flexible

When you’re creating a budget, you probably start with a list. However, your budget is a lot more like a pie chart. You can only allot so much money to certain tasks, so it helps to think of it that way.

App Deals: Fix Your Photos With Just One Tap

Today’s best deals include Perfectly Clear for Android, Suburbia for iOS and Doom And Destiny Advanced for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Treat Your Mortgage Like Any Other Debt

Most financially savvy people are wary of getting in over their heads when it comes to credit card debt. But home buying? We don’t always see home prices with the same caution.

Before Making A Big Purchase, Try To Write A Convincing Argument For It 

Sometimes the best way to identify a good or bad purchase is to try to put it into words. If you can’t justify your purchase with a convincing written statement, maybe your money should stay in your wallet.

Dick Smith Is A Sad Wasteland Of Defeat And Broken Dreams

The Dick Smith of my childhood was a magical place. Gazing with wide eyes at the gadgets and gizmos around me, I was resigned to never owning them but found satisfaction in looking and dreaming. The store that I visited this week was a pit of despair and humiliation, as consumers picked the bones of the carcass and workers faced the end with resigned apathy.

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