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How Inflation Works And What It Means For Your Wallet

Most of us have a general idea of what inflation means: Stuff gets more expensive. Of course, inflation is a bit more complicated than that. It plays a pretty significant role in your day-to-day finances, from your income to the cost of your milk to how much you’ll earn on your retirement savings.

App Deals: Chill Out With A Colouring Book App

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Why You Shouldn't Use Your Tax Refund To Pay Off Your HECS Debt

For many young Australians, their annual tax return is an opportunity for extra spending, while some prefer to use their returns to pay off their HECS-HELP debt. Given this is a popular use of tax refund, it is worth tackling the question: Is it better to pay off your university debt as quickly as possible or slowly chip away with the standard small compulsory repayments? The answer may surprise you.

App Deals: Work On Your Sight Reading With MuseScore Songbook

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Dealhacker: 16GB Nexus 5X, $312 Delivered From eGlobal

If your current Android phone is looking a little sad next to this generation’s latest and greatest, here’s a chance to nab the Nexus 5X for the very reasonable price of $312, as long as you don’t mind waiting a few days for delivery.

Define 'Special Occasion' To Avoid Over Spending Every Month

What counts as a special occasion in your world? Ideally, the most expensive things you spend cash on would be the type of things you only do every once in a while. If you’re not careful, those habits can become blurred.

A Higher Income Alone Won't Solve All Your Money Problems

To save money and grow your net worth, you have to spend less than you earn. Earning more money will get you further than simply being frugal and spending less of it, but frugality is still a crucial part of the equation.

Your Dick Smith Gift Cards (And Shares) Are Now Worthless

Dick Smith Administrators McGrathNicol have revealed in their Report to Creditors background to the financial performance of Dick Smith, the reasons for its failure, the outcome of the receivership, the likelihood of financial returns to creditors, and the nature of claims that can be pursued, as well as a recommendation that the companies be wound up and liquidators be appointed.

The TL;DR version: too much stock was kept on hand, gift cards are now worthless, employees will get what they are owed (if they haven’t already) but there is “no expectation” that banks and shareholders will receive anything.

The Trap Of Spending In Anticipation Of Becoming Rich

When I first graduated from university, I was lucky enough to get a pretty good job almost immediately. In fact, my first day at that new job was literally nine days after my university graduation day. My starting salary at that job blew away my earnings up to that point.

Settle A Group Check Right After Dinner To Avoid Covering Anyone Who Leaves Early

Figuring out the bill after a group dinner is tough enough without having to cover those who left early and accidentally miscalculated how much they owed. Settle the dinner bill when they leave to avoid having to awkwardly ask them for more money later or overpaying at the end of the night to cover them.

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