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How A Savings Account Can Boost Your Confidence To Negotiate

Saving money often feels like a sacrifice you have to make to benefit your future self. It’s true, saving now means more security when you need it later, but there are some present benefits to saving. For one, it offers some freedom and confidence when it comes to your career.

Hump Day Deals: 40% Off Domino's Pizza, 15% Off Ebay, Free Hulu Access

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: 40% Off Domino’s Pizza, 15% off everything at eBay, free 45-day subscription to Hulu.

Ask LH: How Much Is My Atari 2600 Worth?

Dear Lifehacker, I was wondering how much I could get for an Atari 2600 in good condition? It comes with everything needed to get up and running (cables, joysticks, etc.), plus 23 games. I’ve has a look online, but no two prices are the same. I subsequently have no idea what to ask for!

Don't Think About What You Want, Think About What It Would Take To Get It

One of the easiest personal finance tips out there is to simply stop wanting more stuff. It’s simple, but it’s true — if you had an easy way to basically eliminate your desire to acquire anything new aside from things to cover your barest needs, personal finance would become incredibly easy. Sadly, humans don’t work that way.

Start A Money Conversation With Your Partner By Asking How You'd Spend $100,000

If you’re not used to talking money with your significant other, it can be awkward to get the conversation going. Personal finance site How Do I Money suggests a simple question to kick things off: “What would you do with $100,000?”

Seven Ways To Save Money On Your Grocery Shopping

The ever-increasing cost of groceries is currently burning a major hole in everyone’s wallet and has a lot of us frankly stressed out. A Galaxy survey of 1000 people nationwide conducted on behalf of debt solutions provider Fox Symes found that 52 per cent of all Australians are forced to use their credit card to pay for every day costs including groceries because they simply don’t have the cash available. As many as 2.9 million Aussies say they have to do this frequently.

Dealhacker: Get Six Hard Sci-Fi Ebooks For $1.30

The Humble Bundle is best known for its game bundles, but it also packages applications and other media at discount prices from time to time. Right now it’s running a book bundle containing digital sci-fi novels penned by actual scientists, starting with six titles for $US1.

Ask Yourself 'But What's The Cost?' After You Find Out Something's Price

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where the price tag on something is all you’d ever have to pay for it? Unfortunately we don’t. So, the next time you buy something important, ask yourself how much it costs after you ask its price.

Dealhacker: Get 25% Off Game Of Thrones Blu-rays At JB Hi-Fi

Attention GoT fans: JB Hi-Fi is currently selling Game Of Thrones seasons 1 through 5 in fancy steelbook editions for 25 per cent off. You can also get the same deal on special editions for each season and the complete box set. Bring your gold dragons!

This Is Why Your Credit Card Transactions Take So Long To Clear

When you swipe a credit or debit card at the store, you’re done with the transaction instantly. So why can’t your account statement keep up? If you’ve wondered why it takes so long for purchases to show up on your credit card statement or withdraw from a bank, it’s because of a long, complicated process behind the scenes.

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